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I am curious how many actually did strike yesterday - sm

Posted: May 02, 2012

I know it is not just the MTs, but I went to WM yesterday (yes I do hate WM, but no choice here in the middle of nowhere) and it was packed!!  Everyone was going about their normal daily routine it looked like.

No way of knowing really, however - I wonder this

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I watched the local news, and checked the newspaper in 3 different regions. I saw nothing on this whatsoever. Besides, if you purchased on Monday or Wednesday what you would have purchased on Tuesday, isn't that a bottom line wash?

Of the MTs who did strike, are their jobs better today? Making more money? Reduced work on VR? Plenty of work to go around? Getting paid for all those demos, copies, and headings? Benefits have improved? More PTO? Getting paid over-time?

Or did they simply use up some of their PTO, if they had any, and took home a reduced income on their checks, which is a problem in the first place, proved their employers right in their practice of over-hiring and off-shoring, all the while, people lined up to take their jobs?

Was it mission accomplished?

My job had lots of work backlogged. I'm swamped. - (For a change!)

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What is - WM?

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BTW, you will see next to nothing of what actually happened on SD in the media that you normally watch. You will have to look elsewhere if you want to know what actually happened.

You REALLY have to search hard to find anything - Wondering

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And even if I did go through the trouble of searching for something that was not widely publicized on media that people would "normally watch," it will not tell me what happened in the MT industry I am sure. That's why I asked, is anybody's job any different?

The strike wasn't about MT - that's why there was - nothing in the media about MT.

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Which is... - Seriously
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why one should always ALWAYS get their information from a variety of sources. There is information about there all the time about OWS, but clearly the movement is not doing as well as people had hoped. It's sick to me that the tea party still gets more press, but maybe, just maybe that is because they have more participators?
the Tea Party is MUCH more organized - that is why they get more coverage
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The Tea Party has very definite goals and structure, and no, I am NOT a Tea Party supporter. OWS very deliberately did not, which is why they have been taken over by thugs and idiots, IMO.

My own personal opinion is that OWS is so disorganized and has so many different "objectives" anyone who aligns themselves with them, such as the May Day protesters/strikers is simply aligning themselves with a bunch of buffoons.
Yeah, but majority EXTREMELY DISLIKES the Tea Party. They are both full of devisive fools. - anon
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Agreed - Seriously
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I'm not a supporter of the Tea Party either. However, I do find it interesting how organized they are for something that goes against 90% of my beliefs.

At any rate, I also agree with the OWS analysis. I mean obviously the majority of MTs I know (including my supervisor who I don't think lied especially since all our accounts are fine) would love to see a change, but they are more realistic than idealistic. Good or bad it is what it is.
Don't forget they're more associated with the Far - Right, too. As is the media.
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by their own admission.

BTW - not a tea partier, but they conducted themselves respectfully with no arrests. Try pulling up the sites SPONSORED by OWS - nothing but a bunch of misfit losers, crapping everywhere, drugs, rapes, murder, theft, assaults....it's all on your computer if you actually want any truth at all.
I guess I really dont need to look it up on my computer - because you so obviously are an EXPERT.
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Why do you think there was not a lot of participation? - In MT only, maybe. But nationwide, -sm
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there was plenty. I live in San Fran. Market st. was shut down during the morning, until the march moved on to the civic center. The ferry boats were shut down all day, as the pilots were all on strike. Some (not all) bridge tolltakers were on strike. The port of Oakland was once again shut down. Los Angeles had a huge turnout. Sacramento was smaller, but got more press in my area, for some reason. The unions were out in force, definitely a good sign, and their numbers grew the movement considerably. So, no - I think all in all, it was a good "yawn and stretch" for the movement coming back up to full steam for the summer!

WM is Wal-Mart - Anonymous

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No message

If you compare the numbers that struck to the - number of people in the whole US, - sm

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then of course it was small. TV coverage was sparse, as usual. Ustream and Livestream feeds, the only news you can depend on for the truth, were continually going down, dropping like flies. (Coincidence? I think it was a censorship attempt). Still, some feeds got through, and as usual, the numbers at the rallies and marches were very strong. I think close to 18,000 in NYC.

