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Any tips on landing first coding job? - stillsearching

Posted: May 05, 2012

I passed my CPC test in April and have been searching for a job. Everyone wants experience. Can anyone share any tips for landing that first coding job?

And, is it true that people will hire a CCS with no experience? Thanks for any help!

It is an advantage if you have a CCS as well as your CPC - sm

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Some have reported getting a job as a CPC with no experience, but you have more options available to you if you have the CCS, and particularly if you have both.

If the employer can find a CCS/CPC with experience, they are obviously going to hire them.

If no experienced credentialed coders are available, they will go for the highest credentialed non-experienced person who demonstrates a good attitude in the interview.

By limiting yourself to being a non-experienced CPC, you have fewer options, but you may run into something. The more you have to offer, the greater the number of job options you will have to choose from.

Thank you sm - stillsearching

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That helps. I will definitely start studying for my CCS then!

CPC/CCS - Anonymous

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My experience has been the same as yours. Almost all of the advertisements that I have seen locally are asking for CPC or CCS with experience. I have never seen an ad for a CCS without experience, anyone with work experience will have first preference. However, if you have both credentials, perhaps your employer will waive the work experience requirement. Something else that you might consider would be a different HIM clerical position, or an externship which would give you a place to start, you would probably advance quickly from there. I remember how it was when I began as an MT and how much there was to learn, a first coding job is probably that and more. Best of luck to you.
First job with coding skills - Andrews Student
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Wasn't there an MT who made the transition to HIM successfully? Sarah Barton? I listened to a webinar from her about her experience through this organization: http://mttoolsonline.com/ There are a ton of job in Informatics and HIM (health information management) that I would think an MT could parlay their way into. You wouldn't need to spend even more time and money on high-level credentialing preparation, either.

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