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Making foot pedal work with Windows Media Player - MTVA

Posted: May 05, 2012

Is there any way to make my Infinity USB foot pedal work with Windows Media Player? I dont want to convert the media files to another program like Express Scribe. This is through a remote desktop and the files open with Windows Media Player and Express Scribe is not on this desktop and there is no way to put it there.



Windows Media Player - MT

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No, there is not. You'll need either Express Scribe, Olympus (but that is a special foot pedal) or Bytescribe or something along those lines. Why can't you get who ever owns the PC you remote to, to put ES on there?

Get a Vpedal brand - pooker

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My first foot pedal was a Vpedal and it works with Windows Media Player, audio and video. I liked it. Try to find one for $75 or less online.

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