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Thank you to the goofs taking off today - making money

Posted: May 01, 2012

Not sure if it's your "fault" or not, but I'm grateful to have already gotten 1500 lines in and not run out of work!  I think your plan was successful so maybe you should resign :D

Back to the keyboard, I LOVE making money!

Thank you - anon

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Well said! I totally agree!

Reason it out - wheres_my_job

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if this first year of our striking is actually causing a change in work flow, next year there could be an even bigger impact. Gotta think long term - 'cause last year there was 0 impact on work flow, 'cause no one was striking at all.

So no, thank you!

but - it

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isn't causing a disruption. It means those of us who remain dedicated to the job and SHOW UP get better than a full day's worth of work.

I think you should do this once a week or heck 2-3 times a week! My paycheck will thank you every day of the week.

I talked to my managers and nothing is out of TAT and everything is flowing smoothly.

Organizing in the US at this time is tough - wheres_my_job

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it's always tough, I guess - but someone who does this today may feel empowered to go on to a legal case, a press release, and so on...there's always a first step, and for some, taking May 1st off is that first step.

I would point out, of course managers are going to say nothing is out of TAT, everything is flowing smoothly - which I'm sure it is - but management sharing with employees impact of a strike??? Nah, labor history would predict otherwise.

So I support anyone who is doing that today. The issues are much larger than just, we're all competing for low-paying transcription jobs - it's the whole balance of power between labor and management, all over the world.
It is inspiring seeing crowds around the planet - gathering together. Good for us. NM
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dont see no one gathering at all - work as usual
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Ran out of work twice doay...
Gathering around the planet? - Anonymous
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I have the day off today but it was planned weeks ago, I'm not protesting anything. I've been out and about on errands and it looks like business as usual to me, the people in my town seem to need their jobs for some strange reason. Where's My Job seems to have issues with her employer. The mature person would schedule a meeting with management or get the heck out and find either a different occupation or an employer more to their liking. Do we actually know if this person is an MT, or just someone trying to stir up trouble? Unfortunately, it seems that some have been sucked in and have put their jobs in jeopardy today. When did we lose the ability to think for ourselves? I do agree, it's time to give this a rest, it's very tiresome. Go ahead and tell me to leave the forum if I don't like it, that's the response I'm expecting.
Anonymous - Don't dare leave - Because of the few on here
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with their constant belly aching, moaning and groaning about wanting to start a "revolution", wanting to "give it to the man", constantly boohooing because they want more "government handouts". Those few seem to be the FEW and not at all surprising they cannot get along with others, and have such trouble in the work force. If they spent as much time working as they do on this board, they'd be the 1%! Those few with the crazy talk have yet to explain how they are going to benefit under the socialism/communism structure they are so hell-bent on establishing. If it is so great, why not move? Sad part is, they are so delusional, they don't realize they would be even further down the food chain...and they think they have something to complain about now? Never saw such miserable posters with so little contribution as those few. They're the ones that need to move on, not you!
Ouch! to the above post. - I guess I am a little late in
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the game here since I never participated in the union and revolution threads.

What is the big deal and why is every one so p*ssed off over this whole thing.

for crying out loud, its not an MT strike, sounds like something thats been going on for a while now. So some MTs wanted to become involved...big deal.

Some of you all sound "fighting mad" about it.
No it's okay. You can leave if you want to. - nm
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Me either..work is the same as usual - AnonToo
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No more or less on my end and we can tell what's in and out of TAT where I work. I don't even see it being anything but a snippet if you look REALLY HARD on the news media sites. Like Speech Wreck epic fail. I have to wonder how much time one spent organizing this uneventful protest.
I dont think "May Day" is about the MT industry - in general, I think
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It was maybe a few MTs here on the board wanting to join in and use it as an opportunity to speak out on behalf of the MTs.

But it does not sound like it had a whole lot to do with us. But it is in fact in the news and it sounds like there was many involved along with lots of violence.

Did it change anything? I have no idea because I never knew anything about it, but for those who were out there, they may feel they made an impact.

Again, not sure what this is all about so no need to flame, just saying I have read about and will watch the news tonight.
Organizing in the US at this time is tough, to wheres_my_job - Give it a rest or move to Russia/Cuba already
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Sick of your constant whining and complaining. Try moving to the communist/socialist countries you so love - sure you'd fit right in. Then you'd really have something to complain about. Not surprising you have so much trouble with work situations seeing the attitude you display all over this board. The constant complaining with no SENSIBLE solutions got old months ago.

Well, I'm no goof taking the day off - sm

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This goof showed up for work, as usual, and yet again encountered the dreaded no work available. This goof stuck it out for an 8 hour shift (I absolutely refuse to sit there for 12+ hours a day to get in an 8 hour "shift" as other seem to have to do) and managed to make okay money. I guess I am "lucky," no time clock to punch.

Regardless of anyone's situation, I would never call anyone a goof, but I guess that's just me. We all do what we have to do to survive and, in many cases, through no "fault" of our own.

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