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Amphion-steer clear - bewary

Posted: Apr 17, 2012

To anyone even thinking of signing with Amphion - steer clear !!  This company totally sucks.  Most all accounts are now VR and the platforms being used, and there are several, SUCK.  You better know all platforms though because if you think you can take time off when your primary account runs out of work, you are wrong, and they do run out of work constantly because of consistently overhiring.  Then they stick you on another account whether you've worked on it before or not and your production will plummet.  Also taking 5-6% off the top of each and every job before you get paid.  If you want to figure out how you're being paid, you better have a math degree, because it is nearly impossible and you need to just take their word for it.  They claim to be a big happy family but once you're in, they jack you around and rip you off til you're ready to pull your hair out.  They pay you less than half your line rate for VR but production requirements are not even close to double, so you know that they know full well that that pay cut is not justified.

bewary - been there

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Agree, they are on the bottom tier,and I feel for you; but if you think the grass is greener at any other national you are delusional. Same *** different day and not getting any better in the near term. Wish I had something more positive to encourage you but it is what it is.

wrong - bewary

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Sorry, but you are wrong. I did indeed find a company that is not even comparable to Amphion. It is fair, it pays well, and it is far from same *** different day. I feel very fortunate that I did as I know how frustrating it can be trying to find a company that is fair and treats their employees well. With all this being said, they are not hiring and very rarely do because their employees are happy and respected there and they do not leave. If you are still at Amphion or somewhere almost as crappy, I wish you luck. MTs work hard and deserve respect, because without them, no transcription company would survive. WE the MTs are the backbone of any transcription company, and it's high time the companies admittted to that fact as well.

I agree. Amphion is great... - SP

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Been there just over 2 years and I make more working at home than I did out of home anywhere else. I was with one MTSO before Amphion and they were HORRIBLE!! After FT work, making line count, and deducting taxes, 401k, insurance, etc I make more working at home than any job in my town (for what I would be qualified for). The staff is great, I've never had a paycheck issue, and the other MTs/teams are very friendly. I have never not made line count once and they are flexible with my flexibility also. I'm sorry your experience "sucked" but any one MT can love a place or hate a place, it's all perspective. Good luck to you in your future endeavors. :-)
Seriously now, it's the pits - gottobekidding
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Amphion is terrible - low pay, number of accounts you have to switch between, quality of software and the horrible dictators, cherry-pickin' supervisors, overhiring - you name it, Amphion does it.

Amphion - MT2
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I agree, and in my opinion from my experience add poor communication. All very sad. No way to run a business.
I guess it's wrong to be happy at my job... - SP
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I've been an MT since 2008 officially and have not been around forever and a day like alot of veteran MTs so I guess I just don't know anything then do I? I'm not being negative towards anyone, all I know is my experience. I was only at one MTSO before Amphion and they were horrible compared to Amphion. Any MTSO mentioned on here will get yays or nays. Some like McDonalds, some like Burger King, doesn't mean anyone is wrong for liking one or the other. Let's just agree to disagree. My experience has been positive. Yours was not. Glad you got out, but don't post about me being a suit or a snowmobiler, really? It's so easy to throw words on an anonymous forum, would you say that to my face if we were coworkers? Anyway, I'm not starting anything, just saying my opinion, same as everyone else on here. Also if any MT is happy where they're at or glad to not be an MT anymore, good for you. All I know is that for me, where I live, working FT with the same benefits as Amphion, I would have to drive an hour plus each way to work to get the same pay and no thanks! I make a good living at what I do with who I work for. Also, I don't understand this whole taking off the top stuff either. I am also paid per line what I was quoted at hire, actually more, so I guess I'm either totally stupid or wrong or whatever or it's different than when you were there. Whatever I say will be thrown back at me anyway so I'm done with my 2 cents, and no I'm not paid that per line either.
i'm glad for you - bewary
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Perhaps policies have changed, perhaps it's only certain accounts that have a line "adjustment" of 5-6%, perhaps none anymore - I don't know, and frankly it doesn't matter to me anymore. I was merely stating my opinion as well. I'm glad you have a job you like -

Are you kidding, they hire all the time - gottobekidding

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Employees are not respected at Amphion, and they do leave all the time, and Amphion is hiring all the time. You will run out of work consistently - and if you don't, it's because either they've got you on 5 different accounts, a horrible account with horrible dictators (sure, there are easier dictators, but amazingly enough those either come up low in your queue, and someone else does them before you get to them (supervisor?) or else they don't come up at all).

Or else, they want you to train on a new account - that doesn't have the bugs worked out - sure, you'll have plenty of work in that case, filling in demos that you don't get paid for (natch!) and looking up mailing addresses and entering them into their database again FOR FREE! Aren't you nice!

Amphion is the pits, and should be taken to court for all their illegal paycheck-shrinking practices.
amphion sucks - agree - bewary
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You said it sista - If the person from the above email singing praises from Amphion is for real, she must be personal friends with the staff or shares the same love of riding snowmobile, cuz those seem to be the only ones with the good jobs there - those who can relate to the supervisor's likes. Amphion consistently takes away more than it gives back and that is no way to run a business.
I think it goes WAY deeper than that - gottobekidding
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I don't know that anybody there is friends with any particular supervisor. All I know is, people quit all the time and people get hired all the time - too many people - then you run out of work. VR is horrible, the pay is way too low, and they skimp on employee wages.
amphion is a rip - I agree - bewary
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It was like they were watching, waiting for you to start making a decent wage, and then BAM, they would switch you to a different account. Send to something to QA and get 5 different answers. Better keep each and every email you get just for verification of what they actually told you, otherwise they'll never admit to being wrong - ever!! I think they chose the cheapest, crappiest VR platforms out there just to save bucks. I've never slept better since I got out of there. I went IC and now pay my own taxes and for insurance, but the money I make now MORE than makes up the difference. Not to mention the fact that I'm happy with peace of mind now. That is priceless!!
then, why do you stay? just curious - sm
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The OP said she moved on and is happy so why do you stay and be miserable. I don't know why people stay at jobs they are not happy at. It escapes me why when there are a lot to choose from. Keep moving on until you find the right fit. I would.

