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What my coder friends said - And I quote

Posted: Mar 12, 2014

"Idiots!!!  Take the FREE LUNCH!"

"OMG!  What is wrong with them?"

"Who ARE these people?   Are they insane?  They have to be insane."

"And they think coders only make that much?  Hahahahaha!"

"Seriously?  They think a 2-year commitment is a problem?  Wow. Just wow."

"Sticky notes?  They would pass on this because of STICKY NOTES?"

"Nobody told me there were sticky notes.  Are they special or something?  Are we going to order some?  Will there be a choice of colors?"








So you're saying she has no experience with MM... - nm

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LOL, good one. But the OP on this one is right - ARE THEY CRAZY??

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But, to all the naysayers, I say carry on because the more who pass on it the better my chances.

I have been an MT for eons and this sort of "gift" does not come along often.

Oh, I'm sure it'll be "the gift that keeps on giving", - alright.

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you can't talk to these people - their minds are made up

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a few will hear, a few will listen, the rest will bash.

Coders - If I wanted to be a coder

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I would take an accredited coder course; either at the local college, online or however they teach it, but not through this bunch. I checked into coding a few years ago (through the mail) and I have known coders in the past and if it is something I truly wanted to pursue I would do it that way. I wouldn't trust M*M with anything and what are they saying? No more transcription, only coding? I don't work for M*M any longer, got out when it was still Medquist, so about four years, but I would really question this. There are other jobs out there and if you want to be a coder, do it the right way and not with empty promises, that you may end up paying for dearly and not even end up a coder and what if this company does go belly up, then what. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't!

As you stated you no longer work at MM. - So you kinda do not know

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what you are talking about.

You didn't get the e-mail, you have no idea what "promises" are being made ( a clue, none), nor do you know what they are even offering other than what you see here.

I have been an MT for a very long time, it is a good opportunity based on the information I currently have seen. I am taking that test and I hope I am one of the 60.

A lot of what you are seeing on this board is pure speculation. No one has even taking the first test to get into the program. And, frankly, I think the hysterical response to this program is bizarre.

No, what's REALLY bizarre is the fact that MTs - who hated this place with all of -

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their being last week, are suddenly exalting them for tossing them this scrap. Suddenly, I guess, M*M has suddenly seen the light. Yes, I'll bet that nasty old CEO even got the same little ping of light in his eye, and his heart grew three sizes overnight, just like the Grinch.

All that aside, however, a person's gotta wonder how badly anyone really wants to be a coder, if they're willing to take such a huge chance during the two EXTREMELY CRUCIAL years ahead. These years will be crucial for all of medicine, not just coders or MTs. If coding is what you think you were meant to do, it would only seem logical to want to take a more direct approach to learning it and getting certified, by going to an established school with lots of experience, and a good reputation, rather than just crossing your fingers and HOPING M*M will teach you enough to MAYBE sit for a credentialing test at some point two years from now.

If I wanted to get into coding, I'd take the most direct and reliable route possible to get into the field ASAP, before it becomes saturated. I most certainly wouldn't waste 2 years diddling around at M*M, hoping I'd learn enough to be a certified coder. Regardless of how I felt about the company. Even if M*M were the nicest bunch of people on earth (which, unfortunately, they are NOT), I still wouldn't want to risk my future as a coder by hanging around working for them, and hoping they know enough about it to teach it properly.

I didn't hate MModal last week. - So strike me off that list
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I came from Nuance, if you want a lesson in working for a rotten company, you need to spend 2 years there.

MModal is like an oasis after Nuance and I have never said a negative word about MModal on this board. I have praised them and have been called every nasty name in the book for daring to do it.

My take on the coding program is that it's a sweet deal. If it isn't and I get burned, how exactly does that concern you? And, if I don't get burned and it does turn out good, how exactly does that concern you.

You have every right to come on here and say how much you hate MM and how much you hate a man you have never met. And that you think this program is a horrible, rotten, nasty thing to do to people. Whatever gets you through the day.

"Oh, bummer. They cut off my leg! But I'm at - least thankful they didnt cut off the other one."
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What? I don't think I speak your language - earthling
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Look, I'll just say it. I am good at my job, I don't whine, I work, I get good QA scores.

Unlike some, I don't need to vilify MModal who seem to need to make themselves feel better about their own failures as an MT.

oooh snap! I felt that burn all the way over here. - East MT
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agree! - sm
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I have been with this company for almost 30 years (was a different name at that time). It seems that if you are happy at mmodal that is when you will get slammed on this website. This site is full of trolls who love to be negative. Glad you are happy too! and you do have every right to say what you want on here. I agree why do these people stay if they are so miserable...

Think about it. Naysayers and those bashing - are either doing so

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trying to put the fear of God to discourage and make the competition leaner, or they are just those who are going to be negative about anything. Last week they bashed the company in general, this week they have a new topic to swing around. In the end, 2 years from now, they'll still be on here ragging about how bad Mmodal is, yet still be employed transcribing. Sad really and can't be easy living with negativity day in and day out.

I chose to pass on this one, but for my own personal reasons. To those who apply and are accepted, kudos to you! I really don't think there is anything to lose and something to be gained. Good luck!

naysayers, etc - NEMT

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I have read all the comments (well most of them anyway) about the Mmodal coding classes. There are pros and cons on both sides of the coin. that being said, I don't think I would bash anyone who is looking to get out of MT, call them stupid, etc. In these times, you take what you can get and hope to move forward. Having said that, I plan to take early retirement in just under 2 years and it would be a waste of my time and Mmodal's to try for this course. When I am done with the medical field, I will be done. I have been in it since 1972 and have seen many many changes, not all of them good. So for those who go for it, I hope it works out for you. For those who don't, please don't call names. People are just trying to survive.

