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key commands for Dictatphone Extext - recall

Posted: Dec 07, 2009

Is there anyone out there who can give me a list, or where to find one, on the key commands used for Dictaphone Extext.  I can remember Alt Y for capitalization, Alt P for play...... need help on some others.  Thanks a bunch

I cut and pasted commands below but these are for Enterprise Express Editor - lka

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Try these below. I did notice you said Alt Y for capitalization and here it is Control Y, and control P for play, stop. In fact, all of these commands. So, maybe try alt in your case, whereas it is control here. Hope this helps.


Key(s) Function
Ctrl+A Prompt CC dialog box list
Ctrl+I Session statistics
Ctrl+J From body of document to Document Information Screen
Ctrl+N Saves, spell checks, and prompts New doc, sends to facility
Ctrl+R Inserts Normal
Ctrl+T Trash/Cancel without saving
Ctrl+W Change work type
Ctrl+Ctrl Activates ESP screen
F7 Spell check
Ctrl+Shift+N Signs off text job, but not voice
Ctrl+Q Exit EXT Transcription (from menu).
Control L Sends to QC


Key(s) Function
Alt + F2 decrease speed
Ctrl + F2 Increase speed
Ctrl + P Start or Stop Playback
F2 Increase volume
Shift + F2 Decrease volume
Alt + up arrow Format heading
Shift F3 or Ctrol + Y Toggle three capitalization modes
Ctrl + D Delete
Ctrl + A Modify cc list
Ctrl + E Insert anomaly
Ctrl + R Insert normal to left
Ctrl + shift + R Insert normal to right
Ctrl + shift + 3 Numbered list
Ctrl + Z Undo last keystroke
Ctrl + . Magic period
Ctrl + , Magic comma
Ctrl + shift + ; Magic colon
Ctrl + ; Magic semicolon
Ctrl + - Magic hyphen
Ctrl + Enter Magic return
Ctrl + H Move one character to the left
Ctrl + L Move one character to the right
Ctrl + M Align the text insertion point with the audio position
Ctrl + shift + M Align the audio position with the text insertion point
Home Move to the beginning of the current line
End Move to the end of the current line
Ctrl + Home Move to the beginning of the document
Ctrl + End Move to the end of the document
Ctrl + up arrow Move to the beginning of the current paragraph
Ctrl + down arrow Move to the end of the current paragraph
Ctrl + Q Move to the next dictation anomaly (blank)
Ctrl + Shift + Q Move to the previous anomaly
Ctrl + right arrow Move to the beginning of the next word
Ctrl + left arrow Move to the beginning of the previous word
Ctrl + J Select the next word to the left
Ctrl + K Select the next word to the right
Ctrl + shift + J Expand selection to the left by one word
Ctrl + shift + K Expand selection to the right by one word
Shift + F11 Select from insertion point to beginning of draft text
Alt + shift + F11 Select from insertion point to end of draft text
Ctrl + Shift + up arrow Select to the beginning of the paragraph
Ctrl + Shift + down arrow Select to the end of the paragraph
Shift + Home Select to the beginning of the current line
Shift + End Select to the end of the current line
Ctrl + S Search for documents
Ctrl + D Start a new transnet document
Ctrl + Alt + J Edit job information
Ctrl + W Change worktype in body of note
Ctrl + Alt + H Hold the document
Ctrl + I View session statistics
Ctrl + Alt + L Flag the document for MCR
Ctrl + Shift + L Flag the document for MCR but continue the voice file
Ctrl + N End the document âsaves, spell checks, and send to facility
Ctrl + Shift + N End the document but continue the voice file, sends the first document thru to the facility
Ctrl + T Trash the document
Alt + F4 Log out of ExEditor

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