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Coding Is being outsourced - to India.

Posted: Sep 24, 2013

Have 2 year degree and was a coder at a hospital until it went to India. Don't waste your time or money on these classes or the exam. There are no jobs. All medical record work is going to India, same as transcription.

a lot of coders are in denial about this. - check the boards

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sad but true

coding outsourced to India - nn

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Well if they are coding our medical records, does this mean that we get to pay out for medical expenses what they pay out? tit for tat, and all that. I do NOT want my freakin' medical records being edited in a foreign country nor do I want my services coded in a foreign country. This makes me sick. When will this BS ever stop? I need to start going to Canada for care if I could do that and get away with it. This country is starting to sound like a 3rd world country every day and by golly we have the wages on our checks to prove it!

Which hospital? - nm

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Not all will do so... - Wanda

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I worked for a hospital who outsourced all of us MTs to Nuance, however (per management), they "will NEVER outsource the coding" as the coders are their "bread and butter."

Don't ever fall for that line "will NEVER..." because - any time something can be SM

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done cheaper, it will be done to save money in the big pockets.

Don't ever fool yourself into thinking your job is safe, no matter what you do.

You can and will be replaced if there's a cheaper method. Even coding.

Yep, it's happening - sm

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if you disagree, you're either in denial or naive. Lost my coding job to a coding service that is very well known and they also send work overseas. My hospital knows this and could care less.

Where were you when we advertised for 5 coders? - sm

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Where were you when we advertised for 5 coders a few months ago? Hmm?

We could only find one. We pay really well, offer great benefits and remote work, too.

There is something wrong with your post that makes me think you are not really a coder. For one, if you have a 2-year degree, you are an RHIT and can get any HIM job. Why didn't you do that?

For two, coders don't say things like "these classes or the exam." I'm not going to say what is wrong with that, either, but I think the coders will see it.

The third problem with your post is the all-or-none thinking, as in "there are no jobs." NO jobs? Really?? None? None at all?? And also like this "all medical record work is going to India. Just like transcription." ALL medical record work? Everything? Really?? All MEDICAL RECORD WORK?? And did ALL transcription go to India? ALL of it? Sorry, but that kind of thinking is more reflective of mental unbalance than reality.

The fourth is that you don't know the difference between outsourcing and offshoring.

The fifth is the drive-by shooting impression your vague, nonspecific post conveys. You toss in a grenade and run away. It is a disinformation campaign -- nothing more than electronic terrorism. You are probably doing it from India, too.

Go away.

as long as you are an - experienced coder

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Entry level coders have less success finding that first job.

Finding a job is WORK in any field - Entry level or experienced

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Entry level workers in any field have trouble finding a job. So do experienced workers. So what's your point?

Stop using that as an excuse.

So you're saying entry level work - is hard because

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because the jobs went to India? Does that mean nonentry level jobs are available in the US? Do you know what "moving the goal posts" means?

Coders will see it, but I don't - Not a coder

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I understand the statement, "these classes or the exam." I think the poster is referring to coding school and the certification exams. However, I'm not a real coder and therefore completely ignorant.

I'll go away if you go too...

What an awfully nasty post by "sm" - Shocked

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I was shocked when I read the nasty response. I suppose I'll get a nasty response from "SM" for posting my shock at the nastiness and negativity.

SM means "see message" - Curious one

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It is not someone's name.

Woah - Thanks

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For this news. We were all in the dark!

Really nasty people - HelpingHand

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It is amazing how paranoia will put some people in attack mode. Why is everyone attacking this person for speaking the truth. You sound like a bunch of old hens clucking, just like office politics. Please, get a better attitude. I hope this is not the face you present at work.

This is exactly how people reacted when transcription was going overseas - people were so defensive

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MTs kept saying that transcription is a job that will always be here and look at it now. Coding is going the same way. It's funny how certain "coders" here think that coding is this lucrative, top secret, only "I" can do this unbelievably difficult job. Ha ha! Ya, we'll see where you all are in 5 years.

But we don't think that - nor have we ever said that.

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I don't know where you came up with the bit about us thinking coding is a lucrative, top secret job only we can do. Certainly not from here.

What we have been saying is that it pays well, is something you can move into fairly easily from your MT background, and is something MTs CAN do successfully. The same things that enabled you to do MT -- attention to detail, a high degree of literacy -- apply to coding.

We have also pointed out that coding is closely related to the larger field of health information management, is often chosen as an entry position to it, and offers many routes into other positions in that field, so that no matter what happens to coding, you will still have something to turn to.

