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status of Silent Type - Looking MT

Posted: Apr 16, 2012

Does any one know the status of Silent Type?   Is there work there or not?  Are they being bought out?  Did the contracts not get renewed?  Should one look elsewhere for employment?  Any information would be appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your help.

ST? - who knows?

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We're now in the 4th month of very little work, since Jan 1. If you check this board, others have tried to find out what is going on but have received no answers. No communication in this company. The owners obviously couldn't care less about their employees.

thank you - Looking MT

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I did check the board, that is why I had the questions. Does not appear it would be worth the time of proceeding further.

Appears to be the norm for owners of companies lately to not care about the people who work for them and helped them attain their success. Keep'em guessing until they are no longer needed or the deal is done, then let them go seems to be their motto Such a shame.

I agree - who knows? - sm

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Months now where the work is scarce. No communication whatsoever, although not hearing from the owner is usually a good thing as, IMO, she is rude.

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