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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Transcend - mtmom

Posted: May 12, 2012

Anyone who works for Transcend now or in the last three years needs to check this out. This is the real deal.  For all of us who haven't made minimum wage or were refused overtime pay, you may be able to get in on this.

Hope the MTs win - Rainwoman

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If they do, should have some interesting repercussions on the way MTs are paid. Will probably take years to settle, unfortunately, but maybe just the threat of being sued will force some changes.

Everyone needs to contact the attorneys - mtmom

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They are not allowed to solicit, but anyone who worked for them (or any company in the last three years that did the same shady practice, which almost all seem to) needs to contact these attorneys to be in the class action or if with another company to start another one. This attorney seems ready to take on the industry. I'm so glad these 13 ladies were brave enough to take it on. I contacted a labor lawyer in my area, but they wouldn't start it without $500 up front, and I didn't have it, especially with how little I was making. I don't care if I can be on this lawsuit or not, but if I can help them with any information I have and it helps change the industry, then I'll do whatever I can to help. :)

Labor Lawyer Doesn't Have to be in your area - Dawn Shaffer

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mtmom, you don't need a labor lawyer in your area. The lawyer used in this class action suit would probably be happy to take you on.

Lawsuit - Transcend - CG13

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Hey I am definitely for these girls. I have been instructed do to the same thing only just a couple of weeks ago by my manager and am losing lots of time and a half pay and only getting the lines. This is totally illegal and I am for the MTs. About time someone did something. I am only hoping through the buyout that Nuance does not follow this same practice.
Girls? - JP
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I think they are women. And men.
I dont know about you, but I'm 62, and I still - consider myself a girl! ;)
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I probably will when I'm 95, or 105, too!


Nuance - disappointed
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Oh, but Nuance is worse. A local hospital here outsourced to Nuance with the promise that all their MTs would be hired, which they were, but the first day they started there was no work because it had all gone over to INDIA!!!!

Bravo!! It's about time - be brave and - jump in Transcenders!

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I wish I worked for this company for just this reason - my name would be in the hat instantly. I applaud those who decided enough is enough and brought it to the legal arena, as well as the attorneys for taking this on! Now is the time to show these companies they can't get away with this. That there is a true line between IC and employee, and that there are federal and state wage laws that must be followed - no one is exempt!

I agree, but some don't... - mtmom

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I saw on fb people stating that we should be happy that we have jobs and that this lawsuit will send all jobs to India. Well, MQ was sued and lost and they're still around. Also, if these MTs worked outside of their home, do you think they would do it for less than minimum wage and work overtime for free? I don't think so. Shame on them, and shame on any MT who thinks working from home means that they are worth less, less than what federal law says everyone is worth. Wow.

The "all the jobs will go to India" excuse is an - old one. MQ was sued, and - sm

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yet I see their ads for more US MTs on the jobs boards every day. Even if all the transcription went to India, they'd still have to have an army of EDITORS to clean it all up.

Secondly, the jobs are ALREADY "all going to India". If you are an older, more long-time MT, then you most likely at some point in your MT career have been pressured to quit by your MTSO, so that they can hire 2 or 3 Indians to take your place, for 1/3 of what little they're paying you. That's wrong. Maybe someday a nationwide suit will put an end to offshoring, too, but that's another battle for another time.

What MTs want now is simply to be fairly compensated for their jobs. When a company pays only for characters typed in a report, and not spaces, or headers, or paragraph titles, it's cheating the MTs, because doing those things are part of the job. If we left out spaces, headers/footers, or paragraph titles, they would fire us.

How many emails do we all get day in and day out telling us to READ THE JOB DESCRIPTION, or to LOOK THINGS UP? It's part of our jobs, right? And yet we're not compensated for it. Instead, we're punished if we DON'T do research and read job descriptions, and yet merely by doing what they tell us and looking things up, we're punished by NOT BEING PAID FOR IT. They want to eat their cake and have it, too.

Sorry MTSOs! Your days of running roughshod over your employees in order to stuff your pockets with extra money are OVER!

I am upset about this - mamma frog

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I think the whole idea is wrong. This was filed by a few people (13 out of the more than 2000 MLS employed by transcend) who think they have done something wonderful.

First, the suit against Medquist got them nowhere. The only one that made money from the deal was AAMT, which is a nothing organization that promotes offshoring, etc., and in my humble opinion, has put us where we are today.

