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Is it legal to deduct from your paycheck? - mt

Posted: Apr 10, 2012

My company just stated they will deduct $5 per report for every report you skip/cherry pick.  There's been a lot of that going  on.   Can they legally do this???  

ooohhh, I HOPE SO! - go get um

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Shouldnt be concerned if you were not an offender!

Don't see why not - Ayn

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I would think if they can dock you for any number of other things (low QA, not meeting minimum line count, etc), then why not this too?

I say good idea and I hope it works to stop cherry picking. However, I think they would have to be careful and be very sure that cherry picking is actually what is happening and that there is not some other reason an MT skipped or returned a job here or there. If it is provable that is what is happening, I think docking their pay is a light punishment -- personally, I would fire them if I was the employer.

Hope So! - But...

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It would have to be clear that that is what one is doing. I have abandoned jobs for the simple reason that I needed a serious break before tackling a long ASR report. I have also abandonded at the end of my shift when I simply don't have time to do the report.

If one is abandoning 5 or 6 times during a shift on a regular basis or something, that's a no-brainer.

To offenders: We get stuck with those reports, sometimes several in a row, and that fries us no end and seriously cuts into OUR line counts.

No......I'm not an offender. - mt2

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I just get sick and tired of what goes on. Our platform is one that shows all the work. There is a work order but you can pick any job you want, which is what goes on early morning and late night. They take all the "good" jobs and leave the crappy ones. I hope they go through with this and actually deduct from them.

What company is this? I only know of one particular - where this is a HUGE problem -sm

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However, I do know that MTs who cherry pick do find a way to manipulate the system if possible.

So not saying that it's only this one company, but wondering if it is the one I hear the most about.
Smartmed. - mt2
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They need to revamp their platform. Oh yea, they made that one up - pretty much sucks.

Sounds like just another ploy to cheat us on payday. - Hard to prove one isnt guilty.... nm

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not hard to prove... dont cherrypick - no proof needed then

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hate pickers

It's impossible on the software at my company, - so for me its a total non-issue.

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cherry-picker - NOT - CMK

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Funny, I just got a dictation that's several hours earlier than what I've just been working on....obviously cherry-unpicked by a few people (ESL, not the easiest) but, like usual, I'll grin and bear it. I swear I would be the only one to not get deductions, it seems like I get all the castoffs.

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