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Nuance MTs actually prefer the new eBTXT to the old one?  - BZB

Posted: May 17, 2013

Do any of you Nuance MTs actually prefer the new eBTXT to the old one?  I definitely miss many of the features of the old platform.  Wondering if it's just me.

By far, the worse feature is not capitalizing - automatically after SM

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a period, or not putting lower case after comma. It does not even capitalize with a list. This is very time consuming and it is so counter-productive.

I really miss the cursor being linked to the audio-file--sm - anon

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It was so much easier to go back and listen to something when all you had to do was double click. Now it is not worth the extra time and trouble to give a blank a second listen.

As I noted below, it seems that eBtxt never learns the formatting but I will say some of the voice recognition is better but I do not know if it is enough better to compensate for the other issues.

I didn't like it the first day and I like it even less now. - wannie

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Oh for the days of the old BTXT. So, no, it's definitely not just you.

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