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Transportal warning to all - sm

Posted: Dec 28, 2013

I want to warn all MTs about Transportal.  When they first hired me, they sounded great (don't they all at first?).  A few days into it, they started calling constantly and making me feel stupid (I'm not...been at this for 20 years!) and they acted like I did not know what I was doing.  Anyway, they let me go and they are trying to charge me a training fee of up to $250!!  This was NOT in the contract.  Not only do they try to pull this BS, they also ruin your PC by putting all kinds of junk in it, only telling you afterward it could (and DOES) ruin your PC.  Please do NOT even apply with this place.  I have had a lot of bad experiences with MTSOs, but to try and charge a training fee on top of not being paid???  Scrooges!!!

Nightmare is right! - sm

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I was planning on applying with Transportal, but have changed my mind now after reading your warning.  Did they have you sign a contract that said (in tiny print) they would charge you the $250 for training if you quit or were fired?  If not, I don't see how that's legal.  What scumbags!

I am so glad my warning helped you!! - sm

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No. There is nowhere at all it says anything even close to that. I have already contacted an attorney (but have not heard back yet...even contacted Kevin Dolley who is helping those other MTS with their issues). I just hate the pins and needles just waiting to see if it was just a scare tactic or if they are actually going to try and pull that stunt.

Re: Your PC SM - Kitty

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That's the issue I have had with these MTSO tech support "geniuses" - they believe they have a God-given right to screw up your personal property. Did you given them total rights to your PC?

I have had a tech support (TT out of H.) ruin a brand new laptop. When I first started, they had Tech upload all kinds of crap on our computers. Since I could see what she was doing from my end, first thing she did was download manure from the internet, changed my anti-virus to the one SHE wanted, etc.

When I noted that she was going into my registry, I immediately called her by phone & ordered her to stop STAT. She then told me she couldn't reverse some of the damage she had done bec. I had too many "bad sectors" (which I didn't have before she did her damage).

A word of advice: Inform the techs NOT to upload anything other than the actual software required to do their work & to get your permission FIRST to upload anything else.

P.S. You should sue THEM for ****ing up your PC.

I told them I was going to sue them. you are so right - sm

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they think they can do what they want. I so give up this "career."

I'm so sorry this happened to you - - it could have been me

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I tested with them right around Thanksgiving and was told I was qualified but they had chosen someone else. I was devastated, been doing this kind of work for a long time, and need a job. I appreciate you warning everyone, and again I am so sorry that happened to you and hope something good turns up for you.

Thank you so much for saying that:) I appreciate it a lot - sm

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That was the proverbial final straw. I cannot do MT anymore. I am just tired of being taken advantage of. Throwing in the towel. Sad thing is, I have a special needs son so I cannot work outside the home. I plan to learn to live off the land. I think it is more important for me to be there for my son and live the simple life (do I hear a reality show in the works? LOL) than have a job. I can do it. People did it years ago. I need to learn how and where though:)

Being taken advantage of is party of the territory - sm

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of being an MT. I know I sound like a resounding echo, but this once great, profitable profession has been reduced to slave labor, and we all know it. With the advent of outsourcing & VR, we have given them a finger at a time; they have progressively taken an arm, and now it seems they're after our soul as well.

It's so sad that too many MTs, myself included, are more or less forced to stay in MT due to either having to work at home, lack of jobs in the area, age close to retirement, transportation issues, or a host of other reasons.
For those lucky enough to get out, congrats to you & best of luck.

ex-Transportaler - Mtreno

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I used to work for Transportal as well. After six months of working for them they had the nerve to call me up one day and say they had to let me go because one of the doctors on my acct said I spelled a word wrong. Are you kidding me? I think they let me go because they had hired a bunch of people and the account was wiped out most of the time of work and I was always bothering them for work because my acct had no work. They didn't even give me a chance, by the time she had called me they had already disabled my acct password and had made it so I couldn't get on and work and they told me there was nothing they could do about it. I had lost my job just like that and wasn't even given the chance to work on another acct. Very odd, so anyone applying just be careful. Also, it takes a while to get any lines because it is all SOAP notes that are 30 seconds long. Just a heads up.

But how do you get a lawyer and pay for one - MT

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if you have very little money from being an MT? I am always amazed how people can't pay rent or utilities but can pay a lawyer. I'd like to know b/c I would have gotten a lawyer a long time ago could I afford the retainer!


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Some attorneys take cases based on a percentage of the case decision, if favorable. I looked at it, but you have to ask yourself what would you really get out of it. You'll have to prove your case and the damages are typically not going to be much. By the time the attorney takes their cut, is it really worth it?

I am looking at Legal Aid, but honestly they have - OP

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been no help thus far. As far as paying for one, I have a friend who is an attorney that says all attorneys have to do a certain amount of pro bono (free) work each year so I am looking for one that way, as well.
Even so - ExTP
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Do you really think that it is worth the effort? Even though you may feel wronged, how do you quantify that and wouldn't it make more sense to just find a better employer?
No most definitely not. They have to learn - sm
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they CANNOT do this to people. It is worth all the time and money invested. I think I know who this is and you are NOT going to stop me!!!!
And as an addendum that is exactly what they want - sm
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MTs to do...nothing!! They want us to think it would just be too much trouble. It is never too much trouble to get them to stop pulling this BS!!!

transportal - locked out

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When were you hired and how many days did they let you work before letting you go?

I was hired the end of November and finally - OP

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started 12/11. They let me go after I worked two weeks. There was another girl I trained with that I thought of getting in contact with, but I don't want to ruin things for her if things are going well.

Run, don't walk away from Transportal - TennisMom

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I worked for them for four long years. I can't way a single nice thing about them. They use and abuse people constantly. I was a supervisor for them and was told I had to take a mandatory business trip to learn a voice rec platform from the manufacturer. When I put in for reimbursement for expenses I was told "we don't reimburse ICs." Say what? Then I was changed to employee and made to work horribly long hours. They are awful people, really, do yourself a favor and stay away.

Run, don't walk away from Transportal - TennisMom

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Opps, meant can't "say" not way a nice thing about them. I truly have a million stories I could tell about these people. They are a bunch of fakes and they are really nasty. Took months for my chest pains to subside after I left there.

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