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I think I now know why some fail MT Test - sm

Posted: Apr 13, 2012

I beileve it's when the company advertising closes the hiring process but doesn't let us know.  For fun, I just went to an older ad and went through the testing process.  I KNOW I aced it, but it told me I didn't have the skills necessary.  I also KNOW that the job hiring process was closed, but did it just as an experiment.

So those of you who are so hard on yourselves, don't be.  I truly now think it's because the company has closed the hiring process and not because of your skill level.  Happy Friday!

Maybe...I think some are scams - AnonToo

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I had read enough to know to print screen and oddly took 2 tests, 2 different companies, but same test...one I failed and one I passed. The one I failed suggested that I get training through I think it was Career Step. Yeah I've been certified since 1995 so I'll jump right on that. I've been an auditer and in QA, as well as taught a class at a local community college in transcription to cover for a friend. And the industry wonders why people leave?

Thank You!! - smeeps

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Thanks for this post. I've been an MT for 3 years now, albeit not seasoned, as many of you, yet experienced enough to know what I am doing. I have noticed all these online tests are the same, some I pass (but never get a call back) and other I don't(suggesting I take 'their' class). I thought it was me.

MTSOs' hiring practices, and especially the "schools", - could use some investigative reporting, no?

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Even if you skipped their flagrant scoffing of labor laws and minimum wage, and all the "cheat-ware" they install to rob us of lines, just the hiring practices alone are suspicious enough to invite closer scrutiny.

Would love to see an investigative reporter follow a seasoned, older, highly-skilled MT as she applies for one of these scam jobs!! Something 60 Minutes could do well, and place this industry in the spotlight.

MTSO very good - JW
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Agree with you.

I was told I did very well on their test and was hired. - JW

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I took a test and was told I did very well and asked me to joint their team so I did all their paperwork, emailing and faxing it. I trained for the job and was let go after 5 days with no explanation. I was hired for five days while they did another screening test. BTW it was for acute care and they knew I had never transcribed acute care and still hired me just because I did well on their test.

You're right. Work-at-home MT has become a SCAM. - But I believe the hiring process - sm

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is more and more becoming closed to American MTs. They test you in order to dodge being labelled as discriminatory, but they have no intention of hiring. They run all those ads because that way they can claim, "We can't find enough MTs in the U.S., so we HAVE to offshore."

Another is the way they claim to want all this accuracy, all this experience, "newbies need not apply", and yada-yada-yada.... yet a 20-30 year veteran transcriptionist, or someone who aces the test, never gets a callback.

sm agree with you - JW

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sm I agree totally with you. If they truly wanted Americans, hey, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to transcribe their acute care, I want to do it. Like I said in an above post, they said I did well on their test and wanted me to joint their team and after 5 days of training fired me. If they truly want Americans and there is more acute care out there than any other, why not give us with a lot of experience in other specialties a good chance. We might just become a great investment for them but I think you are right, they just want to make it look like they are looking for Americans but really are not and that is a scam in my mind.

It's not just a scam, it's an American TRAVESTY. - With all the ills in this country, -sm

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those out of work, those with no healthcare, even no homes, and the government bee-yotching and moaning about the *deficit*, yet they allow American work to bolster the Indian, Chinese, Filipino and Pakistani economies, while our entire country is going under.

And now they're talking about sending troops to Syria. Oh, REALLY? Who the H__ is gonna pay for that? Not me, that's for sure. Tax day is this coming Monday, and I haven't even filed, because I know I owe, and I don't have any money to give them. Let them come and arrest me. At least I'll have a free roof over my head and 3 squares a day!
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It's all by design. The group of elitists are doing all this on purpose to take down the middle class and destroy America and the freedom we have had for so many years. I keep hearing this is an exciting time to be alive but I'm not sure of that. I have heard the dollar will collpse by the end of the year if they choose to let it. Our lives are being controlled by a few psychopaths. The bottom will fall out of everything in America if the dollar goes mark my word. Don't know about you but I am very scared.
It's only an "exciting time to be alive" if one happens - to be one of the wealthiest 1%. -(nm)
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No surprise there ... that school owns the testing servce - Check yer ethics at the door, please!

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No surprise that Career Step is using this to recruit students. They own and operate the testing service.

Now THERE'S something that needs some - investigative reporting! "Scam Schools!"

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