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NUANCE - Who are they really? MarketLinc - Wolves in Sheep's Clothing? - Patriotwatch.com

Posted: May 02, 2013

HELP! Can we trust this company after all we've read?

 The following email was sent today to my Nonprofit's Board of Directors, MarketLinc and Nuance:

Nuance, MarketLine and PDN, Inc. Board Members;

After weeks of trying to reach Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional pre-order product support, I feel as though my efforts to help a hero and disabled active duty soldier failed miserably but ONLY when it came to this vital Nuance application.

We have the new Toshiba laptop, OS and latest Microsoft Office 2013 Plus suite.  http://patriotwatch.com/WW-K9-Christopher.htm

I did not ask for a donation; just a little expertise and any applicable military discount. I suspect Nuance has experts in meeting the needs of the severely disabled military personnel. We needed recommendations for the best fit on accessories to accompany Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional. (Headsets and Pointing devices for example)

After filling in forms on nuance.com and receiving no reply, I called several support numbers as well. I was transferred to someone named Molly in Public Affairs. Why I don’t know, but I left a message. That call too, was never returned.

Emilio del Canto: While you were helpful in getting some information to us, looking at your email address raises bigger issues for me. Why?

MarketLinc created a lift of 81% in revenue for Nuance  …  Overall website revenue increased by 17%. These results are significant because the target prospects, who entered the site unsure which product would best meet their needs, were converted by MarketLinc at a rate 142% higher than the control group. In addition, the target group was converted with a 78% higher order value than the control group that converted on their own.  + 78% Increase In Average Order Value

This all begs the question: Are we just another “test case” for your website and to insure we buy the most profitable product from MarketLinc and Nuance?  Because I respect Non-Disclosure Notices, I did not include the promised after purchase technical support Mr. del Canto referred to. Will it be as difficult to receive as pre-sales support?

Without speaking to Nuance directly, I have lost faith in them. I don’t feel they have met their 2004 Code of Business Conduct and Ethics when it’s been imposible to reach Nuance personnel by phone or email. We’ll wait for an answer. As for our Network Partners, buyer beware until we do.

/My signature

The immediate need is for a laptop computer and software. PDN is out of stock in our Wounded Warrior Laptop Project. Thanks to Jacky and Hodari at Toshiba and Lisa in Arizona
Toshiba Tecra R950-SMB
Customized Ruggidized Laptop
Intel Corei3-232M dual core processor, 4GB 1500Mhz DDR3 memory, 500GB SATA HDD, 11hour 6 cell lithium-ion battery,15.6" display, DVD Supermulti, WiFi b/g/n w/Bluetooth 4.0

Ordered Today 4-18-13

Laptop includes three year extended Systemguard protection, Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 12, Microsoft Office Professional Suite Plus 2013 with Software Assurance. $1,717.25 total plus shipping.

NUANCE - Who are they really? Former Employee may know - Patriotwatch.com

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Had we found this website sooner, I think we'd have a better feel for Nuance. How one treats its employees, says a lot about ethics and trust.

Does anyone know the outcome of the lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for Massachusetts, accuses Nuance and Ricci of unfair competition, interfering in its dealing with other firms and of commercial bribery in the pursuit of its fellow speech recognition software maker.

Greed? http://insiders.morningstar.com/trading/executive-compensation.action?t=NUAN

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