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RNs dictating - GRrrrrr! - MiniRant

Posted: Apr 10, 2012

Okay, if you're going to have an RN, FNP, or PA dictate for you, at least make sure they know the terminology!   

I just suffered through at 10 minute discharge summary on a patient post CVA, and this lady was reading the CT scan and MRI reports of the brain into the record with clearly no idea at all of what she was reading or what it meant or how to pronounce the parts of the brain.  Thank goodness I've been around long enough to be able to get and idea and fill in some of these, but still wound up with a few blanks because I just could not begin to guess what she was trying to say - and she was obviously READING it!  Too bad I didn't have access to the Radiology report.  

This happens so often.  Of course, some of the little things bother me too, like when they say adenoPATHY, etc. 

My stepdaughter is a nursing student, and I'm trying to educate her in the proper pronunciation of medical terminology.  You'd think that they'd teach that!

Done ranting.  

RNs dictating - DiggerMT

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I get one who states "dentation" for "dentition." Drives me nuts.

my dad (not in the medical field)... - schmeep

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pronounces "gums" as "gooms". Don't know where he got that from...

stint/stent - nm

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stint should be stent - Kara
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It is stent
ahhhh, I know! Wasnt that the point of the post? - what doctors dictate wrong.
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Oscillation for auscultation is my pet peeve - How can they NOT know how to say this?

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My list could go on and on, but that "oscillation" instead of "auscultation" really makes me grind my teeth, lol!

some more - RN speak

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Amblyance for ambulance, diagnosises for diagnoses, atrial fibullation (rhymes with trial and tribulation). So lame!

I have an RN who says - mthead

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epitaxis for epistaxis,orthopenia for orthopnea, oropharnyx for oropharynx, and den attention for dentition. She also uses "as" and "and" interchangeably. She isn't even an ESL dictator. Drives me bonkers!

poor dictators - like to type real doctors

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This is funny, as long as I don't have to type it. The thing that gets me is all the bad, bad grammar from doctors all the way down. Did they go to high school and college? Makes so much work correcting it.

TENS unit - mt370

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I had one who dictated a report regarding a TENS unit;however, she kept saying "tense" unit and even spelled it out that way. Duh.

One says ACCESS - instead of AXIS

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in the psych dx. Drives me crazy. Really draws it out. AKKK cess I... Or says annatella for atenolol.

how about Tyanol instead of Tylenol - hate that

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Intermediate for intermittent every single time! - nm

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Annular for annual - alana

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I've got one - total knee, hip, shoulder - McFeist

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angioplasty. Every time without fail. This is a nurse practitioner who specializes in orthopedics. Oh my. She must have missed her med term class the day they went over the word root and combining form for joint.

Hema-crit - peaches

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I have one that says hema-crit for hematocrit and cre-a-tine for creatinine. Makes me wonder where they went to school. I also have an ARNP that sounds heavily medicated when she dictates, mumbles, whispers and you wouldn't believe the words she mangles. Horrible!

poor dictators - fedup

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got one tonight that spelled out elicit as e-l-e-c-i-t and one that spelled out satiety as s-a-i-e-t-y. Both English speaking, both doctors...

I cringe each time I get - The Analog Kid

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.....felt on palpitation.....
and I once heard "turry stools"

My favorite one - CMK

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My favorite RN moment was where one RN (ICU nurse, mind you....) continously called carbs "carboDEhydrates" I was actually embarrassed for her, and just thought I should tell her to find a different career now, before she gets laughed out of the hospital. Sad.

Just got another one - cmk

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Not a lie, just dictating a resident who says the patient had undergone an "optical bullectomy". Ummm....

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