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Nuance Nonsense - TM

Posted: Jun 20, 2011

I have followed MTstars for years, so I know that the majority of the negative company posts are chalked up to lazy/arrogant MTs who won't take anything not on a silver platter. This stuff is called WORK, people. Anyway, I just want to say I'm not one of those. I have worked hard and diligently in this profession for years, but I want to save some people the anguish and chest pain that Nuance has given me, so I'll share my story while keeping everyone involved protected.

I worked for Focus for 2 years when they were bought out by Nuance. Not only did Nuance raise the insurance premiums ($768 for spouse plus 1!?!?), instilled a bogus and unreachable incentive plan and fired constant QA and production bull crap into our colons, they up and fired my TL from Focus, saying she wasn’t doing her job, when we were the HIGHEST QUALITY team they had. TL got replaced with the operations manager (never worked production in her life, came from Medquist). She didn’t want to have to "take care" of the accounts, so she hired a slew of newbie MTs at all shifts at the new bs Nuance pay (remember all the Nuance ads a month or so ago?). Not only have the new MTs chewed up all the work, every report has to be done twice- once by MT, once by QA. Quality and TAT has plummeted.

Also, we don't have teams anymore. Instead of one group of girls taking care of their own accounts, we've been cross trained on 6 diff accounts. Have you ever tried to keep up with 6 account specs WHILE being on the clock WHILE having to make an hourly production WHILE being driven like cattle to whatever account has work at that moment? It's absolute madness. These guys don't even have basic management skills. I put in my 2 weeks and of course, got a call begging for me to stay. They offered me a shift that I would be "guaranteed" to have work and basically said they'd leave me alone. I withdrew my resignation 3 weeks ago. I regret it because it's back to the same ole cracking of the whip.

This is how Nuance is running their company now. If anyone is tempted to go with them, PLEASE heed my word and look elsewhere. They will offer you the WORLD but trust me, I know of at least 30 girls that have left Nuance and gone on to greener pastures. Upper management is crap. They're on salary and don't care if you can make a living or not. I've got set up with a new company and am quitting Nuance the second I get settled. Nuance is going to run itself into the ground if they keep on losing their well-established accounts and mistreating their MTs. I just hope that everyone can get out before they go under.

As for any MTs or QAs from Nuance wanting to tell me I'm full of crap and that their departments aren't like this at all, it's only time that this trickles to every crack of the company workforce.


WOW - sm

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Why so condescending in your first paragraph. I know a lot of MLSs in your situation where they started at hospitals, got bought out by big MTOS company and are going through seeing their MLS coworkers being let go for no good reason, the companies given some BS that this is how it is done here. I do not see MLSs wanting things on a silver platter. We for the most part just want what we deserve. Instead of pay cuts, we want pay raises!!! Your paragraphs below the first one basically tell the story of many MLSs that had the same thing happen to them. I wish MLSs who visit this site could be more compassionate towards one another inset of judgmental to each of our circumstances, some losing houses, some losing benefits, some not knowing how they are going to feed their families on such low pay, etc.


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I didn't mean to sound judgmental and I am sorry if you feel that I did. I just simply put a warning to MTs that were quick going to judge myself that I was not one of those cases. I have nothing but compassion for MTs as I am one myself.

Nuance - tahwyas

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We must work for 2 totallyy different companies. I have seen none of that and make a very good living, work when I am scheduled, call in and email when I can't and then make up my time. I've not been out of work once since I have been there. I'm not management, not a suit, but one of the hundreds doing editing. IMHO. Sugar beats vinegar any day.


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I am happy for you that you've been so successful at Nuance thus far. Whomever you're working under, stay there and hang on for dear life!

nuance - Carriejean

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Without going into too much detail, Nuance was a nightmare for me also, for the same reasons TM gave.
nuance - oregon MT
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I agree with Nuance the nightmare. I am currently working for them M-F 12-6PM/ET and the ESL doctors are horrendous!! I am making zippo compared to what I did before. MOre accounts being added, more time being taken to figure out every facility's account specifics, more time trying to understand what the doctor is saying, etc. I am practically tearing my hair out not making any money here and looking on MT Daily every day for other jobs! I have 20+ years in the business also and it seems to be a dying business.

Question . . . - Beethoven

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When you say you know people that went onto greener pastures, any idea where they went? It seems to me all the MT companies suck, according to someone. I would love to know if there's one out there that doesn't.

They all suck. Remember what makes green pastures green. nm - MT

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Mine's pretty green - hmmm

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I left Nuance and now am with a company that I really love - small MTSO, great people who basically just let you type (yes, real TYPING, not speech wreck). Course I've only been there a couple of months and it could still be the "honeymoon period," but I am liking my work again.
I need greener patures or I am about to rob a bank - anotherMT
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I just accepted employment at Nuance, after having taking the rigorous testing. I am not a newbie, but someone who has been an MT for over 25 years. I am going to work part-time and also work part-time for another MTSO that is constantly bashed on this board.

I just read on the 'net where a man of 59 years of age robbed a bank of $1. Why, you may ask. Because he wants/needs health insurance and he knows he will get in jail. He worked for 17 years at Coca Cola and got laid off, then took another job as a trucker and lost that job. He now works part-time at a convenience store and has terrible back and leg problems because of the heavy lifting and such. I just want someone who is willing to send me an e-mail telling me of a decent place to work that pays more than 4 cpl for VR or 9 cpl for straight.