Second, Transcend has been very good to me and to many others. I have always been paid overtime when I entered more than 40 hours per week on my timecard and was never told to change it.

I was one of the biggest objectors to editing when it started and avoided it as much as I could, even staying on AIM (an antiquated program) for as long as I could just to avoid it. I never thought I could learn to edit. Then someone told me, very bluntly, "just learn it", so I did. I learned the shortcuts, I made expansions in shorthand to help me, and I worked hard. In 1 week I was doing more than 200 lines per hour, and then got up to well over 400 lines per hour within 3 weeks. I think the minimum lines you should be able to do per hour is 200, and unless you have an extremely bad dictator, this is not an outrageous expectation. You cannot be playing with your kids or animals or family, talking to 10 people, or spending your time on the telephone to achieve this. You have to just put your mind to it. At the minimum rate of 4 cpl, this is $8.00 per hour, but if you are doing 200 lph consistently and have good quality, you can get a raise. I would be ashamed to say that I am such a poor transcriptionist that I have to look up every other word I hear or ask someone what it is.

Transcend has always offered help (individual or group training)to those who needed it. It did help me. I have always had plenty of work (except maybe an occasional holiday) and just work when I can. I do not mind when they ask me to flex because they have always applied the rule to the other side - they have allowed me to flex when I needed to, either because I could not work my shift or I wanted more lines and the accounts were busy. I did not always ask for overtime for this because it was my personal goal to make a certain amount of money.

Yes, I would like to go back to the old days when I made double the amount I make for editing, but then my line counts were probably half of what they are now, so it evens out. My fingers say thank you to editing because I can work longer and smarter, not harder.

And as far as the derogatory remarks about Sue go on the Facebook pages, I strongly disagree. I have met both Sue and her mother and also talk to Sue occasionally if I want a straight answer. She is always honest with me and very cordial. How many of you could pick up your phone and call the president/COO of your company and ask as question, even if it is not an important question? She always answers e-mails. You may not like her answers, but they are honest and you can put money in the bank that that is the way it is. She does not tolerate people getting nasty and she should not have to. I do not resent the fact that she is paid pretty well, nor that she has made money with this sale. She deserves it. When I worked for MDI, if I needed help on Christmas eve, I could call Sue, Liz, or Deb and got whatever help I needed.

And if you all think that if you work in a private industry that you are not sent home before the end of your shift if there is no work, think again. And there is no possibility of making up that time later. If you have your own transcription business and your client(s) go on vacation, they do not pay you what you would have been making had they been in the office.

This door swings both ways. You are now setting us up for not allowing us to flex time, not allowing us to use the honor system to record our time, although that will change with Nuance, and putting us in a bad light with our employer.

I am not a suit and never have been, so don't come after me with that excuse. Most of the Transcend MLS that I have talked to agree with me on the above. You have not done us a favor.

Upset about lawsuit? - wiseoldwoman

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I am one of the 13 brave souls on the lawsuit. I do not regret for one moment becoming part of this. We do not THINK we have done something wonderful, we KNOW we have!

No matter how you may want to sugarcoat it, it is AGAINST THE LAW to falsify a timecard...PERIOD! The 13 of us are but a small handful at Transcend who were told to do this, or, if we did not, it was done for us.

I was NEVER paid overtime when I entered more than 40 hours on my timecard, even when I was ASKED to help out extra on MY DAYS OFF! Not paying overtime is AGAINST THE LAW. One would have to seriously wonder how it is that YOU were paid OT (or so you claim) when more were not! And if YOU were when others WERE NOT, that, too, would be AGAINST THE LAW!

Time was entered on my timecard for me by my TL on days WHEN I DID NOT EVEN WORK because a report happened to come through QA on those days. THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW.

We are all entitled to our opinions; this is, after all, America, and there is freedom of speech. The lawsuit does not, however, contain opinions; it is FACT. If you feel that we have somehow made things worse for you and your cohorts, I make no apologies for that. Our intent is to make things HONEST and REAL. Timecards have always been on an honor system, but I find NO HONOR in what has been done to so many!

This should have no bearing on flexing time; what it WILL have a bearing on is being paid for that time.

