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What NUANCE's CEO makes - sucker punch

Posted: May 14, 2011

CEO Pay Database

Paul A. Ricci
Chief Executive Officer
Headquarters: BURLINGTON, MA

2010 Compensation

Salary $575,000
Bonus $0
Value of Stock Awards $12,873,849
Value of Option Awards $5,818,100
Non-Equity Incentive Plan Compensation $460,000
Change in Pension Value and Deferred Compensation Earnings $0
All Other Compensation $45,182
Total $19,772,130


CEO-to-Worker Comparisons

Annual Weekly Daily Hourly Per Minute
Paul A. Ricci $19,772,130 $380,233 $76,046 $9,505 $158
Minimum Wage Worker $15,080 $290 $58 $7.25 $0.12
Median Worker $33,190 $638 $127 $15 $0.25
U.S. President   $400,000 $7,692 $1,538 $192 $3.20

How Many Years to Equal Paul A. Ricci’s 2010 Compensation?

Minimum Wage Worker 1311 years Completion Date 3322 A.D.
Median Worker 595 years Completion Date 2606 A.D.
U.S. President 49 years Completion Date 2060 A.D.

How Many Workers Equal Paul A. Ricci’s 2010 Compensation?

Minimum Wage Worker 1311 workers
Median Worker 595 workers
U.S. President 49 workers


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Where can I apply LOL!?

Nuance is recruiting - sucker punch

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They have plenty of jobs if you are willing to make $8 an hour.

facts - mt3

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It's also worth noting that transcription is a mere piece of the Nuance pie. So his salary (a nice one if you can get it) really does not have a lot to do with just MT.

It has a lot to do with it... - sucker punch

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But without the MT piece, how viable would they be? A big chunk of their income is from software that is dictation/voice recognition-related? You can't really separate the two.

I hope you're not defending his salary. I'm on the verge of losing my house due to the drop in pay I experienced after Nuance bought my former employer.

they could go on selling their software without the 'MT piece.' - and probably only drop 10% pay. sm

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They are not an MTSO. They have an MTSO branch now, but started with the software and will end with the software.

Choices - mt3

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I know this will sound insensitive and I really don't mean it to be, but he didn't choose to be an MT, you did. So quit being an MT and become a CEO, grow a company, do what you need to do and maybe we can read about YOUR salary on here.

I'm in the same boat as everyone else with seeing my once REALLY nice, now must NICE MT salary go down. But the fact is, we ALL do it to make money. So if you see the trend trending downward, which many MTs do, then you have to ask yourself how you change that.

I hope you don't lose your house, but Nuance isn't really responsible for that.

chices - livid
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Duh, there is nothing we can do, they cut our pay 1/2. I cant pay my mortgage either !!!!
Merely trying to inform.... - sucker punch
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I only posted for informational purposes - thought some of you who were wringing your hands at your drop in pay after Nuance took over your MTSOs might want to know that some folks in the company are doing really well.

I did make my choice...

I quit Nuance and I'm getting paid a fair wage. I'm also about 1-1/2 years from finishing a degree that will make me much better living than that.

As long as there are folks like many on this board who are WILLING to continue to work for pennies...then your employers will continue to pay you pennies. If enough moved on, or were willing to stick up for themselves, maybe the situation would change.

Some people choose to "put up." Others choose to "shut up." I chose to do neither.

Have a nice day!

Google Apple and Nuance to see what else Nuance is doing - It is not all about medical records

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They do much more than medical. They work with Apple. Read for yourself the rumors about Apple either buying them or getting more involved with them. They aren't just an MTSO.
nuance - youre wierd
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we are looking for help here, so why are you realy responding, if youre happy do not respond ! Ive never been so miserable in my life, and do not respond if youre happy we do not care !!!!!
I'm not connected with them but was just reporting what I saw in the news - sm
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I don't know if the report from the news is good or if it's bad. I'm just reporting what I saw.
Doing well or poorly ALWAYS involves a bunch of factors, "Youre wierd." - It is critically important that a full range of
[ In Reply To ..]
experiences be reported so that people are able to accurately evaluate their own situations.

Please don't tell everyone presenting an alternate viewpoint or information you don't like to go away. This is not a private forum for a self-designated little group of "we." All the rest of us are not going to, and that's good for you, like it or not.
Sour grapes much? - mt2
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Because YOU are unhappy, only unhappy responders may reply? Get a grip! If you are unhappy then get out! You really have not been signed into indentured servitude. You can turn in your notice, walk out your door, and go get a job somewhere else.

I just don't understand people who are so miserable and feel so angry, what keeps you in your position? YOUR CHOICES DO.

