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Transcription Productivity Standards - Min-min

Posted: Apr 11, 2012

Can anyone give me Transcription Productivity Standards using voice recognition?

what does that mean - would that vary by company

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An example from my perspective - sm

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lets say you normally produce anywhere from 1200 to 1300 lines for an 8hr shift, doing voice recognition you would probably average anywhere from 1500 to 1700 lines per 8hr shift.

So in essence, you are only producing an extra 300 to 400 lines per 8hr shift; hence, NOT DOUBLING your productivity, as the industry seems to think.

There are many variables that go along with this too, such as how good is the speech recognition engine is, how well it knows your accounts etc. If you have to make a lot of corrections like every other word, then you may not even average that additional 3-400 lines.

This is just what I have noticed for me. Someone else may come along with a different perspective.

My experience...SM - Old Anon

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Using escription, I am required to average 250 lph, but can do more tha that most of the time.

Escription supposedly is really good - makes a difference.

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Escription - probably the most productive of all of them...BUT (big but) even big E is known to hiccup along depending on the original VR input at the onset of a go live system/account. Additional BIG SPEED SUCKING VR FACTORS: INSANE clunker-filled platforms w/labor intensive client/spec sheets/lengthy demographs...CCs...time-sucking QA timestamps. All those things suck up an MTs time like a VORTEX VACUUM without compensation and it all equals free labor for the MTSOs while they dole out penny-peanut line rates to the MTs. Anyone cruising fast & furious w/ VR line rates in the 250-300+ lph/mph range are few and far between of probably very well-seasoned account(s)(guaranteed it's eScription) w/minimal account specs & extremely user friendly & dummy-proofed. If you are of this elite group of individuals in this type of a VR dream job, consider yourself an anomaly and extremely fortunate.
RE: TO BIG SPEED - You need to send this - post to all the MTSOs because
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You really nailed this post, spoke volumes.
MTSO already know this stuff...SM - Old Anon
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and they don't care. It is what it is and a reality of the business. You have to find a way to make it work for you. It's a new skill and you do get better and faster at it the longer you do it, just like when you started as an a new MT doing straight transcription. We can't turn the clock back, so we have to roll with the punches.
You're right Old Anon - we gotta either roll with the
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punches or get out the field. And I agree you do get faster with time, I myself have gotten a lot faster. But BIG SPEED made some really good points.
There's a huge difference between "rolling with the - punches", and BEING rolled. =^..^=
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I have to work....I HAVE TO work, - NM
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So send it to Limbaugh, evening news, Joan Rivers - wheres_my_job
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cripes, maybe we can get Colbert to have a special MT Evening with Colbert...a Colbert's Eye View of a Vanishing Industry...wouldn't that be hilarous? He went to have tea with the queen, didn't he?
Same old story as everyone else, tho. We'd have to - set ourselves in fire to stand out. SM
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Better, forget trolling for sympathy and act:

1. Research everything you're told by public figures and media. It's EASY these days. Don't allow yourselves to be victimized.

2. VOTE! Vote at the poll against the people who lied to you all these years. Vote with your remote and your radio dial--cancel permanently all those "personalities" who've grown wealthy and powerful by betraying their viewer's trust.

We can also fight back with our WORDS, by telling - this story over & over to EVERYONE.
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Sure, most of them won't care. But imagine finally reaching that ONE ear... the one of a newspaper or magazine editor, or an investigative reporter, or (?)... who can help spread the word about what's going on in not just our industry, but "business-as-usual" in America.

It could only take one. Why? Because you know how, when one branch of the media comes out with a new story, or a different take on an old one, how they ALL jump on the bandwagon and start their own investigations?

Imagine a piece about the Hidden Sweatshop Workers in America on 60 Minutes, for example. A few sound bytes so the viewer can see the picture of what we do. A short synopsis of how a medical record is created, what information it contains, and where it goes on its little journey from the exam room to the EMR. And then some up-close-and-personal human-interest stories of the people that do this for a living, and how this job -- one that requires intelligence, dedication, focus, dexterity, continuing education, and attention to detail -- has reduced most of those who do it to an austere life of poverty. And a little insight on how just sending workers home saves these companies millions by not having to house us on-site, yet that has created a hidden, swept-under-the-rug population of workers who, as a result, are EASILY EXPLOITED AND CHEATED.

The word has to get out. My company is just about to get rid of more American workers, myself included. I intend to use that soon-to-come free time to intensify my search for that one editor or investigative reporter that will tie this travesty of a profession in with all the other corporate evil happening in this country, and will take the story and run with it.
Yeah for you!!!! - wheres_my_job
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we're singing the same song, maybe in different keys, but it's the same song.

I don't think it's a desire to attract sympathy to our plight. I'm too tired now to put it into words. I just want to make people LAUGH OUT LOUD at the INSANITY. Insanity, injustice, they kinda go together. I'm just too tired now to put it into words.

But yeah, I totally support your investigative journalism efforts.

Just call me - too tired to think right now.
That's the same tired mantra I hear from my MTSO - all the time, especially the - s/m
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"you have to find a way to make it work for you" crappola. Every single time I've ever come up with a way to squeeze just a little bit more speed out of their clunky software, and thus a few more cents for myself, they stomp on it with their big hobnailed MTSO boots, by installing ever-clunkier "upgrades" to the system that further slow us down.