Most of the TLS's you have spoken with agree with you? BULLY FOR THEM! Most of the TLS's I know, and the evidence I have seen, back up 100% what is set forth in the lawsuit. Many more are coming forth every hour since the suit was filed -- and, amazingly, their stories are similar to mine! I would venture a guess, whoever you are, that you will find yourself in the minority if folks were truly brave and honest and stepped forward.

NO, I will not call you a suit, mostly because the suits think far too highly of themselves to DARE present their case in a public forum......they much prefer the one-on-one scenario -- he said/she said -- because that's what bullies do. I do think you have your nose up someone's backside to have the preferential treatment you profess to have had.

You can come at me all you want...you can be angry all you want. CHANGE is coming because 13 of us DARED TO BE THE SQUARE PEG IN THE ROUND HOLE. AND WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED INTO SUBMISSION.

I was a Transcend TL - Vindicated

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I know firsthand about the fraudulent time-card adjustments, as I was instructed to do so as a team leader. It happened, it is happening still, and it is against the law. I applaud these brave women for taking such important steps to ensure our rights and stand up to abuse.
My co. is always emailing me to let me know they - tweeked my time card. - sm
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Now I realize I should probably be taking screen shots of them before sending them off to HR.

So here's a question: How do you take a screen shot? I've never done it before.
how to take a screen shot - suethemall
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I use a camera and take a picture of my screen - it does work - check by looking at the pic in a photo editor or picasa or something like that.

Also, if you have a printer, you can print it up too. "print screen"
Screen shot - Dawn Shaffer
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press ALT and Print Screen (on my keyboard it's F13) at the same time. Go to Micro$oft Paint. Press Control V paste it. Save it as a .jpg file so it takes less room on your computer. It's a good idea to take screen shots of things you think are illegal and would like to share with attorneys.
Where is "Microsoft Paint located? - ?
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I APPLAUD YOU!!!!! - suethemall

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You are wonderful, and I hope you sleep like a baby at night, knowing you are doing the right thing on behalf of ALL WORKING PEOPLE GETTING SHAFTED!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Of all of the asinine responses I have seen, this takes the cake. - destinyisntfree

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Mamma frog, I want to first congratulate you. Of the HUNDREDS of Transcend MLS's I know, you are the only one who actually got paid for overtime and never got told to adjust their time card. That must be a huge accomplishment you ought to be proud of. I mean, I can only imagine the level of brownnosing that must have taken.

On another note entirely, I am a former Transcend employee myself, and before you say anything, no it is not sour grapes. I am glad to be out of there. I have another job, and could care less what anyone thinks of me at Transcend or elsewhere.

I have been an MT for 12 years. I have had my own private clients, and at one point or another have worked at every level in the industry. I have done proofing, QA, quality control supervisor, and shift lead.

I absolutely and 100% agree with everything laid out in this lawsuit. I have witnessed it and fallen victim to it. The fact of the matter, though, is that they all do it and, until someone finally stands up and says something, that is the way it will always be. I say BRAVO to the brave women who finally said that enough is enough.

I just lost a job with another company because I didn't properly adjust my time card to not go below minimum wage, so was let go for having minimum wage pay because they refused me the UNPAID bereavement leave I asked for.

And for those of you who think this might get better at Nuance, they are just as guilty of this. I think it is time for some people to remove their rose-colored glasses and see what the reality of the situation is, before you find yourself crying about why you didn't do anything when you had the chance.

You don't have to agree or participate. But no one - can say that all MTSOs dont need - sm

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a big shaking up and shaking out. They've been cheating their employees for far too long, and could use a sound spanking, if you ask me.

Yes, only 13 filed suit. That's because out of thousands of MTs who were being shafted every single day, only 13 brave souls had the guts to stand up and say "It's time to fight".

I just wish I had been one of them.

You can add yourself to the suit - mtmom

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Anyone who has worked for Transcend in the last three years is welcome to call the attorneys and add themselves to the suit if they qualify. These 13 were brave enough to start it. Now the rest of us that fit into this need to be brave enough to back them up - and all other MTs out there that can't be part of this particular suit but have the same problems with another company - so we can make this a better industry for everyone.