If you want to be a CEO, then go be a CEO. But as far as I can tell, you chose to be an MT and MT's don't make what a CEO does. See no point in even comparing them.
sour grapes - anon
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well said mt2 - I totally agree with you!
Wrong - sm
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Injustice boils the blood and defenders of it no less so. When a small number of people at the top are making astronomical amounts of money and living decadent lifestyles at the expense of those at the bottom, it's not about envy or choices, it's about right and wrong. I'm all for hearing different views here and realize some are fortunate enough to not have to rely solely on what these companies feel is a sufficient wage, but that doesn't change the fact that many are suffering and don't have any alternatives. Get another job? Perhaps you haven't noticed, but the only jobs one has any realistic chance of getting these days are minimum-wage jobs comparable to this one. Go back to college? Unaffordable without going into lifelong debt, not to mention that college graduates are doing no better in finding work. The fact is, MTs perform a vital service, and no job is so menial that those who devote their time and effort to doing it should not be paid a livable wage. Turning a blind eye to the fact that workers are being exploited doesn't make the problem go away.
differing views - MT2
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So because one person becomes a CEO and CEO salaries are booming (not just in MT btw), that means they somehow owe something to those who decided to become an MT?

I do agree with many of your points regarding education, job availability, etc, but I also know I'm an MT who makes nearly $60k and am doing just fine. My MTSO loves me. I love him, ok, I just like him but still.

If the Republicans have their way, the disparity between the haves and have notes is just going to continue to grow. I still put personal responsibility where it belongs- on the person. Become a CEO or figure out how to make the options available work for you. Making excuses to just accept your plight just doesn't work for me.

Differing views - Anonymous
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Yes, he makes a nice salary but he has all the headaches that go along with it. Someone wanted to know where they could apply for his job? If you think being a transcriptionist makes you qualified to run a corporation, by all means go for it. If he had our job, he'd also be paid accordingly. Increased responsibility generally translates into increased salary. Nuance is worldwide and a huge operation. Give credit where credit is due, for heaven's sake.
Differing views indeed - sm
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Personally, I don't see how anyone cannot be offended when looking at how much suffering there is in this world and seeing those who already have billions of dollars, made off the backs of the poor, coveting even more wealth. How anyone can desire so much material wealth when so many go without and not feel even a modicum of shame is beyond me. I would never want to be a CEO, not because they have so much responsibility or have to work so hard for their billions, which so many in this country seem to believe, but because I have morals and will not trade them away for material comfort. This country is full of apologists for the wealthy who operate under the mistaken belief that the poor are that way because they just don't work hard enough. They just need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and they too can someday be rich. It's the belief in this fantasy that enables those who wish to further the growing disparity in this country, something that will never change until working Americans wake up and realize the system is rigged, and not in their favor. You may be doing quite well for yourself, but millions of your fellow countrymen are not, and contrary to what you seem to believe, it's not because they are indolent or looking for a handout.
differing views - mt2
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Actually, OUR views are not that different. If *I* were Queen of the World, there'd be way less disparity. I've been on both ends of the spectrum (well not even close to this particular CEO's spectrum, but from a nice 6-figure salary to bankruptcy and relying on friends for food) and I learned a few things. I treat others the way I'd like to be treated. I keep in mind that on any given day under the right circumstances I could be back on top or right back at the bottom.

But what I don't do is begrudge those who sit high in the income world. I don't believe people are inherently bad. I don't think there's someone sitting in a tower somewhere wringing their hands and lamenting "How can I screw the MTs better?" I just don't.

we all made our choices for whatever reasons as to what - we wanted to be when we grew up...
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or how we wanted to live.

I chose not to go for a masters - I chose to work at home. CEOs chose the opposite. SO WHAT?

No way I'll believe the position they worked for and put themselves in is at anyone's expense but their own. Same goes for me - an MT just like you.
"Since 1979, hourly earnings for 80 percent of American workers - have risen by just 1 percent after inflation.
[ In Reply To ..]
"...Worker productivity, meanwhile, has climbed 60 percent."

(NOTE: These quotes are all from a book on my shelf published in 2008, so these data do not include the devastation since. BTW, note that this problem is HUGE, way beyond our little industry, and will have even more serious consequences for our children and the nation they'll live in unless we fix it.)

"...particularly troubling because the squeeze has occurred while the economy, corporate profits, and worker productivity have all been growing robustly. In recent years, a disconcerting disconnect has emerged, with corporate profits soaring while workers' wages stagnated."

