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If you've been asked to adjust your time card... - Millie

Posted: Apr 25, 2012

...so Nuance doesn't have to pay MUP (make-up pay)... especially if you are new to Nuance or on new account/s... be aware that this is against the law.

Most companies pay a flat rate, i.e., my last job paid $9/hr for the first 4-6 weeks while you are getting your line count up, your macros made, learning your new account, docs, etc.  Nuance does not.  They throw you to the alligators and if you don't make minimum wage in your state, they must pay MUP.  They don't like paying MUP, but it's the law.  I heard a rumor some TL's are asking new employees to "adjust" their time cards (claim less hours) so your LPH works out to minimum wage in your state and they do not have to pay MUP. 

Handle it how you want, but asking for the request in writing is a good start... documentation in case of a class action suit eventually (I can't imagine there won't be).  Just sayin'...

Transcend does this very thing and have ALWAYS done it. - I agree with you that seems illegal but..

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look how long Transcend has been doing this and getting away with it.

MUP - MTLady

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I was told you were simply only allowed to earn MUP up to a certain amount and then risk termination. It is like a condition of employment; if you don't make at least minimum wage then you are nowhere near meeting basic production standards, even at 6 or 7 CPL. also, they in turn keep the law and pay at least minimum wage regardless of your production. I think they give you 30 days of making MUP and then terminate, but that could be inaccurate. Something along those lines... BUT they should NEVER rig timecards in such a way that they get out of paying MUP. That itself is 100% illegal. I have not experienced that with Nuance. they have always been legit with pay issues and quite dependable. I made MUP once during training and got the warning/explanation way back when. They should warn you, too. : )

Not sure, I never followed through with Transcend. - I quit the week of training because

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I didn't think it would work for me. It was during the training process that the trainer explained the clocking system and she said nothing about it only being for the training period.

They specifically said "only enter the amount of hours that coincides with lines produced."

I didn't stick around long enough to find out, but that was my understanding of it. Not to mention I have read various posts here about their schedule/clocking method. So I dont think it's just about training, I think thats the way its done.

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