And seriously people, for those of you afraid of it leaving to India, you are willing to forfeit at least minimum wage pay just to keep a job working at home? Do you all value yourselves so little? Making less than minimum wage as an employee is a crime, and we are better than that. Some people may only be quick enough for minimum wage, and that's okay because it's within the law and we can all get better at what we do. But making less is illegal. That's all there is to it. If the only way to keep MT in this country is to work for $5/hour, then I'll find something else. I'm worth more than that, and this country thinks so too.

Do you think this will hurt MTSOs? Nope, just us. sm - Disgusted

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This will hurt them financially and force them to pass that on to us. Don't you all see that this is NOT a good thing? What will it accomplish? The only things they will change is that we will have to have time clocks and be limited in what we can work. They will have more reason to send overseas. Increased costs for MTSO's = lower pay for the front line.

I am ashamed to be an MT, and I used to be proud. Don't you see that these bitter, ugly people hurt the rest of us who are happy?
Bitter and ugly? - wiseoldwoman
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You have it way wrong! What it will do is force the MTSOs to be HONEST (*gasp* imagine that???)

You are happy lying on your timecard? You are happy being asked to work extra, on your days off, more and more, and NOT being paid for it because Heaven forbid they should cough up OT???

And have you not noticed that the MTSO's do not NEED more reason to send work overseas???? It's called greed and that is ONLY reason they need!!!

I am NOT a bitter MT. I am someone who believes there is a right and wrong and these companies are WRONG to break the law. That is as simple as it gets.
happy? - wornoutMT
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I know many of us who can't be happy. We are sick and tired of this chaos. Why wouldn't you want nearly everyone who chooses this profession to be as happy. Only way is for fair and equal pay for work done. We would have to have time clocks? Really. The rest of the world uses time clocks. WE do in a way too. Just the company can fudge ours and make it look like they're paying us fairly when they're not. We are paid for production, and we have a certain percentage of our day every day not producing when we are looking up everything under the sun. That is a crucial part of our job and we are not compensated for it and not able to "PRODUCE" for a solid 8 hours, that we are forced to work, so we are getting SCREWED daily, all of us. Nuance is already primarily overseas and being allowed to gobble up everyone they can. I've been an MT for over 25 years and I am ashamed to tell people what we make for the work we do. If you're so ashamed, then that's sad. And those "bitter, ugly" people are fighting a noble cause, to better this for all of us. I don't want to see a report done in the future if this continues the way of the Nuances and MModals, just focusing on nothing but the $$$$$$ end and quality is fast going the way of the dinosaur. If the government would get off their butts and penalize these buzzards who take jobs away from us here while they claim to be for American jobs, that'd make a change in a hurry and I would applaud that too.
Yes, so let's whine because we want to be paid $5/hour - mtmom
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If you are serious in the post, you need to see a therapist. You're not proud because people are suing for their rights under employment law to make minimum wage and not less than that? That's why you're ashamed? You got bigger things to worry about and be ashamed about then. If you have kids, I hope you teach them better than what you are doing now. Being complacent with being paid wages under the legal minimum wage and being silent and not being heard and sticking up for yourself lets you be bullied forever. Shame on you.
you go! - wornoutMT
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Amen to that. I've heard another "Happy MT" saying she was ashamed today too. I know that I and many of my fellow MTers are ashamed when our friends and family and colleagues are wondering why we are tied to our desks all day and night and weekends trying to eek out the meager pay we now get when until a few years ago, it was all good. Then our profession took a blow and it is not letting up either. I would like to see these "happy" MTs after their pay has been cut 3 times like many of us have gone through recently. Enough is enough. I have dedicated nearly 30 years to this craft and I am darn worth more than some fresh newbie who still has to ask 'if he dictates half a centimeter, do I put 1/2 or 0.5.' REALLY? We are "Equal?" I don't think so.
Sorry, chickie... the "bitter ugly" people who are - hurting you are your employers.
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MTSOs have been having it their way for far too long. They have the best of both worlds: cheap indians or failure-ridden VR to transcribe the work, and skilled US editors to fix all the mistakes. And we're "cheap" too, because they've convinced us with all their snake oil, smoke and mirrors that we'll be "three times more productive" once we get on VR, and we'll "make lots more money".

If that's truly working for you, then you are decidedly one of the exceptions. But just think: if you're really that good, and you think you're "making enough money", then imagine what you SHOULD be making, if you were earning the federal minimum wage. Even more, with production bonuses.