"If wages had kept pace with productivity, the average full-time worker would be earning $58,000 a year; $36,000 was the average in 2007." (Remember, this was 4 years ago; I at least was doing notably better 4 years ago than now.)

Those of you who say you're angry, I've been upset for 30 years because I watched it happening. Not so angry at corporations specifically; after all, if you turn a coyote loose in a henhouse, you shouldn't blame the coyote for what happens. My frustration has been with fellow citizens who have let themselves be lied to, lead around by their noses, and screwed over good by special interests. We outpower them so many times over that it's taken just an unbelievable amount of sloth and willful ignorance to allow this to happen. Tolerating blatantly corrupted state and federal legislatures. Supported them as they dismantled decades of legislation enacted against abuses only after tremendous suffering by those who came before us. Legislators who've written many, many new laws with the specific intent of channeling our national wealth into the hands of a few.

So angry now? How about starting with the representatives you voted to represent YOU in government but instead represent those who bought them and paid to get them elected? Join a movement to completely reform the election process? Maybe just change the channel permanently from people repaying their viewers' trust by telling them to support the sacking of their own nation?

How about reading 1 serious article from a good, honest newspaper every day? Many are on line now and totally free; they'll deliver them by e-mail totally free. People who do as little as that cannot be suckered so badly.

I stand by what I said, as my opnion. Problem? - moved on. NM
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Such a simplistic view - sm
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Leaving aside the question of the morality of such rapaciousness, where do you think the vast sums of money these executives are making come from? Does it just materialize out of thin air? No. It comes from the pockets of those who created it: the workers. Without the workers to create the product/service, there is no profit to be inequitably concetrated in the hands of the few. The system we have depends on an underclass to do the work to enrich the few. It cannot function without them, which is why the owners of this country perpetuate the myth that we can all be rich if we just want it enough. Even if all of us had the opportunity to become CEOs, surely you must recognize that such a system is untenable. This country worships money, and those who exploit others to get it are hailed as hard-working models of excellence. Tell the children working day and night in Chinese sweatshops for pennies to create cheap products for your consumption that they aren't being exploited; the CEOs of all those companies who offshored their jobs made their fortunes without any help at all, right?
and had I chosen that route that would be me. I do not resent anyone - no matter what they make.
[ In Reply To ..]

you cannot change my mind or opinion - nor can you belittle me.

But by all means - keep trying. lol
This is not personal - sm
[ In Reply To ..]
I am not trying to belittle you. I am trying to get you to see that nobody willingly chooses to live in poverty and that these conditions are unnecessarily imposed upon us by a system that allows the exploitation of the weak and powerless. There is a lot of needless suffering in the world whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, but by not doing so, you only ensure that it will continue unabated.
Bringing it back to MT and not world politics - mt2
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Are you weak?
Are you exploited?

If you answer yes to either, then I query what makes you accept that?
We all willingly chose our professions - not expecting poverty. - it has nothing to do with poverty
[ In Reply To ..]
I am not in poverty, honey - I am doing well still. But someone up this thread that goes by 'sm' thought Nuance
CEO's salary was down right dastardly and this is why we are suffering..I disagree. I stated so.

You seem to read and quote a lot of articles...to prove you are right or something. I'm not in a debate with you, sgm.

I stated 3 times my opinion and why, without the rhetoric and foot notes. and you keep pressing like a tic looking for blood.

I'm not out to prove anything. I am, however moving on.

Except - mt2
[ In Reply To ..]
we aren't in China, are we?

I'm not exploited, are you?

Since the beginning of time, there's been the dude at the top of the heap and underneath him (now often her) are the people who contributed the labor. I'm failing to see the problem with that.

We don't live in China, it's America. And as soon as the fat, white Christian men came to this country, it started going downhill and believe me, there's nothing I'd love MORE than to change THAT process but since it's unlikely in my lifetime (I hold out hope for the life times of my daughters), the reality is here the person on top makes more than the person on the bottom. Period. Thanks for the enlightening convo.
Bigger picture - sm
[ In Reply To ..]
So because I do not live in China, I should care nothing for the plight of the Chinese people? I should not care that my fellow Americans are living lavishly at their expense? There is more to this than me and mine, but yes, I am being exploited by the company I work for. I am giving them my life for a minimum wage that I cannot survive on while the executives running my company are living very comfortably on the fruits of my and my co-workers' labor. I do not have the resources or connections to be able to secure a better-paying job, and even if I did, how could I live with myself knowing that others are still being taken advantage of so that I can be doing well? Because we Americans are not yet exploited to the same degree as our brothers and sisters overseas does not mean that we should be content with our situation. I do not buy the argument that because this is the way things have always been, we should just sit back and take it.
you're just a little overboard, honey...how it sounds - no offense, just saying.
[ In Reply To ..]
I have a flag, too, and I believe in it. I have hope as well.
Confused - sm
[ In Reply To ..]
I'm not sure what you mean by overboard. People are people regardless of where they happen to be born. If your nationalism prevents you from identifying with the suffering of others, there is little I can say to persuade you to think otherwise, but you should know that those under your own flag are suffering too and hope alone isn't going to alleviate it.
on that...I rest my case. - outa here.
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She just keeps getting in deeper.

