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IMedX and TurboFlow/Falcon platform - fingers

Posted: Apr 10, 2013

Does anybody with IMedX use the TurboFlow/Falcon platform for VR and if so, can you make any money at it?

Falcon - WJC

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I used to work at iMedx and worked on TurboFlow and Falcon. I only used Falcon though for VR & it was pretty decent.

I work for IMedX on the Falcon software sm - anon

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I cannot get my speed up and then at only 4 cpl for voice, I can't make any money. So I am working 2 jobs to supplement. They have some straight typing but not enough to compensate and the voice quality on the straight typing is not always very good!

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It is cruel to let your MTs sit without work.  It is psychological torture.  Do us a favor .... lay off more people so the ones left will have work and the others can move on.  And yes, I know that means me.  On at least some level, it would be a relief.    ...

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it would appear that LS Services out of south point, ohio is the same company that was formerly named ImedX.....  same address, etc.....  Anyone know anything else about this? ...

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Fellow MTs, does anyone have any info on IMEDX?  Searched the archives but cannot find anything.  Any info appreciated.   TIA! ...

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