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Question on MModal supplied computers - I have had a company owned

Posted: Jun 19, 2013

computer for years.  I had a Windows 7 which quit running and they sent me an old XP from Cornerstone (I work on Fluency) that is about useless.  My question is, did everybody who had company-owned get upgraded to Windows 7 or are some of you still on XP? I wanted to know before I call and gripe to "Phil" TIA

Still have XP, still on Cornerstone...same since being absorbed from Spheris 4 years ago - - nm

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Thanks for answering! - OP (nm)

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Fluency on XP will affect your productivity. Too slow. - company computer experience -

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I had tried calling IT when they sent me an XP computer for Fluency 7. They just told me that Fluency will run on XP. They do not care about our problems. Also, it seems they don't check the computers before they send them out.

The XP computer needs to "quit working" and9 another needs to be sent. File a Remedy ticket for hardware failure. You might mention you are on Fluency and need Windows 7.

One of the computers they sent me had been changed to XP by the previous user, so it really ran bad! Fortunately, since they obviously did not check what was in the box, the recovery disks were in box, so I was able to fix the computer the myself.

ALSO, when I was mentored, their conclusion was it was their computer that was slowing me down. It was an XP company computer.

very true about XP being too slow - sm

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I didnt get a company owned computer, but had to upgrade my own was killing me in lag time.

Still on XP. - L&L

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Yes, it's slow. Wait until we have to use Windows 8. I keep seeing these internet cartoons..."Install Windows 8 for $150.00. Uninstill Windows 8 for $1500.00"

Question on MModal supplied computers - Xoloti

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I remember about 6 months to 1 year before we started Fluency we were told to check out our systems and if we didn't have Win 7 they'd send us a new computer.

Trouble was, they sent out some XP anyways. - nm

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I don't remember about getting Windows 7, what - L&L

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I remember is being told my computer was not sufficient to run Fluency and that I would get another one, and then later being told it would be sufficient to run Fluency, so I've had this XP system ever since my personal XP laptop that I was using died.

quit 1 1/2 years ago. Mine's in the basement in a box, waiting - nm

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On XP - no mention of Win7

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When I needed an upgrade for Fluency 7.1, they sent me XP without a mention of windows 7. Since you said it works faster on Win7, I've been trying to install it on my personal system with the 64 bit Windows 7. Unfortunately, it won't even download because it doesn't think I have .Net 2.0 installed. I've got the newest version of the .Net framework, which is supposed to be backwards compatible, but apparently the system check when clicking on the download link via manager doesn't think so. How did you get around this?

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