So you're donating your salary to China? - mt2
[ In Reply To ..]
I'm as altruistic (and Democratic) as the next person, but frankly I still embrace personal choice. If you CHOOSE to stay with a company that exploits you, it is NOT the fault of the company, the consequence lies with you and the choices you make. Every day we get to choose- and to make different choices -

I could write a dissertation on this topic, however, where you keep taking it, really isn't related to MT-ing, which is what THIS particular forum is about.

Happy Typing! It's Day One of MT Week!
Reply - sm
[ In Reply To ..]
I don't question your altruism; we just see things slightly differently. No workers should be exploited regardless of the field they are in and regardless of why they find themselves in it. If someone remains in an abusive relationship for whatever reason, do you absolve the abuser of all wrongdoing? The situation is the same. Rather than blame the victim for choosing to accept the abuse, I look toward ending the abuse, and yes, that does mean making a choice on the part of the workers, but not a choice between one minimum-wage job and the next, but a choice to collectively stand up to the abuse and try to end it. It's easy to say that if you don't like your job, then leave. Many have been in this field for decades and simply don't have the credentials, resources, or, sadly, youth to be able to compete in the job market to find anything better. I'm still young and perhaps have better prospects, but my leaving does nothing to change the situation. Many MTs choose this work because they genuinely enjoy doing it; they should not be forced out because their company won't pay them a living wage. The work has to be done. The question is whether it will be done for a fair wage or through exploitative means.

As for donating my salary to China, you assume that my empathy also entails the means to actually change the situation. I could donate my minimum wage to others and live in the streets, but that's just shifting the misery around. Those who should be donating their salaries to China are the avaricious businessmen who have built up their vast wealth on the backs of Chinese laborers. Inasmuch as I wear clothing and shoes, I accept my share of blame in the exploitation of these workers, but it is a minuscule share indeed compared to those who are generating massive profits by selling these goods to Americans with exorbitant markups. They are the ultimate source of the abuse and have far greater power than I do to stop it. I initially brought up the example of Chinese workers in response to the absurd claim in an earlier post that CEOs make their money through their own hard work alone, with no help at all. I realize this probably isn't the correct forum to discuss the matter, but MT is just one microcosm of what's going on with workers all over the country and the rest of the world, which I feel merits consideration in the discussion.
agreed - mt2
[ In Reply To ..]
I share a lot of your thoughts except the premise under which you felt this conversation was started- I didn't read ANYONE who felt the CEO got there on their own hard work alone without the help of anyone else. Of course he/she didn't. Being a CEO of one (yourself) just isn't much fun (BTDT!).

And I don't "blame" MTs for their plight but I DO encourage them to make different choices. We can truly only exert power over ourselves. If MTs stop accepting cruddy treatment, low wages, etc, then those jobs will either a) go offshore (where I predict even THEY will eventually refuse) or b) they will have to revamp the process.

I think the remaining MTs after this period of change is over will be better paid, and better appreciated. But there will also be many fewer MTs.
just wanted to say... - Hi there!
[ In Reply To ..]
...how much I enjoyed reading your response. I wish just one person in my "real life" could be as thoughtful and articulate as you've been here.
would like to add for 'sm' - when others do not agree, it does not - mean they did not hear you or your pont.
[ In Reply To ..]
<<<<<>>>>> (nm) - Heard but disagreed
[ In Reply To ..]
agree, but.... - there is
[ In Reply To ..]
I do agree that MTs don't make much money, and that's the reason I gave up this profession; however, there is nothing wrong for a CEO to make money like that. I am pretty sure the CEO has a lot of pressure in his job and a lot of responsibility plus it is not a 9-5 job. It is all about choices.

Response - SS
[ In Reply To ..]
I agree with your stance.
once again - that salary is not for MTSO-ing, and happy people have a voice - and every right to orate their views.
[ In Reply To ..]
You're weird? - Anonymous
[ In Reply To ..]
I didn't know that being unhappy was the criteria for participating in this forum.

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