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How are you all going to feel - former slave

Posted: Dec 03, 2013

when fast food workers are making $10/hour?

I guess I will go - apply at McDonald s

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ten bucks an hour - Effie

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Glad for them...and I still would not want to do their job... I worked fast food once for a week and it was horrible.

I did it for a year at McDonalds. - Id take MT over THAT any day.

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At least no one ever threw a soda at me through the window while doing MT. Can't say the same for McDonald's. It was a trend there for a while to throw your soda at the person working the drive through window.

Yeah. Let them have their $10. I say they deserve it for all the indignity they put up with.

ditto. I make more than 10/hour anyway - even if i didnt i get to stay home and work

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rather than deal with people. the OP clearly hasn't worked fast food before.
the mess hall here at Ft. Rucker is paying $18/h - starting in January. Still wouldnt work there
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heeeecck no. I don't want to deal with food or people. I will take my $12/hour and sit in my pajamas with my cats. I can't stand on my feet all day anyway.
I'd take that job in a heartbeat - wheres_my_job
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you get plenty of exercise on the job (getting your steps in if you use a pedometer), and you don't have to stand in one place, and the pay for that line of work is excellent.

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