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Landmark transcription information? - curious

Posted: Jul 15, 2011

Does anyone have any information about Landmark Transcription.  Do they have benefits?

Landmark - sm

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Landmark used to offer benefits, but they did away with that and now will only make a contribution towards benefits, but you have to go out and find your own private policy.

I don't know why they're hiring either. I work for them and never have enough work. I run out of work more often than not, and now they have an ad out to hire even more MTs?

This is just crazy!!!! - Donna

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Their ad states 30-50 experienced people are needed, yet you say you run out of work a lot. Why don't they just put their current people on the account to keep them busy? I really don't understand how these companies think, or maybe I should say "don't think at all." A ton of out-of-work people will apply and will probably not hear back because of the bad postings about this company. Go figure!

Hiring frenzie - Anon

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The owner loves to go on a hiring frenzie. That is about all she does to run the company. She runs it like a hobby. She is wealthy and really cannot relate to who has work and who does not to pay their bills. She is not the brightest star in the sky and should really not be running any business. The QA lady pretty much runs the business but then again, try and communicate with her because of her heavy load on and off the job. I got caught up in another hiring frenzie of hers and was hired immediately only to not get any work. They shut you out of the system when you get to about 500 lines if you are able to even get that for the day as opposed to no work at all.
working at Landmark - sillygirl
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I work at Landmark too. I sent my resume to them and within two hours I was called and hired, so I agree with the owner loving to go on a hiring frenzy. And yes, the QA lady is super hard to get a hold of. Sometimes it takes days before she will respond to an e-mail. I'm supposed to do 1000 lines a day, but I'm finding it takes me nearly all day just to get up to 600 or so. The account they put me on must have all the bottom-of-the barrel reports, as I am doing backlog from 2009. Yes, I said 2009!! I'm thinking it must be crap no one else wants to do.
sillygirl - rabbit
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With an attitude like that, you are a sillygirl.
Speaking of crazy. - mt
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Owners are wealthy? Nope. Shut out of system? Nope. Really should get the facts straight before you post.

I do well above the required 10,000 lines a pay period. One job, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. They leave you alone to work. If you do what you're supposed to do, then you will get along just fine.
Speaking of crazy - mt - Anon
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First-hand information, first-hand experience. I think you are the one who needs to get their information straight. Maybe this has just not happened to you and you have not had this experience YET. Keep on crowing but that won't get you to the top of the hen house anytime soon. Just wait a while and the true colors will come and then ask me to get my facts straight.
To above poster-MT-anon - LMMT2
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My experience - do your job, do it right, don't make waves, depends on your account. I am not crowing but I have never had a problem or run out of work and I have been there for a few years. I actually get communication from QA without waiting forever as well.
Ditto that, LMMT - mt
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Been there quite a while myself and never had problems. It amazes me that people think every business owner is wealthy. That simply isn't true.

To the person who said she is doing work from 2009, we went over this last week as well. It is the client not the MTSO. The work itself is within TAT. I think maybe the people who are having problems may be limited in their MT abilities? I'm not sure about that. What I do know is my queue is always full because if you throw at me, I will transcribe it and they know that. I don't complain if I get an ESL. I don't complain if I get something difficult. It's all part of the world of MT. Some days are wonderful, some days are horrible.
Love, love, love this post!! sm - HappyMT
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I don't work for Landmark, but I feel that way too. I work for a company that has been getting just dragged through the mud here for the last few months but what appears to be a few very unhappy-with-the-world transcriptionists who have nothing better to do than come on and bash whichever company they happen to be at for this minute.

Landmark, Nuance, Transcend, Transtech, Keystrokes, TTS, Chase and all the others, even MQ, would not be around if they were so horrible because no one would work for them AND accounts would no stay with them.

