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True Blue Transcription - sunflower

Posted: Jan 24, 2011

Just wondering if anyone has heard of a new company called True Blue Transcription.  I didn't find much when searching for them.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks!

True Blue - KYMT

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True Blue is a sister company to RI Unlimited in Minnesota. They are still fairly new. I work for RI and it is a great company to work for.

Is RI Unlimited the same as RI Transcription (sm) - Yochana

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Solutions? Are they IC or employee?

One in the same - KYMT

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Yes, the full name is RI Unlimited Transcription Solutions in Minnesota. They are IC.

I'm not sure - Unsure

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about this new company True Blue. May need to watch yourselves.

RI - me

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I wasn't impressed with the woman I spoke to at RI last year (J) - she was rude and obnoxious on the phone, and basically just said "do you want the job or not" type of thing....I declined. No need to be rude when trying to attract a candidate to your work force. Maybe things are better now, but I am glad I didn't sign on. The pay was crappy at that point too.

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