My advice to those deciding to take the course: - Get everything in WRITING, first. - sm

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Don't sign anything until you've shown your agreement to an attorney. Maybe a couple of attorneys. Find out what this course is going to cost you. Because believe me, nothing in life is free, and this course won't be any different. But those costs will be hidden, and you'll need to be really good at ferreting them out. Compare those costs (be sure to add in extra money for unexpected surprises, because you know there will be those, too), to what it would cost you to take the course at Andrews, or other schools like them. Find out if this coding job is going to be only temporary, because it might just be. Ask if they intend to fully automate the coding process in the foreseeable future. Document everything, and keep documenting as you take the course, and continue working for the company, both as a part-time MT during training, and during your 2-year "apprenticeship" as a coder. If something doesn't seem right, talk to your attorney about it.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Definitely the bashers are the ones - fighting to stay, when in

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Reality, they should be leaving or looking forward to finally getting out, for some odd, unexplainable reason they are wanting to stick around and take up space. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. I think they're realizing their jobs weren't so bad after all.

Sorry, but by the end of this year, it's highly likely - that NOBODY will be transcribing.

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And a day is coming where nobody will be coding anymore, either. At least not in the U.S.

Like lambs to the slaughter - bemyguest

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You people sound a little naïve. This is MModal we are taking about, right? This is the same company that most of you have probably been complaining is nickel and diming you into the poorhouse. You think they won't continue that in the coding department? Coders may make good money now, but if this program starts a trend, coding will go the way of transcription in no time at all. You all must realize this.

Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for the announcement from the big N that they are starting a similar program because you know that isn't far behind.

And the point is? - anon

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The whole world stinks, oh well.

I think the MT biz is just about cooked, fork descending.

If coding buys me a couple of years, it's all good.

I may agree with you - But

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I agree with you in that I am not taking this class, getting out of this company as fast as I can, but I would not criticize people who are taking this class. Everyone must make their own decisions and calling them lambs to the slaughter is pretty harsh, don't you think? I support anyone who is trying to better themselves. I may not agree with their choices, but I still support them. No need to call names. Everyone is scared and desperate these days, no need to add gas to the fire, or is that your intention?

There is no need to add gas to this fire - baby

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Mmodal and the like have burned this business to the ground all on their own. I agree with the above poster and see absolutely nothing wrong with pointing out that this is a shady offer, to say the least. Everyone knows how Mmodal treats people. To think this coding will somehow be different is absolutely naïve. Scared and desperate is exactly how they want you. Don't think this isn't a calculated move.

I think it is a stupid idea and have no problem saying it. If those that want to take the chance are confident in their decision then what do they care what I think?

We are all adults here. If you can't handle criticism you are in the wrong place.

My coder friend took 4 years of college to get - L&L

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her degree, then tested for certification, got a very low paying job in a hospital, advanced over many years, and is being paid NOT hourly any amount but by piecework. But, she can apply for work anywhere with her degree and certification.

I fear if you live by Mmodal coding, you will die by Mmodal coding and be useful to no one outside of Mmodal.

So, how is that different than being an MT - for MModal

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You are all looking at this the wrong way.

This isn't for an 18 year old planning the rest of their life. This is for the MT who plans to say with MModal, or at least hopes to, for more than 2 years.

It is what it is. Not one person on here said they were promised $30 an hour and a career.

It is simply a way to switch jobs within the same company. Easy Peasy. what's the big freaking deal.

I think people are pinning BIG HOPES on this deal - L&L

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for a BIG AND BRIGHT future and are being sorely misled. As I noted, coding is way more competetive if you don't work for Mmodal, coding is also going the way of complete automation, and if you need to work more than 2 years, it is NOT the way to go, especially just with MM. You will be just as screwed in 2 years as you are now.
Huh, guess I missed those posts - anon
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I didn't see a single post about a "big and bright" future. Mostly just people trying to maneuver in an uncertain industry. Seems logical.

Also, who, exactly, is misleading these poor naive darlings? I'm curious, have you read the MModal e-mail regarding this program? There was nothing particularly big and bright promised within it.

As a rule MTs seem to be a pessimistic bunch, most appear to be going into this with a tiny spark of hope that they might just keep their jobs for a couple more years and maybe, just maybe come out of it with a skill that is more marketable than MT.

I wonder what your investment is in trying to stop them from doing that.
My investment, none whatsoever. I turned 62 - L&L
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last year and only plan to work until I get fired. Then it's a free ride on the government and my ex's TIAA-CREF money.

Just love getting ya'll riled over something you have absolutely no clue about. MTs are such suckers.
Yeah, that's what I figured. - Nothing to say, nothing to offer
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Good to know you just like to insult people to give yourself a thrill.

It's these small pleasures that make life worth living.

If I had a 4-year degree in anything, I sure wouldn't - want to be paid by piecework. That sucks big-time.

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She makes good money, but she's been doing this - L&L

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20+ years. Just like MTs. We get paid piece rate, and I'm making 19/hr, which I can live with since I can retire any time I want.

There's no such thing as a "free lunch." "If it - looks too good to be true, it likely is."

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