Time for some happy posts. The industry has not gone downhill. Our pay has stayed the same or gone down slightly but nothing compared to other fields (think IT) or disappeared (think auto industry or textile mills). My DH went from making over $200k in IT to under $70k because younger, new grads who know sometimes even more than the 40-somethings, will start at $50k or less. Yes, technology is here and is here to stay, but need to roll with it and not fight it. I still make good money, in the 40k range, and I still work at home without worrying about gas prices, clothes to the wear to an office or daycare for my girls when they are home sick from school or on summer vacation.

We need to think positively about what's good about transcription and stop with the constant ugliness. Negativity breeds negativity.

Kystrokes did the same thing! - Poor MT

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the July newsletter had like 60+ new MTs.. I can understand acute care if they have new accounts but not radiology. Us radiology MTs don't have enough work and here they hire new ones! There is no communication with the manager and if you do have a question, she can't remember you or your schedule. She's obviously not organized, needs to delegate work and/or hire an assistant. We're begging for work and they say they don't have any accounts to give us. yet they can hire new MTs!!! I hear good things about the acute care side tho but not radiology.
I think most of the new hires were acute care and clinic. nm - KS Lead MT
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You are absolutely right - there is nothing but complaints
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She does have an assistant. Radiology is a joke.
KS acute care is also a joke - crazyMT
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It appears that KS recently over hired for acute care, also. They acquired two companies, apparently thought they needed to increase staff to improve those accounts, and it looks like people did not know what was going on where. People were hired, there was no work, they were promised other accounts, and they are sitting without any work, or ignored completely. This is the worst place I have ever dealt with. At first I thought it was just my situation, until colleagues started asking me why on earth I had gone to work for KS, as they had horror stories to tell me.
Keystrokes - susie
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Keystrokes is a joke....after 2-1/2 years I was "let go." So unprofessional....they talk big, but watch your back!
I heard that they are cleaning house. sm - WorriedMT
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I was told that they are evaluating every MT for QA, low production, reliability and excessive call-ins. My lead told me that anything less than 98% will result in a probation period and that anyone who does not show for a shift is going to be terminated immediately. She also said that we are required to do 150 lines per hour no matter what and that they will be "weeding out" those who are not their top MT's because of how many great MT's are looking for work (her words, not mine).

My thought is that they are gearing up to sell because that's what happened at two other companies I worked for that both sold. I said this and she said that it was just to improve the company not to sell, but would the big-wigs tell her?!?!?
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I do not think KS is gearing up to be sold. KS wants to be the biggest and dominate the MTSO field. There are far too many friends and family working for KS making big money and would not make that sort of money any where else. It does not matter how many MT's they have because they make the same amount of money on each of their accounts, the bottom line is turn around time and keeping all money possible in the KS bank account, certainly not their MT's bank accounts. One of my accounts has far too many MT's working on it, some are starting earlier than their shift and staying on way past their shift is over. I am getting QA'd every 2 weeks now, so I know I am one of them they want to get rid of. This is a very under handed company and getting worse as time goes by. They feel once you start with them you are stuck and will put up with what they are dishing out. Good luck to anyone that is working there, we all need it.
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I hope that they are not going to sell as I think only MQ or Nuance could afford them, and I don't want to work for either of them. I have a very different viewpoint than you do on the rest of your post. There are not really that many friends and family working there if you look at the big picture. I count the owners, his sister, her sister, her SIL and 2 long-time friends. 7 out of 500 is not really that many, and probably less than a lot of companies. I agree about the bottom line being QA and TAT because that is what keeps accounts, but I don't agree with the rest. I do know that every single time I talk to someone in the office (and before I am accused of being a suit, I will admit that I am a lead and have been for several years), they are working on improvements. I think that they realize (finally) that they have gotten too big too fast the last few years and are trying to make things better for everyone. I especially disagree about them being underhanded, as I have worked for other companies and at least I know where I stand with KS. I have never found them to be dishonest and if you have any doubt about how much they care, you should try talking to the owner or her SIL and you will find out. I feel bad for them when I see bad posts, and last time I called to let them know about the bashing on this board, I was told that they don't come here because it is too upsetting, that no matter what they do, someone will twist it until it is ugly.