MTSOs can't have it both ways anymore. Either keep the work in the U.S., and pay LEGAL U.S. MINIMUM WAGE OR MORE for it, and charge their clients accordingly, or else send every last one of their jobs to India, with the understanding that the Indians will just have to edit that mess themselves. We're not going to do it for them anymore if we don't get compensated fairly.

If you're REEAAALLLY that happy with your current working conditions and pay, then I'm sure you'll be just as happy living in India.

Won't be shaking too much - sl

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due to the deep pockets they have for lawyers, etc.

You must have had one special region - mtmom

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I was an employee for two years before another company saw my resume on this site and recruited me to work for them -for straight typing paying much more than Transcend. I gave my notice and never looked back. But I gotta tell ya, I was told many times to adjust my timecard because otherwise I would show less than minimum wage earnings. And I was a 400+/hour editor... when I had good English speaking doctors or ESLs without thick accents. I was one of the better ones they had in my region, and I worked nights, which helped them out greatly. As for raise, where and how did you accomplish that? I worked there two years with no raise and was told raises are not given. I told my Asst Regional that I wasn't hitting minimum wage, and she told me that was my problem. Transcend is getting its just desserts.

As for Sue, give me a break. She is a used-to-be-transcriber that sold us all out for her gain. I don't want to hear how you met her or her mother. I want to hear how she felt that our pay was crap and we deserved better. I don't begrudge her pay, until she is breaking the laws under FLSA to make sure she makes those fine paychecks. So don't try to feed us that crap either.

You can flex your time, now it will just be done legally. You want to work more, you get paid for that time. Me sitting at my desk all day, basically on call because I'm scheduled, to look at an empty queue and not get paid something, is ridiculous - and ILLEGAL. And again I say, if you were working outside of your home and were treated like this, would you stick with that job. I venture to say no, and if you do, then you are a bigger fool than most.

Good luck with Nuance. They pay less and I don't know anyone who has been happy with them either. Luckily I now have a great job working from home transcribing, which I have been doing for over 10 years now as an employee and as an IC in medical transcription and psych.

Transcend... and hopefully the industry, will get their acts together and treat us right and pay us what we are worth, which is much more than minimum wage or less, but at least minimum wage in most of these companies' cases would be a good start... and LEGAL.

Good for you - the way i see it

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There are MTs who can't cut it in the new world of MT and so they think this is going to make their lives wonderful. It won't. I've said for a long time now be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Get ready next to start hearing how even tho the lawsuit was filed blah blah blah blah blah for the next issue that means they can't be successful.

Heavens' to Betsy

can't cut it? - wiseoldwoman

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Ahhh...so you think I'm a slacker? A lazy slug?

I have been an MT for 35 years. I have seen the industry go from WONDERFUL to one I recently told a group of MT students to run away from as fast as they could.

I worked FT for Transcend and yet STILL qualified for food stamps! That had absolutely NOTHING to do with the quality of my work. I am damn good at what I do, and I do it well! I never managed to reach their pinnacle for health insurance. Tried to work extra to help them out on my days off when they needed it (which also would have financially helped me) and AFTER THE FACT was told oops...no OT....adjust your time card! Hello? That is against the law no matter how you try and sugarcoat it for yourself. THAT'S what I object to! Being asked to falsify my time card is NOT something I take lightly.

I can cut it just fine in the "new world of MT," but if your idea of a NEW WORLD involves cheating, lying, and forgery, then I want NOTHING to do with it. I, unlike corporate suits, have integrity and morals.
kudos! - wornoutMT
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Congratulations. LOL. I applied for food stamps in my state 3 times and got turned down every time, cause I'm a single. They have used every advantage to their side and we are bombed all the time. I hope they get caught in all these lies and have to pay dearly. And if these 'happy' MTs don't like it too bad, because I'm sick of this profession becoming a joke.
Right on! If they don't like it, they should avert their - eyes and not read the posts - sm
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pertaining to the lawsuits over the ILLEGAL action of these companies. The time is now, and the suit is going to go forward with or without their support. These 13 women alone have more than enough to make a strong case. And imagine what'll happen if many of the rest of us get involved? If more companies are taken to task for ILLEGAL EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES?

I have nothing left to lose. Do I have a job? Yes. Do I care if I do next week? No. My job is cr*p, and at this point I want one of two things to happen:

1: MTSOs stay in the U.S., keep hiring U.S. medical language specialists, and they pay them a fair, REALISTIC wage, in accordance with state and federal laws.

