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disk vs disc - jen

Posted: May 11, 2012

I am curious as to the correct way to use this word when talking about the spine.  I have seen it both ways in my references and back in the day it used to be disc when talking about the eye, but it seems now ortho is using it.  Can someone enlighten me please as to the current preference?

disc - disk - fedup

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either is correct for ortho, according to Stedmans. I'm old school and always use disc. I use disk for eyes.

BOS 2nd Edition - sm

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Dictionaries and other reference works have long shown a lack of agreement
about the spelling of this word. Some authorities prefer the spelling disc for
references to the eye and disk for the spine. Others have an opposite preference.
We recommend the spelling disk for all anatomic and surgical references for this
round, flat, regular, and regularly condensed plate of material.
There is classical support for this spelling. Disk is derived from the Greek diskos
and came into our lexicon by way of medieval Latin (discos), whose alphabet does
not include a k. Other English words ending in sk with similar derivation include
ask, desk, kiosk, task, and whisk. By comparison, there are very few English words
that end in sc.
optic disk
L4-5 disk space

I got dinged for - sm

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diskectomy and was told to use discectomy but yet I was still okay with herniated "disk" - wish they all would make up their minds.

that makes no sense, for consistency sake if they - want disk should use diskectomy also, nm

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disk versus disc - frootloopa

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Both are correct. Disc is Latin, disk is Greek. They are both correct in all parts of the body. HOWEVER, most American MTs use the disk version as the AHDI recommends the use of disk in all circumstances, in order to be consistent. Whether or not other English words end in sc matters not, as disc is not an English word, but again is Latin. If your client wants it spelled with a "k", then spell it with a "k". If your client prefers it spelled with a "c", then you spell it with a "c". If your client doesn't care or doesn't tell you, then I would follow the AHDI recommendation for consistency sake. Cheers!

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