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On-The-Mark Transcription - Kim

Posted: Jan 09, 2010

Hello Everyone:

I was just offered a job from On-The-Mark Transcription and am wondering if anyone knows or has experience with this company? I cannot find them on the better business bureau. It is a smaller company and pays less than most places but hires many new graduates. I am worried about getting into something that might be "unsafe". Please respond if you have heard anything about this company. Thanks.


On the mark or OTM - TBaum

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A lot of Career Step grads have been hired there. They say it is a good place to start out. His pay is a little on the low side and not on time, but he does pay. Very lenient with scheduling.


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Why on earth would anyone work for someone whose pay is on the slow side? This is a business, people. There should be a contract with specified pay dates, and it becomes OTM's contractual responsibility (as the lawyers are wont to say) to pay on time. He makes you an offer (a job) and you give him an acceptance (you go to work for him). And he therefore has a legal duty to pay you ON TIME. Please don't enable this kind of treatment of MTs. It only makes is worse for the newbies entering tie field. Have some pride. You deliver your work on time; he should (not only should, but MUST according to law) pay you on time.

OTM - Amanda

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Hi, I have been working with OTM since August. The pay is really low about 4 cpl with a raise after 6 months. But, he does pay so far since I have been working it has been monthly you just don't know what day and he is about 8 weeks behind. He says we get paid when he gets paid. But as far as hours are concerned it is great. You can pretty much work when you can which is great for me considering I have three small children.
HTH, Amanda

So you can work whenever you want ... - deb

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but you have no idea when (or even IF) you will get paid, and it's only 4 cpl. He OWES YOU MONEY whether he gets paid or not. But guess what's going to happen if he doesn't get paid (or even just SAYS he didn't get paid?) This is a lousy, unprofessional way to run a business.

Can you tell your landlord, gas & electric provider, etc. that you will pay them whenever you get paid? And that you have no idea when that will be?

This kind of a "work arrangement" destroys what working women have strived so hard to attain for so many years. Would you go to an office job if you had no idea when (or if) you'd be getting a paycheck? You'd have a better (and more secure) income selling Avon.

OTM - Amanda

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I like working with OTM. I don't work to pay my bills. I wouldn't recommend working with them to anyone if it was going to be your main source of income. just extra. But he does pay. I think it is a great begining for newbies starting out since so many companies want atleast 2 years experience. Plus the people there are great.

OTM - BlackJack

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I cannot believe that you or anyone would work for 4 cpl or would agree to get paid when your boss gets paid. It is because of MTs entering into these kinds of agreement that MTing is degenerating into what it is. Please rethink what you are doing to yourself. You (and other MTs) deserve better than this. Please do not enable this kind of bad behavior on the part of MTSOs.

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