I am hoping some compassionate person here who has gone on to greener pastures hear's my plea. A couple of weeks ago I told people to email me if they wanted to know more about where I work. I just don't want to end up with yet another place with NO work half the time.
I think the only greener pasture is in another industry. - (Or else winning the Lottery!)
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Some with the company I'm working with now, some to Softscript, others to smaller companies, MD2MD, places like that. If you want job security in this field, I say work directly with a local clinic or physician. At least you get some real face time with them and they ill (hopefully) value what you do.

To TM - I believe you.

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Hi, Thanks for your thoughts. I agree with what you said. It sadly seems that this is what the home working environment has come to over the last few years. I began 11 years ago at home and am a CMT with 30+ MT/QA work years. With the downhill events of the economy the last few years, they keep removing everything from the MT and seemingly not so much from themselves. I don't think the person sitting there with their feet on the desk figuring out how to cut more from us has that much of a problem paying their bills. Yet, they prefer a CMT (Hey we worked, studied and paid for that and have to do more work, studying and paying for continuing education and recertification. I do get a slightly higher wage for that, but I fear when the takeover company sends out their new job offer what it will say. This is a different company, but I think it may be better for me, but you just never know these days. They want more and more from us, but we get less and less in return. I really think they think we are THAT stupid. NOT FOLKS!

Demand respect - Weary

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The main objective for these companies is to make money, and if that means taking it from the MT, so be it. I'm not envious of Sean Carroll because he is a millionaire, just stop trying to make me envious of the Burger King crew.

They're not evil, just good at rationalizing what they do. I think we need to stand up for ourselves in a union so we have a voice and demand respect in this game, but its kind of difficult when we are isolated at home.

I work in a "right to work" state where you can be fired for even thinking about being represented by a union. Anything that scares the powers that be that much sounds interesting to me.

The union thing is just not going to happen. - MT

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MTs were talking about needing unions when I started in this business nearly 30 years ago. It didn't happen then, and it certainly isn't going to happen now.

Even if unionizing were a good idea (and that's a whole other discussion), there would have to be some reason for businesses to choose to hire unionized MTs as opposed to nonunionized. We are not SCARCE. Companies have an abundance of MTs between the US and overseas. Yeah, we can argue "but they're not all quality MTs," but companies only care that they're quality "enough" to get the reports out and keep the clients happy enough that they don't lose their clients.

Some unsolicited advice from an old-timer (me!): Please, if you're new to this business, if you're young or at all capable, if you have ANY energy or money to get out of this field, put your focus there. Things are NOT going to get better. The same discussions we were having years ago are the same ones we're having today, only things have become much WORSE. Focus your energy on getting yourself out of this field or at least enhancing your skills to where you have many options within this field. To me, staying in this field would mean looking into getting your education/credentials in RHIT, healthcare management, tumor board registry, whatever to give you more options. It's not necessarily a guarantee you still won't have a hard time, but it opens up some opportunities.
Lefty thoughts - Weary
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I hate to admit it, but I think you may be right in a lot of what you say.

We "workers" in this country would have to show the strength our grandfathers and great grandfathers had in forming unions from scratch and going up against powerful private interests, and I know I don't have the right stuff.

Whenever anyone asks me about medical transcription as a profession I encourage them to look elsewhere. I knew we were in trouble 20 years ago after asking about the possibility of cost-of-living raises and I was simply told to type faster. I typed faster and faster, and now I make a lot less money.

I sometimes think that our profession represents a money drain to the docs and hospitals for which they get nothing in return but more paperwork. They must document, but they hate it and resent having to pay for it. Maybe billing is where its at?
billing - anon
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Be very careful, some of the Indian MT companies are now also advertising billing/coding. I considered coding a while back and see the writing possibly on the wall for that profession as well. I am thinking something that cannot be outsourced, such as nurse/physical therapist/occupational therapist (all needing a lot of education, but might as well get started), or x-ray tech, ultrasound tech, dialysis tech, lab tech. I know some are pursuing HIM degrees, but I think the monetary reward is not as great there, but heck I could be wrong, I was sure wrong about MT!


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I agree. I obtained my CMT about 5 years ago in hopes that it would open more opportunities for higher pay and more respect and distinguish me from the rest of the herd. Now most companies are preferring CMTs, not understanding the rigorous study and testing that goes along with it. They just expect us to produce until our fingers bleed like we're some type of cyborg. Many people whom I speak with outside of this field say they envy me because I get to work from home doing an "easy" job (we won't even get into how heated myself and I'm sure the rest of us feel when we hear that!), but there's really so much behind it. I feel like I'm trying to shovel water uphill. I'm currently also pursuing my BA, so hopefully I'll be out of MTing within the next 5 years. I really just do not feel that this career is going to end well for myself.

AMONG OTHER THINGS........................... - I think that anyone who has gotten their - s/m

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CMT, should

A) Demand a higher pay scale.

B) When said demand is not met, the
CMT should be allowed to lapse. Even if the employer preferred MTs with AHDI's silly little scam-certification.

Puts a lot of pressure on both of them.

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