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Saince and my experience. - Just me

Posted: Nov 12, 2013

Just wondering how many other people started with Saince and then left.  I started a month ago.  The first thing I had an issue with was the fact that I would be called several times by the recruiter and absolutely could not get off the phone with this woman.  She would literally keep me on the phone talking for an hour about her personal stuff and she did not seem very professional.  The training consists of about an hour webinar.  They have you do about  3 reports and then turn you loose.  I felt that there was no significant training.  When I did start transcribing......and had a question.......I would IM several people on their personal IM messenger and NO ONE would ever answer!  I would email the team leader and never get any answers.  This is unacceptable when you are new and have questions.  I just got the feeling that it was all about getting as much work done as possible and never mind how accurate it was.  

You are suppose to work either 40 hours or 29 hours.  But yet, every weekend we would get emails pretty much DEMANDING that every one work on the weekend also (in other words work 7 days a week) and give as much time as you possibly can because they were always out of TAT.   New account and already out of TAT. People just beware as they are on a hiring frenzy right now.  Probably to account for all who will eventually quit.  

Was this on their psych account? - SAM

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Was this on that big psych account they're hiring for? I've heard the dictators are pretty..."challenging."

Yes it was......... - Just me

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the new psych acct. I have been a MT for over 20 years and I found it extremely hard to hear anything on that system. I had the volume on their system and my computer turned up all the way and still could not hear. They do have some extremely fast and challenging docs dictating. They make it sound great in the beginning...but you are not paid for spaces. I have never heard of that before. To give you an example.....I worked for 8 hours one day and after dividing my line count by the 6 cpl that they pay.....I made about 5 dollars an hour. Another girl told me she worked for 6 hours and only made about 4.32 an hour. How sad is that?

Saince - anon

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I have several friends just starting there and so far they seem to like it okay, but I steered clear because of their pay. There is almost a 16% pay cut if you are not paid for spaces and this translated to 0.0507 per line when I calculated the difference in pay. And this is for straight typing AND SR! The recruiter tried to make it sound like this would be great because although most of the work would be straight typing at the beginning, it would eventually be mostly SR and this rate would be great. I am really uncomfortable with this and anyone starting now will be making the above rate for straight typing, are you kidding me??? And what is to prevent them from changing that rate once they get the speech engine trained? Just a heads up to anyone considering this company, be sure you know all of the facts.
Keep this in mind also........ - wish I never wasted the time
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I was told by the recruiter that this was an Indian owned company. I was also told that the guy who owns the company had something to do with MModal. Not sure what. I do know that when I was on there private messenger they have for the company, it is split up between US and India. When I looked at the India side there were so many MTs on there I could not count. Funny, because I was having him tell us that we needed to work the weekend and as much as possible and now my friends there have been running out of work.
Saince - anan
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I guarantee you once they have that speech engine trained there is no way they are going to keep paying 6 cpl. This is owned by a man from India and they send their work over to India and I guarantee you that this is where the work will go once VR is trained. I had a little birdy tell me that and I believe it and I turned down the job. No way Jose.

So glad I declined - Sue

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I am so glad to read this after I declined a job offer from them. ~ I was also on the phone with the recruiter for almost 2 hours the first time and then another 30 minutes when she told me about the job offer. She almost sounded desperate, which was the first red flag. ~ About 90% of the conversation was about her husband losing his job and her having surgery, and every time I would try to ask a question she would jump in with something else...It's like she wasn't listening, but she was a nice lady.

I am soooo glad I turned it down now and didn't waste my time learning their system just to end up not liking it. I talked to a girl last week working there, and she is struggling to make money too, but she has no other options right now and needs the job....kinda feeling bad for her.

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