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Shoulder procedure s/l Ladder-jay - typinbabe

Posted: Sep 17, 2010

May be arthroscopic or open, s/l Ladder-Jay procedure, tried lederje, laderje?

Latarjet procedure - NM - Polly Pharmacy

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Thank you! - typinbabe

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PROCEDURE PERFORMED:  Brachytherapy implant. Now, where does "PROCEDURE ABORTED" go, so patient isnt charged for it, etc, and no errors are made? And, should it be all caps? In name of procedure or as a separate "Please Note:" Its dictated as name of procedure but Dr. is indecisive and stutters dictation ambiguously. ...

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On MRI, he had a massive tear of the supraspinatus superior half of the iinfraspinatus. He also had an s/l osto-chrom-e-ali.   Thanks!! ...

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The patient had a shoulder MRI.  The doctor say: No obvious-appearing instability or injury to the coracoclavicular or ---s/l clochoclavicular---- ligaments on the MRI.    Thanks. ...

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...lateral down-sloping acromion with possible  ?CYPHER/SITE FOR impingement.  ...

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A s/l green limbitec curved suture passer was then placed around the base of the coracoid. ...

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Radiographs show good position in his s/l sep-i-ca tunnels.  ...

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She is noted to have her right shoulder "winging, weaning" in the standing position. ??? Help is appreciated! ...

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What in the world could sound just like shoulder bunionectomy?  Any ideas greatly appreciated.   ...

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new to this account.....he says I also performed injection of her tendon sheath of her extensor tendon insertion origin with 1 cc of Lidocaine and 1 cc of Kenalog.  Her ?JMARS? are left 18, 21, and 21 and right 10, 16, 18. ...

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He has pain in the intrascapular area of the right shoulder.  I can't tell if the doc says intrascapular or interscapular.  Are they interchangeable?  I am inclined towards him saying intra- but I can't be sure and can't ask him.  thanks. ...

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Dictated:  Treatment options were discussed with him.  These include repeat selective AC joint injection, s/l mulfer type (or tight or tech) distal clavicle, or living with residual symptoms.   He just slurs right over this.  Any help, thank you! ...

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He is nontender over the s/l (bony girdle) s/l (above) the clavicle and the scapula.  He is nontender at the elbow and wrist. He has good s/l (dorsalis) or s/l (radial) pulses and the sensation and grip strength is equal. ...

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His right shoulder has 180° forward flexion, external rotation to 97° in the abducted 90° position with positive apprehension sign and pain. This is exactly what he says.  Does it make sense?  ...

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An old and chronic problem I have when doing MT work is that my right shoulder aches after just a shor time at the keyboard.  (I am left-handed).  It seems the constant mouse movement irritate it a lot.  I am now doing VRE type work and boy has it made it worse.  I know my right side is probably weaker than my left and I can work on strengthening it somehow but I wondered if anyone has any ideas for this? I do not like being in pain.  I've thought about a new chair ...

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s/l Akert's study for shoulder? Thanks! ...

Shoulder Arthroscopy
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The patient has normal-appearing supra- and infraspinatus with normal-appearing *baria*.  He distinctly does NOT say barrier (no "r" at the end), but I cannot verify "baria".  Thanks! ...

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Total shoulder arthroplasty Using blunt digital dissection, the subdeltoid bursa was developed as well as the plane underneath the "s/l fox" fascia and conjoined tendon. I've seen "faux" fascia being used in other reports from this doctor,  but I have not been able to document this. I feel uneasy about just sticking that in just because somebody else did. ...

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working on report on shoulder arthroscopy, and I hear this:   There was a small amount of FRAIN? at the superior aspect of the glenoid labrum at the origin of the biceps tendon.  ...

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On postop plan after dictating OP report (shoulder arthroscopy for impingement and AC joint arthritis, doctor dictates postop plan which includes pendulum, gentle ROM plus "He can progress to active and (s/l) PREs (??) as pain and symptoms allow."  Wondered if this was correct and what it stood for.  Thanks. ...

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Dictated:  The rotator cuff was mobilized with the (Frear and the Kingfisher) and satisfactory mobilization was able to be achieved. Clearly spoken - and I can't find "Frear" and "Kingfisher" to verify.   Any help, please ... thank you. ...

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Aug 18, 2011

The patient is having ATS/ACLR surgery. I know that ACLR stands for anterior capsulolabral reconstruction.  Any ideas on the ATS?  Thank you. ...

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Shoulder injury - doc says mild pain with s/l taze test, katays test, patays test.  Thanks for any help. ...

Patient With Shoulder Pain
Sep 14, 2011

There is no evidence of significant rotator cuff tear and she has normal appearing s/l **slant sign**  of the shoulder on her radiographs, I believe that she would be a candidate for a total shoulder rather than a reverse total shoulder.   ...