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best place to work - anon

Posted: May 05, 2012

In your experienced opinion, what is the best MT company to work for as an employee (I need benefits)? Thanks.

Best place to work - Bailey

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Cannot tell you it the "best" place to work since I have only been there a week (Transtech Medical) but it is certainly the best I have had in a long, long time. The benefits are really outstanding and reasonable in cost. They have 3 medical plans which the cost seems to be reasonable,vision, dental, life insurance (at no cost to you), 401K, internet reimbursement, PTO, and more. So far, the trainer I had was wonderful and they pay for 12 training hours, support tech team is great, QA people are really nice. They have a new account (2 hospitals with not a lot of ESLs and if there are ESLs they are pretty doable. It sounds as if they are still hiring but not sure. Like I said, I have only been there a week, but so far this company is the best I have had in a long while.

thank you - anon

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Thanks for your reply. I am glad you found such a great company to work for. I do not have 5 years experience though. Do you know if they ever hire new grads with only 3 months experience? Thanks.

Really have to watch out for TT. I was there and - sm

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just when I started making really good money, they told me to slow down. I was not the only one come to find out.

this makes no sense - mt

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If you make money, they make money. So there's more to this comment than you were making money. Perhaps you were making money and not following specs, making errors, or whatever, but no company in their right mind says "Oh no! She's making money, we must stop her." That's just utterly insane.
No matter what you think, that is what happened and I really - sm
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do not give a flip what you think!!!

my best - ICMT

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and yours may not be measured in any way alike, so it's difficult to answer this question.

Oh and then there's that whole issue if you say something positive about a company, the naysayers will be ready to pounce, so I've given up sharing anything about any companies anymore.

Exactly! - anon

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It's a shame. This used to be a helpful resource for getting info on a potential employer. Now they are all horrible and anybody who thinks different must be a suit, a noob, or a traitor.

Same thing goes with if you say something negative - sm

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as seen below. I try to tell people on here my experiences with companies and it never fails...if I had a negative experience, I get jumped on:(

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