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s/l neuraminal stenosis - hb

Posted: Jun 29, 2010

The doc says, "She has neuraminal stenosis issues with the S1 nerve root."  Is there such thing as "neuraminal" stenosis.  It is not foraminal stenosis.  It is pretty clear that she is saying "neuraminl", but i have never heard of that. 

could it be... - sm

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neural foraminal stenosis? It would jive with the S1 nerve root statement.

I think so! - hb

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She is clearly saying neuraminal, but i think she is just beeing lazy and making her own word.

neuraminal stenosis - BB

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The word is neural foramen (in Dorlands) and neural foramina.

neuroforaminal - nan

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according to my medical spellchecker and previous transcription, the word is neuroforaminal. If you have a medical spellchecker for word documents, check it on that and see, but in mine, it is a word.

It is neural foraminal stenosis, neuroforaminal is not a word. - NM

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neural foraminal - nan

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I probably had neuroforaminal as an added word from a vascular surgeon I used to type for who made up his own words and I was told I was to use them. I think I remember now even telling him it was not a word and he said it was and I was to use it. LOL Sorry for the error. Another word was "organovisceromegaly." Doctorisms!

True, if a doctor tells you to type a word or whatever - sm

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a certain way, be it right or wrong, that is what we have to do, and technically any medical term can be combined with any other as long as it makes sense, which in this case it does. All we can do is go with the flow.

neural foraminal is correct - --

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