Different people have different experiences working for different companies. I am not one of the over-the-top cheerleaders, but I am happy with my job and still love doing transcription. I have been happy at KS and plan on staying to see the continued improvements. I have only seen things go up, not down, and I know that they work on this constantly.

I do worry that they will sell though, because I keep thinking the signs are there. I can just hope that they don't but who thought 2 years ago that Spheris, OSI, Transolutions, Zylomed and even Webmedx would be gone?

Do you tell anyone what you're unhappy with? Does the lead know that people work outside of their shifts?
Baloney. - nm
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As a KS lead is it not correct you are considered - KS management?
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Yes, as a lead I am considered lower management. sm - also a LONG-TIME KS MT
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I did not say that I was not; I said I was a lead. I am not a suit in that I am not on salary and transcribe full time.
Of course you love it at KS - being a lead..
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when the lead can go in and cherry pick or take the work away from the MT's when it is slow. You don't have to worry about making your quota when you can do that, plus also make a stipend for being the lead on top of what you are transcribing.
Keystrokes - susie
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Beware people...I worked for this company for over 2 years on a horrible account and I was "the best of the best." They lost the account, QA'd me on horrible dictators,and let me go. We all know we could fail QA on any given day. I was written up, told I would have another QA in 2 weeks, tried to get in to work, could not, and notified the lead QA. I voiced my concern to her about "weeding out people" because they lost an account. She assured me that was not the case and I would pass QA on my new account.
She told me to call HR, and HR said you have been let go. Went from the "best of the best" to the "worst of the worst." A very unprofessional company. I would be worried if I worked for them...We took a pay cut a while back. Glad I am gone...
That is correct. - Under handed KS.
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Instead of firing someone directly they would have MT's ID's cancelled so that when an MT tried to work, they couldn't get in to work. That have pulled that trick for years.
The client pulls the IDs, not the company. - get the facts.
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If you had that happen to you, then the client wanted you off the account.
There should be some warning beforehand. - nm
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I agree, but if they don't give it, we don't get notice. - gtf nm
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I thought KS does not monitor this board. - nm
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As far as I know, they don't, but I enjoy it. - This is just me.
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Since I know some of the other side of the story, it is so very wrong for MTs to be here misrepresenting their story in order to shift blame on the company. That is dishonest on their part.
Surely there must have been some sort of - complaint regarding the MT.
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I highly doubt an ID would be disabled for no reason.
That is correct - Keystrokes - Sparky
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That's exactly what happened to me. They cancelled my ID and I could not work. My lead or her supervisor did not even have the guts to contact me.
They did not know. - nm
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Your statement that we could all fail QA on any given day is ridiculous. sm - wow
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I have never scored less than 99.2% on a QA review from any company or hospital. My skills and attention to detail are not dependent on what day it is.

Although I was not on this thread until now, I took offense to your statement. I was also on the account that went to MQ and although it was a very difficult account, my scores never suffered. From what the QA manager said, the only people let go were those with low scores, impossible schedules, poor attitudes or other issues.

Instead of bashing a company, perhaps you should work on your skills and obvious chip on your shoulder so that the next company you work for is a better experience for you.

If I was let go from a company, I would be too embarrassed to complain about them. Obviously they were good enough for you until they let you go.
Your statement - Susie
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You missed my point,sm. They can find a way to "let you go." They needed to "weed out" because they lost the account.
I had only had 1 audit in 2-1/2 years of 99.26% AND I was "the best of the best" when it worked for them. They picked the worst dictators to do QA on. It was very, very picky. I have never been fired in 15 years AND I do not have a chip on my shoulder. I worked many hours of OT on that account for them AND I was good enough then! I am still glad I don't work for a company that says they will do an audit in 2 weeks and then fire you in the manner that they did. Do you call that professional? Best of luck to you though!
Keystrokes Contact your lead??- Another JOKE - Meme
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As an employee within my 90-day probationary period, I have a few things to say to this "Lead". You say to contact your lead to tell about people working outside their shifts? How about contacting your lead about real important account issues by e-mail and phone and never getting a response as if you don't exist?