2: MTSOs keep on paying their sweatshop wages and practicing their shady deals, but they have to leave the U.S. If they can't play by our country's rules, then they should go to some other country and do business there, instead. This includes LIVING in another country, not just having their slimy offices there.

I cut it just fine... still in the business actually - mtmom

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Just with a reputable employer now. And for the one that said they're not a suit, maybe the suit's assistant perhaps? No one gets from Transcend what you did unless you work in the corporate office, of which you are then part of the problem, perhaps, but certainly not the solution.

It's to the advantage of the plaintiffs that you are - NOT if favor of the suit. I am sure-

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they wouldn't want people with a defeatist attitude like that on their team. It would just slow them down.

In the "New World Order" of MT, "cutting it" boils down to being able to survive, even if just barely, on less than $800 a month.

Wow, Really? Are we resorting to this again? - destinyisntfree

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Wow. Now there is a line I didn't see coming. In case you are wondering, yes, that was sarcasm. I trust you know what that word means.

For someone who "can't cut it" as you put it, explain to me how, 12 years ago, right out of school with no real world experience, I was making well over 3000 a month, getting paid 11 cpl for straight typing, and did mostly ESL?

Now, with 12 years of experience, having worked in QA, having run my own company, having worked as a shift lead, and helping cover management end duties when owners of the company were on vacation, I am making next to nothing. Regularly, there are lines missing from my paycheck, and I was constantly told to either adjust my time card or be fired if I was below minimum wage, and then getting fired because the math was wrong because over 500 lines were missing? Explain to me how that is acceptable.

I am so glad that you are making such great money, but know that you are the exception rather than the rule.

Prior to questioning lines going missing off of my time card, and getting told I did not qualify for bereavement leave because I was not benefit eligible as an employee because I worked less than 40 hours a week, and having my production slip because my grandmother died, I was practically the proverbial golden child at the company I worked for, having been available at all hours, willing to work every account they had, and doing it without complaint, and willingly working third shift, most nights being the only coverage over multiple accounts during the overnight hours.

I am just as guilty of working more hours than scheduled, and only logging the scheduled hours, because it was the only way I could get the arbitrary line count they told me I had to make, which was counted WITHOUT spaces, and what equaled a line required a degree in mathematical engineering to calculate properly.

The company in question hired me on the premise that "most of our work is VR, but you only have to do 10,000 lines a payperiod." What they failed to tell me was that was not 10,000 VR lines, and in fact was calculated on a formula that actually equaled nearly 25,000 VR lines based on my pay rate. Please, I am begging you, tell me how that is not illegal and misrepresentation and how I am just whining and can't cut it and should go do something else, I am begging.

When my doctor looks me in the eye and tells me that my job is going to kill me, and sooner rather than later, and I am 30 years old taking over 15 pills a day, there is seriously something wrong.


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Maybe, just maybe, with regards to receiving your overtime pay, you received preferential treatment because you are such a close friend of *** and her mother?

Edited by Moderator: No personal info/names.

You are amusing - madampapafrog

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Obviously you are like many other people who read into something what is not there or what was not said. You remind me of a high school kid who tells her friends she is getting married because this guy asked her on a date.

I did not say I was good friends with these people, only that I had talked to them several times.

You are like the other know-it-alls on the MT Lounge who assume. I have been identified as 3 different people over there and of course none of them are correct. Quit assuming and get it right.

Just because I disagree with what you are doing does not make me a bad person, just someone who feels strong enough to stand up to a crowd. You have not won the lawsuit yet, so do not spend your money all in one place.
get it right - wiseoldwoman
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You can stand up to the crowd all you want, sweetie, but when the dust settles, you'll be standing alone.

And just for FURTHER clarification -- we're not "spending our money all in one place." Unlike the MTSO's, this is NOT about the money. This is about doing the right thing, a concept sorely lacking with a whole lot of folk.
Meow! - I have balls, do you?
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sounds like your name should be big ole fraidy cat... you obviously lurk and spy and run tattle or have some peon doing it for you, but you are too scared to let your identity be known... I personally dont really care who you are but find it funny that you say you are standing up to a crowd... but are you really? To what crowd? The 13 who are NAMED in the suit? How so? By being deceptive and hiding who you are? Keep on being afraid... sincerely hope you dont reap any benefit from what others have sown...

