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Apparently, Transcend is initiating something - similar to SM

Posted: May 06, 2012

M Modal cesspool, but not quite that bad.  They are prioritizing stats from all of your secondary accounts in front of your primary, making it harder obviously to produce lines.  Did anyone get the email about this?  I am wondering if this is a Nuance thing that is now being introduced?   I know why companies do this, it is to their benefit, and they care nothing about us, but it just infuriates me as another kick in the face to MTs and lack of caring about anything but money. 

the death battle between Nuance and MModal - hope they both lose

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Of course they dont care about us. They have to compete with eachother as to who charges less to the client and who gets them faster turn around time. The clients are going to suffer either way. It is impossible to switch from acccount to account and remain accurate with client speficiations. Set up to fail, at both of them.

What if Nuance wins? No competing? Yikes. - nm

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MM now using Escription and friend told they were NOT going - to switch acct to DEP. nm

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Only for one account, because the company they bought - already had the account.

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They're not purposely using eScription & not adding more eScription accounts. They just inherited it through the buyout.
So what? MM has bought out others who dont use DEP - and they had no problem SM
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with switching those accts to DEP. MM didnt keep those platforms. Why are they keeping Escription? THey didnt keep any of the promises to my bought out MTSO, surely the MTs on this Escription acct dont believe MM is keeping it forever? WHY would MM keep it and have to pay Nuance to use it???
because THEY do not have a choice if they want to keep the client - sm
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You forget it is up to the client not the MTSO. They are probably going to wait until the contract is up and negotiate a change then just like any other MTSO would do. There is nothing strange about that.
Then MM wouldnt be using Escription forever, just til the - contract with the facility is SM
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over with. Friend was told acct would be switched to DEP, making is sound like it would NEVER be switched which would be weird to think MM would ALWAYS have this acct on Escription. Switching after contract is up makes sense as a MM way of doing things.
The client was using eScription originally, before even outsourcing the work to a nat'l. - That is why.
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Didn't you have this before? All stats in my pool - move up, being stats after all. You know,

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when they did away with primaries I was good and upset--for good reason, but this just makes sense to get priority records to the people who need them as soon as possible.

Actually, now that we're mercifully back to having primaries and secondaries, I'm a bit glad to see some pop up occasionally from the other accounts. Keeps me from getting too rusty on them.

No I did not have this before. I work for - Transcend at the SM

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moment (theoretically) and I was wondering if this was a change from Nuance coming in. My primary was well covered and my secondary was well covered so stats did not pop up from secondary. I do think that quite a bit of MTs have left, and this is what they are doing now to cover the stats. It is a bad idea IMO, cuts production for MTs.

Well, I've told people for a long time that they need - a primary to bring up line counts, but

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you can overdo anything. Stats are stats, after all. Sounds like you need fewer accounts in your pool. I have 7 and never have so many stats move up that it's a problem.

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