How about being employed close to 90 days and never seeing 1 audited report??? How about sending e-mails asking for feedback and never receiving Anything????

I don't even know what kind of QA system Keystrokes has in place as I HAVE NEVER SEEN A FREAKING REPORT!!!! Sad. The next thing you know, I could get terminated for quality without even knowing I'm doing anything wrong as our account specifics are horrible and not thorough. My training consisted of 25 minutes and now no feedback, just typing reports blindly hoping formatting and things of that nature are correct as that's not included inacvount specifics. I could go on and on.

They need to start weeding their leads before MTs!!!!
Radiology, acute care or ortho? sm - Curious
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I am wondering why I haven't had these problems. Maybe just lucky? I am in ortho and love my lead and the coordinator.
I doubt that is true since you are on 100% QA - until you get site specifics down.
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I know the other side of the story to the audit issue, and you are jumping to conclusions that are of your own paranoid ideation since you don't have the facts.
I was QA'd for something NO ONE knew about - not even my lead
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She had to go back to the hospital and find out about it, in the meantime I got a verbal warning.
Clients often do their own QA of MTs on their account. - I think that is a good idea.
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Keeps the standards up.
The site specifics are a joke, too!! Hardly anything there!! - Meme
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First, I would like to say I was off 100% QA after I typed 5 reports!!! So excuse me if I might be paranoid if I haven't seen I QA'd report, a QA scale in which Keystrokes goes by, or any communication/feedback in almost 90 days!! I take pride in my work and welcome constructive criticism to make me a better MT!! I have never worked for a company in my 15+ years of doing this profession in which I have had so little communication.

From what I have gathered, the leads also transcribe? I believe my lead is more worried about cherry picking our reports and making money, than what she is about actually "leading" the MTs under her.

So don't try to tell me what my experience has been and that I am paranoid. I know what it has been. I love my account and production coordinator, but my lead is lazy and worried about herself only; otherwise, I would have left 2 months ago!!!
They followed improper procedure if you got no feedback. - You should report that to your coordinator.
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Since we have the KS Style Guide and the BOS, there is no reason to put all that in the site specifics. If it is not in the site specifics, go by the KS Style Guide and the BOS (we use #3). Most people do not read those, unfortunately. I know my boss will not answer my emails if the information is in one of those. She expects us to read those and refer to them.
This surprises me about site specifics - sm - Ex-KS
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I worked at KS for awhile and left. I am not surprised by a lot of the posts because I know most of them are the same things I experienced. What does surprise me is your post saying the site specifics are a joke. When I worked there that was the only thing I thought was excellent. Every account I worked on had really detailed specifics covering everything. That was one of the only things I was impressed with...
Then it goes back to the lead. - We got bits and pieces
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Specifics should be given prior to starting any account not as you go along. We were flying by the seat of our pants.
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Keystrokes - DT
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That company was a joke. Just quit after 3 months. My lead didn't answer my emails half the time. There wasn't work all the time and the sound was so horrendous that I had to leave so many blanks that I couldn't make my line counts and they could care less. I never worked for a company that had no QA and had to listen to a blank over the phone, I mean give me a break. It's 2011.
Agree!!! - ex-KS
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I 100% agree with the above post, that K/S is underhanded. Owner in it to make BIG bucks! I don't know how much more their employees (MT's) can take.
Keystrokes- susia - sparky
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I know just how you feel, but it was 4 years and no warning, no communication.

Landmark transcription - curious2

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Does anyone work for Landmark doing radiology? I sent my resume to them a couple of days ago and have not heard anything in response yet? Its pay per report, can you share how much per report, is there enough work or should I keep my current job also if I get called from Landmark?

Excuse me but ... - LMMT2

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Not to be unfair but how did this go from being about LM to about KS?

LMMT2 - Jane

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Yes, it does seem that the thread was hijacked.

radiology - hmmm

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keep your other radiology job, in addition to this account if you get hired. I keep running out of work.

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