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Worst Companies to Work - For

Posted: Sep 07, 2013





The big 3 to stay away from

Numbers 1 and 2, no question. - SM

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Probably a lot could be considered vying for #3. Does Precyse pay 3 cpl or 4 cpl for VR? Whoever pays 3 cpl, they'd be among my top choices for third place. (I seem to remember Transcription Doctors being the first ones I saw with that malarkey. Who else is it now at 3 cpl, I forget?)

On the Mark Transcription is the worst when it comes to - sm

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pay. He offers everyone the same starting pay for straight typing...a whopping 4 cpl. I told him he should be ashamed of himself!

I hope you didn't have to go through testing first. - SM

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That's what gets me the worst, slogging through the gauntlet of applying and often having to actually test before receiving pay rate info and then getting the news of less than 4 cpl for VR (for example) and having to tell them that's unacceptable, thanks but no thanks. Yell

that's where i am at!!! - tested for multiple companies
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no calls or interviews yet but i'm mentally preparing my speech if they offer me less than 8/5. ugh. I wish they could just be up front.
The only thing you might do is try asking - before testing, SM
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I would very politely ask if I could find out the pay rates before investing their time and mine in testing, in case the rate is not acceptable to me.

It's worth a try. If they won't tell you, I guess it's not acceptable. I don't see why a company or recruiter wouldn't want to tell you, it's also a waste of their time to go thru the test and resume and set up a phone interview if they know you won't accept 4 cents that they're offering.

It's a crap shoot all the way around.
The few companies that I DID ask up front.... - sm
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All three of them told me they had to have me test first, because it would depend on my testing. I know that is straight B.S., because most companies today pay a standard, no more or less depending on experience. I tested for one company and I know I pretty much aced the test, didn't even have blanks and I was offered 7/3 and that was AFTER they said the pay would be contingent upon my testing. I asked her what I had done wrong on the test to make it be so low and she said she wasn't able to disclose that, the offer was 7/3. Fact is, the offer would have been 7/3 regardless, just wasted my time with the testing.
That has always been my experience when asking - sm
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for pay rate info first before testing. I should say that was my experience if I even got an answer. I am usually ignored when I ask.

Wasn't Stentel another - cheapskate?

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Pitiful! Add to that anybody who doesn't pay for spaces.

What about - Soft Script and

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TTS? Constantly with the revolving door ads (but I guess all of them have this) and have never read anything positive about SS. I think those must be the next biggest 2 hold-outs after the above 3 mentioned.

Softscript--WORST WORST dictators - Headache

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I suppose it's because they're an overflow company, but SoftScript has the absolutely WORST dictators in the 3 companies I have worked for. I'm not so naive as to think that MTSOs have any real say-so in what their clients do, but when you see reports with blank after blank after being through QA 2 times, something's wrong. You would think hospitals would hold their doctors to a higher standard if only to avoid being sued.

i have been doing this for 32 years and SS - pbj

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has the best and easiest dictators I have ever had
Less skilled MTs got the easier dictators - X-Qmanager
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Easier dictators were given to the slower less accurate MTs when we needed to move the work out. Stat discharges went to the fastest most accurate MTs. SS had an arrangement with a couple of MT schools to hire their new grads (maybe still do) so those newbies got the very worst dictators so as to weed them out. Food for thought, PBJ
hilarious!! - pbj
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Worst Companies - egs

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Add Opti-Script - especially if they want to put you on the acct that is OWNED by Nuance. Same as working for Nuance in that case.

Worst - cvr

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Keystrokes -- micromanagement by the terminally rude, neurotic and clueless.

Welp...I have worked at all 3 and am currently - at Precyse

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I honestly do not feel that Precyse should be in your top 3. Their typing/edit platform is SO easy to use and they've done everything they can to MAKE it easy for the MT, it's not hard to get your line counts in. They also do NOT overhire so there is work when you're supposed to work unless there simply is no working coming in from the client. Also, their software is their own...they are able and quite capable to make updates and adjustments of their own, so....every year, they do an upgrade based on suggestions of what the MTs make. The training is VERY detailed so they get everyone new on the same page as the already working MTs so corrections are made the same and the sound rec software learns it because everyone is doing it the same way. Nope....I think you're way off base on adding Precyse to that list. But...opinions are like you know what, and everyone has one. This is just mine.

Girlies... - anon

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Take it to email and duke it out there.

I agree! - This belongs elsewhere...

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maybe the Politics board. I think this person is stirring the pot by doing what she says this "other person/recruiter" is doing, posting messages under different aliases and arguing with herself. Who would come up with an idea like that except someone who would do it herself?

Geez, give it (and the rest of us) a rest!

I will post wherever I want to post - I was commenting

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on the original post made on this board. I'm not your "girlie" and once again, unless the board monitor moves my post or comments to me where I post, I will post where I want to. Your comment along with the one below it is uncalled for. You add nothing to the conversation so why even bother?
Because I will post wherever I want to post as well. - I was commenting on your attitude
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in a round about playful way, which is irritated and mean, looking to pick a fight - and you just verified that in writing.

ONe more company to stay away from - Pam

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I had worked for this paticular company in Florida, Medi-Tran America (Port St. Lucie, Florida), 3 separate times with varying experiences.

In 1996 I was briefly back in Florida before my mom passed away. They were good to work for, and they paid decently and on time.

In the 1990s I was back in California, tried again. The phone bills in order to re-record dictation were humongous, and I went back to work for a small California company (still with them).

In 2012, I contacted them again. They were allegedly "under new management." The owner praised his new manager.

This new manager, Denise, insisted that I buy a version of Word (ended up with 2010), an abbreviation expander, and a medical dictionary software.

She gave me next to no training. Their new software was clunky and hard to understand.

After nearly a week of attempting to work, I got locked out of their computer system (this was remotely).

They have never bothered to pay me for the work I did. I have just composed a letter asking for my wages.

Makes me wonder if this "manager's" modus operandi to boost the bottom line is to withhold MTs' pay. This is not worthy of them. I will never try to go back with them again. Sticking with my California company (I am now living in another state).

Other MTs might want to beware of this company. Don't know about you, but I hate working for free!

Add in Transtech - MT

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Consistent with the top two.

Silent Type - anon

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It is definitely not a pleasant place to work, IMO.

"Professional" Transcription Company/PTC - Nightmare

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Horrible dictators, horrible platform, diva Indian in charge, impossible to please QA. Nightmare to work for these jerks.

worst - anon

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Watch out for AccuTran out of Indiana. They will pay you, but it is NOT in a timely manner. They withold first check for a month then you are supposed to get paid bi-weekly or monthly, but I have been only paid every 6 weeks for a 2-week period! They have a great platform and nice people to work with on the plus side.

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