And if we manage to squeeze just a little bit more accuracy and quality into our work by taking the time to proofread or double-check the demographics, they stomp on that with the other boot, by increasing our minimum line rate.

It's all a SCAM, people. The ultimate goal of these scum-bags is to ELIMINATE THEIR AMERICAN WORKFORCE COMPLETELY.

It blows my mind that anyone would consider this just a "reality of the business".

I'd sell my soul for the stuffed shirts at the top to spend just one week in OUR "reality": Working 14-20 hour days (and having to write "8 hours" on our time cards). Juggling payments to creditors, and getting ever deeper in debt. Putting off doctor visits because we can't afford for them to find anything wrong with us. Thinking of even a burger at McDonald's as an unaffordable "dinner out". Piling on clothes because heat is too expensive.

And so on and so forth. I don't think any of them could survive for even a day in OUR realities, let alone months or years.
We all cruise fast and furious...SM - Old Anon
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We HAVE to maintain a minimum of 250 lph on escription or don't get to keep our job. We also have to maintain greater than 98% QA scores. Our training is excellent with lots and lots of feedback and pretty straightforward account specs that don't change a great deal from account to account. We also trained the account from scratch. I had never done SR before. I'm now into my 5th month and have no problems maintaining my miniumus. I'm also doing some straight transcription and averaging around 200 lph on that. My last 3 QA scores have been 99.5, 99.8, and 99.2. Of course, I have been in the business for over 35 years (old school), and I could probably go faster but I am so meticulous, it slows me down some. I purposely found a company that uses escription because I had read that it was the best bet for doing SR. The company I work for is much maligned on this site, but it works for me to supplement my Social Security.
VR factors - Fatigued Fingers
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I'm making an average of 330 lph on VR (not E-scription) and some of my accounts are very challenging.
I love E-scription for straight typing, but the - VR aspect just gums up the works.
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I spend more time erasing VR's mistakes and filling in the correct dictation, than I would just typing the fricken report.

They know as well as we do that VR is useless for transcription. It's nothing more than a ploy to lower our wages.

When my former company, that had no VR, was bought out by my current company, I remember the CEO telling us how their "wonderful" new back-end speech recognition software was going to make us twice as productive as before, maybe even more. HAH! Not only are we less productive, and more prone to errors with VR, but we're paid next to nothing, as well.
production - me
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I have worked on about every platform out there and Escription is my absolute favorite as far as ease of use.

Many good points made below BUT the FACT - is NO MTSO should pay ...sm

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less than 5cpl. It is just not right. Even with reading all the post I have read below, the fact still remains that productivity is not doubled and people have to live.

If you want quality work, then quit making these women (or men) work for pay as though they were living in a third world country. Working for such little pay, causes people to work faster and carelessly, most everyone here would say, "Oh no, not me" but when it comes down to having a roof over your head and food on you table, you will work as fast as you can to make the money you need to survive.

Those of us on this board live in the United States and the cost of living is much higher then it is overseas. Even though VR is the wave of the future, it needs to be taken into consideration, that this is our job and we make a living off this. This is how we pay our rent and put food on our tables, and some of us have children and no husbands, so we only have this one income.

The bottom line is the rates need to be raised ACROSS THE BOARD, for everyone. Not just some.

You're absolutely right...SM - Old Anon

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Since SR does not work as well for everybody (MTs and dictators), I do believe that the line rate should be higher BUT IT ISN'T, right now anyway. Don't think for a minute that I didn't advocate for myself for a better rate, that I didn't suggest that some dictators needed to be rated (for more lines achieved) because they were so bad, among other suggestions Where did it get me? Not far. So, in the meantime, I honed my SR skills. I am not Joan of Arc or any number of others who have thrown themselves in the fire for their cause. It does not mean that I will not continue to advocate for myself and, as a result, for every working MT. BUT, right now, being single, I do need to pay my mortgage and eat. Things will change eventually because our voices will be heard. Some of us will work quietly behind the scenes and others will be more militant about our cause. Both are doing what is right for the cause and for themselves. The militants cannot know what others are doing for the cause, so please acknowledge that we are part of the solution. Thanks

per SPEED SUCKER it has little to do with whether VR works well for you or not.... - SM

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when majority MSTSOs are now occupying industry contracts with their vortex-vacuum systems/clunker-filled platforms of garbage input VR. Multiply that w/poverty-stricken wages & that has little if not nothing to do with/VR working well for any MT. Obviously, the VR success stories are appreciated, but VERY important to note that they're now considered the minority of MTSOs using VR as the industry originally intended. Unfortunate, there isn't enough of those jobs & MTSOs to go around to bypass the rest of these currently-monopolizing-majority-MTSOs blundering through & wreaking havoc on the industry. Anyone technically up to speed with/VR knows how these majority are the ones irresponsibly & incorrectly using VR systems for unfair/illegal labor practices w/poverty wages robbing & pillaging the MTs. Notably, the crafty shyster company's that now designate IC employment to bypass paying federal minimum wages. Who remembers when the IC used to command a higher line rate for compensation as self-employment taxes, etc? Not anymore. Another way to rob the MT of less peanuts. Nuance and M*Modal ...your products are being used for American slave labor, forget offshore! ..class action lawsuit...IDK? Hmmmm....?

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