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From The Department of NO WORK - Are you sick or

Posted: Apr 30, 2012

did your dog get loose and you had to chase it down?

are you having technical maladies?

GSD begins at 12AM tonight and continues through 11PM TUESDAY MAY 1ST.

The next direct action after May 1 will involve AHDIs so-called MT Week so stay tuned and save up your pennies or your courage. Whatever it is you lack. You can do it! You can!

(You can always cut your production in half for the duration of Strike Day, or some fraction that suits you, if you just cannot manage to muster the minimal courage necessary to call off.)

In Solidarity!

No working at my house! I already called in sick! - SOLIDARITY!!!

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I'm going to sleep in, then do housework, then cruise on down to the beach for the rest of the afternoon!

For tomorrow, at least, the 1% can take my puny little job and shove it.

You go!!!!! - wheres_my_job

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thanks for the inspiration. I will be a bit busier - need to send out a few *press releases* and other fun things.

I like the sound of your day! You go, too!!! (NM) - SOLIDARITY!!!

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I am currently looking for a new online job.  I have been doing medical transcription for nine years now but work for a small hospital.  I do not currently have, nor does my hospital require, the AAMT book of style to be the set rules for our transcription department.  We still use q.h.s. etc.  I recently had a job interview but blew it because the company requires their MTs to know the latest AAMT book of style front and back.  Is this a big deal to know this book word for word?  Wonderin ...

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