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AHDI is going to change the CMT credential - now

Posted: Apr 13, 2013

is going to change the CMT credential.  "Sometime this year (exact date to be announced), the RMT and CMT exams will be rebranded and renamed to RHDS and CHDS. All new candidates taking and passing the credentialing exam will receive their RHDS and CHDS." "Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist (RHDS) and Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist (CHDS)." CMTs will be able to keep this credential if they want, but it will no longer be offered as a credential.     

AHDI - xx

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I still think their name sounds like a factitious psychiatric disorder. Anyway, I guess they will do anything to try to stay afloat. If we were taking a football pool, I would bet that within 3-5 years there will be no AHDI. (One can only hope.)

put me down for 2-3 years, see your bet and raise you a BOS 3rd. - nm

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Love it! - Old Pro

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May that poor, broken sorority pass into history in peace.
like a kidney stone...all things must pass. - nm
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Are they charging more - for the

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extra letters?

Charging - Unhappy CMT

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Here's what they have to say about charging: RMTs and CMTs will have the option to bridge over to the RHDS or CHDS by taking an online continuing education course and quiz. The PRICING and details for the bridge course are not available yet.

No surprise there, just more ways to get money out of us poor MTs. This just may be it for me. The only reason I am still a CMT is because the company I work for pays an extra week's PTO every year, so it was worth it for me. Since I'm just about finished school and getting out of MT, this may be just the reason for me to be rid of AHDI for good!

Unhappy CMT - Old Pro

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Ever think about informing the corporate masters about what you really think about the AHDI? The AHDI has pulled the wool over eyes for a long time now. Maybe it's time for dissatisfied MTs to call them out.
Old Pro - Unhappy CMT
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Funny you should ask! I've been working on a draft letter/email in my head to let them know exactly how I feel. I'm having the hardest time with the salutation. Which one of these do your prefer?

1. Dear Old Biddies:
2. Hey Sistas:

Seriously though, I do consider myself a professional, so I obviously wouldn't use either one. One can dream, can't they? :)
Old Pro. They have taken the Pro out of me. I'll send it! - tynkerbelle
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They have taken the pro out of me, and all professionalism. I'll send it. To my chagrin, work paid for a membership for all transcriptionists for a year. I could have used that money in my pocket. I keep sending ADHI e-mails telling they are full of cheet whenever they ask about anything. I never receive a reply.

Regarding extra letters - Old Pro

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There is an old German proverb that says "Empty heads are fond of long titles." Look at some of the early leaders of the AAMT, enough letters behind their names to fit in a can of Campbell soup, but not a single one of them an academic degree. Just saying.

I think the reason they're taking MT out of the title - and changing it to "documentation -sm

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specialist" is they know as well as we do that within a couple years, MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION will no longer exist in the US.

Their new term is more "generic". Good luck getting us to fall for it this time around, however! We're all sadder, but far wiser these days.
By Jove, I think she's got it! - (see message)
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Even as we type, those helpful folks at AHDI are probably trying desperately working tirelessly to figure out what other suckers health care professionals they can con serve by taking their money providing an opportunity to obtain professional certification as a chump an RHDS or CHDS.

After all, they've already sucked us dry helped the medical transciption profession just as much as they possibly could

Ha ha! "What if AHDI held a title-changing party, - and NOBODY CAME?!" Hee!
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Extra letters - xx

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In the early years of this organization, one of the "sorority sisters" was famous for stringing a whole gaggle of letters behind her name. None of them seemed to stand for an academic degree.

LOL!! what a joke they are making of themselves - its a new day-its a new fee-its a scam ma'am

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they actually sit around dreaming this crap up.

here's a name NGNF - nobodies going nowhere fast

or NGAFF - Nobody Gives A Flying Flip

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Or STUSA Screw the USA!

I like STUSA even better - Old Timer onto their game

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Mythinks their days are limited.

NGAFF button and certificate - tynkerbelle

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i would send you 5 bucks if you sent me a button and a piece of paper that told me i was a "Certified NGAFF".
tynkerbelle - Old Pro
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Only if you gave me the special decoder ring that comes with it!
Old Pro...okey dokey..... - Tynkerbelle
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Yes, I can give you the decoder ring.

Well, really, I like NGNF - Old Pro

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It kind of says it all--and truthfully!

PEON - Professional Editor Of Nonsense (nm)

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How embarrassing. - Well

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I was going to renew my CMT, just to have it, just in case, but now I can see it will be an absolute embarrassment to even have this now if it is associated with this organization. There is already a legitimate credential for clinical documentation improvement specialists out there by AHIMA and HCPRO. I canât imagine having to explain your CHDS to an employer. Well, I was an MT, then I was certified, now I am a certified documentation specialist. Huh? They really need to get a grip or come out of their bubble or become real.

AHDI didn't learn from AAMT? - Angie

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Didn't they notice that we gained nothing by being reclassified by AAMT as "Medical Language Specialists"? Try searching a job board for that one. I think I have seen it used once.

Also the CMT completely unfair to MTs who had their own businesses and were 100% self supporting. Back when I started you could not take the test at home, and had to close up your business for several days to travel across the state to test. When they finally allowed testing in your own town you could not use your own equipment, but had to drag it all down to some commercial establishment who was willing to let you use one of their desks for the day to do the testing.

New AHDI - credential...

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Rip-off - Watched it from day one
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RIP-OFF to the MAX!

How embarrassing - Old Pro

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Many of us who have been around a block or two in the industry think the AHDI is on its last legs. It would be interesting to see how many people have dropped out in the last five years, no? It seems that the Kool-Aid party is dwindling, and rightly so.

perhaps they filed bankruptcy and HAVE to rename to keep going - or disappear....poof. NM

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FWAC = fools without a cause.
Yes, yes, FWAC! - Old Pro
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Fools Without A Cause. Yes, yes, yes! That says it best. Brilliant!

If anyone had any - doubt

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that AHDI was a complete and total scam, this tidbit should get rid of all doubts. Pathetic.

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