I also have a great job with decent line rates. - nm

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RE: To I also have a great job with decent rates - meant to say it is NOT AMPHION.
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a great job with Amphion ? - bewary
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If so, surely you jest. If not, congratulations !
Oh gee - now I'm scared - S/M - Lucy
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Just finished this morning testing for them. Took a while because I could not use a foot pedal. I thought I did pretty well even though they had a 2-hour time constraint to complete the tests. Now I don't know what to do and I really need a job. These remarks are scary. Just had a horrible experience with Turnaround Time Transcription (3T). The worst experience in my career of 20 years. Hate to jump from the frying pan into the fire.
amphion makes it sound good - bewary
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when they offer you the job. If you get an interview, ask them what they pay. After they give you the line rate, ask them if they take a percentage off the top of that. In my opinion, if a company hires you at 8.5 cents/line or whatever, then that is what you should get. Not 8.5/line minus 5 or 6% off of each and every job you do. That adds up to a LOT each pay period. Say you do 2000 lines/day x15 days in a pay period. That adds up to about 150 or more a pay period they are making off you, 300 bucks or more a month. Getting the picture ?? Just ask them - you might find out they lie right from the start.
NO, i said my job is NOT with Amphion. - I work for good company, but not Amphion.
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I was replying to the girl who said "good luck they are all the same" and I basically was agreeing with you that there are a few good ones still out there.
Good company - looking
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Care to share what company is good?
Have to jump in here (sm) - Anon
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and say I'm really disturbed and a little worried by these comments. I'm not a suit and I'm not a noob. I work at Amphion and overall like it, other than running out of work and a tiny paycheck, but those seem to be universal issues. Percentage taken off the top?!? I've never had this happen and have never heard of it. I do think that a lot depends on the team and/or platform one is on, and I'm not on the "snowmobiling" team, so maybe that makes a big difference. My experience with Amphion has been overall a good one. I'm not all rah-rah and in fact am in the process of getting out of this business altogether, but I have not had the same experience as the posters above.
Amphion - Confused
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I've been looking for a while because I thought my on site job was drawing to a close, but thankfully it does not seem to be. Amphion is the one company that always seems to be hiring. I was told there would be work on the 3:00-11:00 shift although they've been vague about the accounts. I thought the line rates were decent compared to some I've been offered but if they play games with your line count that is not a good thing. Running out of work is also a major issue for me as I'm sure it is for a lot of people. I don't know why anyone would be satisfied with a tiny paycheck unless you have a second income at your house. If you start working for them, make sure you can get coverage on their health plan where you live. I'm in the Pacific Northwest and after I got the insurance info I looked to see if any of the providers in my city contract with their health plan. They don't, so that means I'd have to find my own health insurance.
"running out of work and a tiny paycheck" is not a - "universal issue" - It is your experience, not min
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and no, I don't work for Amphion and I do not care to tell you where I work so that you can bash.

I have tons of work, tons of OT, and I make 6cpl for editing. I average just over $100 a day and that may not be good for some, but it works for me.

Of course I dont job hop either and that makes a difference. I have been with the same company 5yrs and before that worked in a hospital 10yrs until outsourced to company I now work for.

Hubby brings in the bacon so it works for me.
It certainly seems to be universal - Anon
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based on what is posted here. And tiny paycheck is a relative issue. Some around here say if you're not clearing $40K a year you're getting screwed, though I'm not one of them.
If you found a situation that meets your needs, I think that's great. That's all any of us want.

Quite frankly, I'm surprised you haven't been bashed already for displaying unacceptable qualities, like job satisfaction.

This site has become a tank full of piranhas. I wish all of you well whatever you decide to do with your careers, but I'm done here. This isn't a healthy place for me to be anymore.
Anon I couldn't agree with you more, this site is not - healthy for me either.
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not much left to be said.
good for you - NOT - bewary
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Yes, good for you for having to depend on your husband financially. I, on the other hand, rely solely on my income alone. I pay my own bills, bought my own home, raised my kids alone, AND went out and got my own health insurance. I am VERY proud of my accomplishments and the fact that I don't need someone else to take care of me. Your husband bringing home the bacon and supporting you financially, in my opinion, is really nothing to brag about.

enough said - bewary

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I feel fortunate to have a job I love now. All I can say is if you have a job you like, I'm happy for you. If you don't, then don't be afraid to search for something better. Perhaps find something part-time to get your feet wet and see how you like a company before quitting your job. We have many other skills besides transcription skills. We have to practice patience, tolerance, the ability to listen and comprehend, and probably most important - feast or famine and learning to adapt.

I'm finished with this discussion - different opinions - different attitudes - different situations. Bottom line is, shouldn't we all get paid what we are worth ?? Have some respect for ourselves ??

Yes, we should - respect, pay, and the rest of the package - gottobekidding

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Sad or glad? - Lucy

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I applied with Amphion. After all the negative posts I got scared that I had applied with them. I took their tests and even talked to their recruiter MS because their test site malfunctioned so I called her and she had to reset it. I really felt that I "aced" the tests. They were easy, so was the transcription. Today I got a rejection email. Should I be sad or glad? What is up with that? I really need a job.

not meant to be - bewary

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Apparently there is another job out there you are meant to have. Don't be discouraged. You'll find something. Do you need insurance benefits or could you go IC status ? There are a lot more of those out there with more flexibility as well.

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