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anyone else taken the test for WordMed.Biz? - No way

Posted: Jul 08, 2013

Has anyone else taken the test for WordMed.Biz?   I'm curious to know if someone passes this very easy test and is given an interview.  I've got over 25 years experience as a MT and took their very EASY test really quickly.  Actually, I was surprised at how easy it was.  Before going to the final part of the testing, I was informed I didn't pass the first section.  Really????  I'm thinking it is just an excuse to get you to take their MT course.  I've lost count of how many companies I've applied to in the last couple of months only to never hear from them at all.  Even after promises to get back to me.  I'm starting to think some of the ads are just a ploy to get our Email addresses and sell them.  Anybody else with a similar experience?

My post exactly - MT25

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You posted exactly what I was going to. Yes, their test was very EASY and it said I did not pass either. I was in disbelief, but then I thought as you do that they are probably trying to sell their MT course. Like who would want to spend their money on an MT course at present. I'm interested to hear other opinions.

I just took it... - VF

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and the same thing happened to me. The test was super easy. I also have over 20 years experience. I finished it in no time, with complete confidence that I passed with 100% accuracy. I totally agree with you that they are trying to get you to take their MT course.

I took it also and passed. Interview set for later - this week. Found it easy also.

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no message

I emailed the company and asked questions first before taking the test - sm

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I was told one short sentence. Take the test then we'll talk. If I can't get answers to 2 simple questions, FORGET IT. It's not worth my time. All I asked was what days and hours do you need coverage for. I asked because I work nights. My intuition says this is a flaky company.

took it and passed sm - Hiya007

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did everything including the 4 voice files but have not heard back. I agree that everything was very easy. What's the point if everyone can do it? You might be on to something because I think on their website it has a school's link. Oh well.

Failed as well - TestLoather

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I just took the test as well. Advanced to the Objective part and was very confident when I submitted it only to be told that I failed and given a link to their "school." The test was exceedingly easy and I am still appalled that I flubbed it. I'd say this company and their test is definitely a fluke.

I passed, but have not heard from them - Bunny

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I thought the testing was easy, passed it, but have not heard anything. I feel like it was a big waste of time!
yep failed it also, haha. - lookingforwork
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18 years experience. don't believe it. they want me to apply for a course? no thanks.

WordMedBiz, a great place to work! sm - GF

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I have been working for them for 4 months and I absolutely love the work. The QA staff is excellent and give great feedback and encouragement. The platform is extremely easy to use. They pay every 2 weeks and you get your paycheck 2 to 3 days after submitting an invoice. I have nothing bad to say about them. I have 45 years' experience in this business and I have really been discouraged and disheartened after sending out a multitude of resumes for part-time work. I just wanted to give my estimation of this company. I hope to be with them a long, long time.

I think you're full of it. Must be a suit for them. nm - yearight

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