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...dermatoma set to 14 one-thousandths of an inch...? - Confused

Posted: Mar 19, 2010

How would you type the above?  I'm going blank, lol!


Oops, that is DERMATOME (sm) - Confused

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"With Zimmer dermatome set to 14 one-thousands of an inch..."

Is this 0.014, 14/1000ths of an inch, or some other way? I am going totally blank on how to convert this to type.


14/1000 inch or spelled out (sm) - 14 one thousandths of an inch

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but I'm having trouble documenting either. My son is a math major and he prefers the spelled out version, but I like the 14/1000. Either, I'm thinking will be acceptable as both are true interpretations of the dictator's intent.

14/1,000 inch? - anon

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I went with 14/1000ths...Thank you, ladies! - Still confused

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I looked it at 3 different ways and the 14/1000ths seemed to look best, lol!

Thanks for your help!

ths - MT

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No th or ths. Narrow it down: Three fifths is simply 3/5, not 3/5ths. Kinda like dates. You don't type March 5th 2010 just because that's how it's said.

I agree, no th. Just what I was going to say but you said it better. - Olive

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also 0.0014 (not with nonmetric measurements, but see note) - L&L

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You should use fractions with nonmetric measurements and decimals with metric measurements, but I will throw this in for good measure:

0.1 (tenths)
0.01 (hundreds)
0.001 (thousands)

10 to the 5th (100,000)
10 to the 3rd (1000).

I love base 10.

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