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HS57 Prolene suture HS5-7 HS 57 - help help help

Posted: May 10, 2010

I know I had this written down somewhere, but can't find it anywhere, not in ref. books, anywhere!

 He says:  end graft two-side arteriotomy HS5-7 Prolene

 I can't remember is it HS5-7 HS-57, H-S 57 or what the heck??!!



See message - Janie

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Could not find anything with the 7, but it would be HS-5

 Hope this jogs your memory. 


Prolene Suture

U.S.P. Size


Needle Suture

Avg. (Kgf)



Hemo-Seal Needle Suture Limits

On Needle Attachment

Individual (Kgf)



HS-7      0.17



HS-6      0.23



HS-5      0.45




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