Why wasn't the name edited in mama frog's post? - KC

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Probably will not matter - tsmt

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Well I am glad they filed it but I fear it will not help. Companies have a way of wording it to do not go into over time but we need your help and if you are like me and need the extra money and do not want them to overhire you hop on and do the extra not recording any overtime hours. I work for Transcend and yes I have to adjust my hours. I see the requests for help to not go over on your time but I always fear they will hire more people and I need any extra money I can get so I do it. I cannot take a chance on the overhiring. That is the shame part of it. If we are in a high backlog situation it seems more beneficial to pay a little overtime than to risk our reputation with the client or possibly being "fined" for going out of turn around time. That is the part that stinks. As long as over time is kept to a minimum I think it would be better in the long run. This lawsuit may help them time will tell but overall companies will still do it and we will do it because some extra money is better than none. I have had my rocky times with this company due to a horrible TL but now my team leads are great and we have a mutual respect and I cannot complain. I mean do not get me wrong I would love overtime!!!!!

Lawsuit - nm

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I would not want my name and residence/location available for all to see as in this lawsuit.

Then don't put your name on it - easy enough

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Lawsuit - na

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Nope, no need to get involved. I don't work there but I would never put my name out there for all (including potential future employers) to see.

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Well, it's done folks!  A couple of VERY brave ladies have filed a class action suit for make up to minimum and OT issues against Transcend.  If anyone is interested in getting their own going against some other MTSO's, well, it's time to be heard.  We're not going to take it anymore!  If you would like info on the attorneys who filed this suit, please feel free to email me.  A very proud day indeed! ...

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Does anyone have any idea how the above lawsuit is progressing.  I received an e-mail a few months ago, informing us Transcend had not compiled all the necessary discovery and they had a second hearing late last year.  Maybe one of the original 13 or so plaintiffs has some information ? Thanking you in advance.   ...

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Well, it's done folks!  A couple of VERY brave ladies have filed a class action suit for make up to minimum and OT issues against Transcend.  If anyone is interested in getting their own going against some other MTSO's, well, it's time to be heard.  We're not going to take it anymore!  If you would like info on the attorneys who filed this suit, please feel free to email me.  A very proud day indeed! ...

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Wondering how/if all of us who work for MModal can start a class action lawsuit against them?  What for you ask?  Oh gee......lying to us, taking our work away from us, saying they'll pay a certain amount but really do not, bad TSMs.....etc, etc.  What all those are called in legal terms, I have no idea.  I am 60 years old and not close to retirement age yet.....Michigan does not allow part time UE, so what the heck am I going to do for a living for the next 2 years?&nbs ...

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Sorry - awhile back thought I was going to lose my job.  I am so fed up with they keep lying to us about our pay, etc, - well I am cornerstone - saw someome on here the other day -usually do not see Cornerstone- anyway - I just emailed Shaw or whatever his name is - Amay's second hand guy - kind of scared but at the same time feel empowered ...

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can be done. That is SO NOT true, and I hate to state the obvious, the elephant in OUR room here, that its likely management trolls.  The law firm listed below is fantastic.  And class actions work where 1 or 2 Plaintiffs step up and its converted to a class action for all employees. That's where ya sit back, don't have to do squat, the pros go over payroll and you get compensated if wages are calculated to be do you. Its simple, NOT some big drama fest.  This IS America ...

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..has been discussed. I highly, highly suggest IMEDX does the right thing, or some money grubbin attorney will be glad to take on not on IMEDX's obvious and blatant playing with lives, but also the whole industry. Imedx is ripe for lawsuits, and they have deep pockets. Suits, wake up, we have nothing to lose now but a consult with an attorney. You clearly have and are going to continue to violate laws, now do the right thing. Also, you don't want to the Labor Board, etc involved from 5 ...

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Fighting Nuance would be just the same as the current Transcend Lawsuit. For those who are not involved, the latest news did not look good. They are trying to get it thrown out on the basis that because we are independent contractors kind of, the situations vary greatly and we should not be allowed to file as one unit. The attorneys for Transcend feel each MLS should file separately. Well, since we make slave wages, who the hell could ever afford an attorney? So, they have found every way p ...

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