That is what we have been saying. How is it possible for you to have twisted that into something so hateful and so exactly the opposite.

Why do you feel a need to attack people who come here to help you?

Your condescending posts have never been helpful - nm

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Nobody is being defensive - coding student

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Are you even reading the same posts as everyone else? Nobody EVER said coding will always be here. Why would you LAUGH at people losing their jobs? What a sad life you must live.

Oh, - so

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that is what these posts about coding going to India are about. This terrible thing happened to you and your profession and it seems you would take great delight to watch it happen to coding. You are a rah-rah section for the downfall of another profession. Ha ha? I don̢۪t know what to say. It was bold to post your thoughts though. At least now we understand why these keep coming up - your joy in wishing the worst on other people

I don't think that it is necessarily wishing ill - on coders

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Or at least maybe it wasn't in the beginning. But if anyone even mentions that coding is being offshored, actually posts links to company websites that espouse the advantages of offshoring to potential clients, mentions that they themselves are/were coders and have lost their jobs to offshoring, the coder cheer team jumps in and starts chanting how wrong everyone else is. The MTs must simply be bitter and jealous because coding is a highly specialized field and it cannot easily be done offshore. No one else knows what they are taking about. Coding is here to stay! Plenty of you have said it. Do a search and you'll find the posts. You gloat and are arrogant and condescending. So, yeah... now I can't wait for you all to fall on your faces and cry about how you can't believe it happened to you. You'll get no handkerchief from me.
You know what I'll do if coding is offshored? - coding student
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I'll do something else. I've managed one huge job change at my age -- I'll manage again. You won't see me or many of the other coders on this site crying or falling on our faces. So you can keep your hankerchief, you evidently use it a lot.
Yes, - We can
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Slide into physician educator/auditor, clinical informatics, clinical documentation improvement specialist, auditor of those outsourced charts, or coding coordinator of the outsourcing, quality improvement, combo coding what̢۪s left in-house with any of the above, compliance, go work for the outsourcing company, auditor for insurance. We will stay in the field, get more education or credentials for whatever direction we slant toward. These days jobs are changing fast with EHR and new positions popping up to deal with the change. Stay on your toes.
You won't get a clinical informatics or clinical documentation position - without a clinical degree
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like an LPN, RN or even NP.
Not true - in my neck of the woods. nm
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And where would that be? - nm
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There is much more to it than that - Informaticist
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It may be that you have only seen these fields from one standpoint, so I will explain it from an overview. That may make it more clear to everyone.

Informatics and clinical documentation improvement are not the domain of any one profession. They are not just nursing, not just physician, not just HIM, and not just IT. There is too much involved in it for any one field to dominate.

Many types of clinical professionals meet to share their expertise in both informatics and CDI. There are recognized specialties in nursing informatics, clinical (physician) informatics, laboratory informatics, and health informatics (RHIAs, for example), and all of them are backed up by health-specialized information technology professionals (computer geeks). These individuals bring their knowledge to the table in a cooperative sharing of expertise to support healthcare with informatics. No matter where they start out, all of them need additional knowledge in informatics.

In the same way, CDI professionals may originate in nursing, HIM and coding, or medicine itself. Each of them needs to learn something more to do CDI. Nurses and physicians have to develop expertise in reimbursement and coding (especially inpatient). Health information professionals may need additional knowledge of clinical medicine. Anyone will need additional knowledge of the CDI specialty itself.

You are incorrect - Work at a trauma center
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The level II trauma center where I work (600 beds) has trained people without clinical degree to do clinical documentation.
Did you know - facts
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Did you know that there are over 5000 hospitals and clinics in the US?

How do you know the hiring requirements of each one? Please share.
Except, of course, the OP - but she doesnt count
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the person who started this thread. Well not exactly crying or falling on her face, but a little upset about a possible false bill of goods she was sold and not much sympathy did she get either.
Sold a false bill of goods? - How so?
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First of all, you don't get a 2-year degree in just coding. Coding alone is never longer than a certificate program, which can be done in 4 to 9 months. If she has a degree, it is either in HIT,in which case she can easily get another job in medical records, or it is in something else, which doesn't count.

Second, she admits that she was working as a coder. In that case, she has experience and can/should just get another job.

I do not see any false bill of goods being sold. The goal of a coding course is a coding job. Looks like she had gotten one.

I just saw someone who lost a job and was angry about it and venting those feelings. Nothing more.

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