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Does anyone who works for MModal have just one or two accounts? - adkmt

Posted: Feb 23, 2012

How does anyone work like this?  What is there to care about and take pride in?  This is an evil company.

I have about 16, plus the clinics - they are evil

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Every day I hate my job just a little bit more.

so true - Just Me

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Today I am actually getting stuff from accounts that are not even in my area. I think they do that when you get good line counts and they start to jerk you around because they cannot explain why they are not getting things done. Bad decision making on their part. They probably made promises for turn around times that they cannot possibly keep so they are trying to make out like the transcribers are to blame or at least that is the way it looks to me.

HA HA your soo funny..I have a stack of account summaries all different - jh

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I just can't wrap my head around why any company would be like this. - adkmt

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I thought I could handle it for a while, but my mental health is way more important than this. I am actively looking elsewhere.

How about incompetence for a reason? - old and burned out

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And it never gets any better.

good luck finding another company - jh

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I moved here after my other company screwed me royally..used to be I put in applications and actually got responses,,almost like they see MQ MModal whatever, your jinxed..Ive put in over 20 and got one response that was the wrong schedule for me..Ive been doing this for almost 15 years WTH???
IMO, other companies are just waited to be sold to highest - bidder.
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Waiting. My mental health is already gone. - nm
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Good for you ADKMT - Get out while you

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still have your sanity. It's too late for me. I was pushed over the edge years ago. HAHAHEEHEEHAHA

One account - GMR

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Scott and White only, but many, many hundreds of doctors. Make it tough to get used to any one particular doctor. Lots of looking up stuff.

That I can deal with, as long as it's all done the same way. - adkmt

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I was on one account that I loved with DSG,over 650 doctors, plus residents, etc., but only one set of specs. I don't mind researching and have gotten good at finding doctors.

they set you up to fail nm - no name

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Welcome to the Q!! - Nothing has Changed

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Some things never change.

Why all the corporate speak about increasing - production?

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We are set up to fail. All the while, they send out these lying emails wanting us to increase our production? What a load of bull! Its all our fault, we are too slow on their rigged system with no hope of getting any faster or making any money.

once you get a good speed going.....always expect to fail an audit. - whatever

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its too weird here.

You mean - Welcome to the Muddle

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New Name, Same Game

I came off a company that used docqscribe.. - jh

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Figured great easy transition..Yea right..Im making 600 less a month,,something wrong here..they skimmed lines in the past who says they arent again!!

I call it what it is, MQ, the Q, MedQuist-Was there for 10 yrs, quit. Forced Back - For now.

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