As for those that stayed home (I did), that number would be impossible to count, because many took a legitimate day off, or called in sick.

Censorship and a coverup? - Seriously

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Thanks for the laugh.

Mainstream media has been censored for decades. - Even worse when covering OWS.

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Probably NONE - big fat 0

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Even saw WMJ posting all day, so not out at the rallies like we all heard about. I bet no one did!

Just because those of us who struck may not have - been physically present at a rally - sm

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doesn't matter. I stayed home and studied for an upcoming test. I still have a job. I have more work than ever this morning. Did striking make any difference in the MT business? Probably not, as very few of us did it.

But then again, I didn't do this for MT. I'm already looking to get out. I did this as a citizen of the United States, as a worker, and as a taxpayer.

did anyone get called on the carpet? - slave wages

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anyone asked why they weren't working. By the way, the official Occupy website also said "no housework". I took them up on that part, but the only person who suffered was me, because now I'm just a day behind on it.

Not that I know of but - Seriously

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My manager and I actually know each other (first time I've had a manager in the same county, let alone within 5 miles) and she said no one called in sick out of her 227 transcriptionists she manages. NOT ONE.

Of course she is probably covering it up....nah I doubt it I think I'm probably the only one that comes here and elsewhere it's not really advertised as something most of my coworkers would be interested in pursuing.

That's nice, but the your experience is just one of many. - And youre right, supe would likely deny it.

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My accounts are small, and oddly, they had the most "sickies" yesterday. Now they're behind. I don't feel too sorry for them, however, as they're the lowest-paying in the company. What goes around, comes around.
I doubt it but then - Seriously
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She actually WAS a transcriptionist and hates VR, plus the fact I'm not paranoid about "suits" and stuff like that. I don't have "enemies" and see things only in rich versus poor or get reactionary and defensive with multiple names for multiple posts to bully people into thinking a "movement" is more than it is.

No carpet-calling here. No housework, either! - Im only out a days pay,$32. Worth it.

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"Missing a day's pay due to strike? $32.

Money spent on gasoline? $0.

Money spent shopping? $0.

Satisfaction of at least trying to change things for the better? PRICELESS."

Okay my question is - Seriously

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From these posts it's like NO ONE took notice. So if no one that could change things took notice..how is that successful towards the end goal. I realize people plan on doing this frequently to make companies take notice, but how many days without pay can people realistically take?
If MTSO's didn't notice, I'm not surprised. There was - very sparse MT participation.
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But maybe the fact that those of us who DID participate were not immediately struck down by lightning for doing so, will give more MTs a little dose of intestinal fortitude next time around.
Maybe so - Seriously
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Or maybe they will think it's a waste of PTO.
LOL - No more of a "waste of PTO" than doing - housework! (My day off was unpaid).
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Its kind of delusional to assume those of us who dont want to participate - Need a dose of "intestinal fortitude"
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Just because we have no interest in participating doesn't make us cowards or shrinking violets. I would think more like successful and enjoying our jobs and choosing not to co-miserate when we have no reason to do so is a more accurate description for a lot of us.

To group us all into what is apparently your misery due to job, pay, performance, personal issues, etc., is a bit narrow-minded.

We're simply not all unhappy or dissatisfied. I don't understand why WMJ and "followers" refuse to grasp that as fact.

Like all things in life, it is what we make of it. *shrug*
So, what have YOU stood up for recently that - required some risk on your part?
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There is about as much chance of that as you - acquiring some common sense
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What comedy you people provide with your "stick it to the man, show 'em who's boss, Solidarity" crap.

There are actually those of us that get paid a GOOD income for what we do because we WORK for. We don't spend endless on hours on some board, whine all day about where's my job, complain, complain, complain endlessly. Try spending that same amount of effort and time on perfecting your skills or OMG....should I dare say it....OCCUPYING A JOB!
Probably a far bigger chance than there would be of - you acquiring a little generosity of spirit.
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you could have probably... - wheres_my_job

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gotten a guitar, and put out a jar, and made $32 - even if you couldn't play very well. Just think of that :)

I'm so glad to hear you participated. Good on you!!
I might not have made $32, as I can't play guitar. - LOL - maybe they would pay me to STOP!
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