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Prepped and draped in ___ sterile fashion. - Old nurse, new MT

Posted: Feb 02, 2011

Could use some help with this one. This is for a cysto with ureteroscopy and stone basketing.

"The groin was prepped and draped in ___ sterile fashion."  It sounds like urgent, but that doesn't make sense. Doesn't sound like 'usual' or 'normal'.

Any ideas?


standard - ??

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Prepped...sm - GT

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I usually hear it with the words switched but maybe... surgical sterile fashion. It's usually sterile surgical fashion. ??

Since it sounds like "urgent", I think it may be - surgical NM

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Normal or Usual???... nm - ncMT

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Can you hear "the usual"? nm - GaMT

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Prepped and draped - Anonymous

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If it does not sound like "usual," could it be "routine sterile fashion"?

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