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Small companies who use Escription - tired fingers

Posted: Oct 03, 2013

Are there any small companies who use Escription for VR editing?  I worked briefly for Nuance and love Escription, but found the vast amout of managers, etc, confusing.  I never knew who to talk to, etc.  Other than that, they were great.  Wished I had not quit when I did, but....  Just wondering.


TTS, LLC out of Freedom NH - Anon

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I have worked there for 2 years and I don't mind it. They are a smaller company, and they also pay a lot less than Nuance. I work on 2 excellent accounts with very, very good VR output, so consistently make decent money. You'll probably get a lot of responses saying to stay away because of this, that, or the other thing. I'm pretty much left alone, work my hours, get consistently good quality audits, and have pretty much no sress at all. So, I'm no laughing all the way to the bank but I'm happy.

TTS - sad mt

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I just submitted a resume as they had a job posting on the boards, at least I believe it is the same company. The only reservation I had about submitting it was the hours they are looking for. I'm nocturnal and start work very early in the morning and am worried that should they be interested in hiring me I would have a hard time adapting to new hours. Is there a chance they may be flexible in deviating away from shifts by a few hours? I am more than willing to work the hours they need, and would not refuse employment if offered. I was just wondering what your experience has been.

If it's the ad by Danielle...SM - Anon

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it's TTS. There are actually 3 recent ads by her asking for all kinds of shifts. When you open the post, it will say TTS near the top. There is only 1 company called TTS as far as I know.

In reply to TTS time - LisaMO

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No deviation in hours whether you are IC or employee.
Not asking about deviating.hours..sm - Anon
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She's asking about being hired for a very early morning shift. She can ask, and they can say no. If they allow her to be hired for say, 3 a.m. to noon, and it's in her contract then that's her shift. Her question had nothing to do with deviating with her hours on a whim.
TTS - sad mt
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Anon, you're right, that's what I was wondering about, if they would allow a shift to be scheduled that may not be exactly what they are asking for. I've not heard anything in reply to my resume yet but am hopeful.

uscribe -- they have an ad up now on the board - nm

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Sad MT...sm - Anon

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They have many shift variations, and I think they may need very early hour MTs. If they contact you, it wouldn't hurt to just ask. If you are nocturnal, how would midnight to 9 a.m. work for you? The shifts are 9 hours to give you some break time, etc.

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