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Rotating seamlessly and effortlessly between accts - SeaMT

Posted: Apr 16, 2012

Well, good luck with that.

If my regular accounts are out of work (because some other MTs seamlessly and effortlessly rotated on and it's all caught up), great. I'm at my scheduled post Monday morning and I'm expected to seamlessly and effortlessly rotate to an unknown, unfamiliar account. I'm expected to spend my time reading the exhausting and incredibly detailed acct specs for this new account, and produce.

Have any of you *decision makers* actually sat and read any of the account specifics? I mean really combed through and got all the details down pat, the small things that are dictator specific?

I'm a human being with a good mind, but I am not a machine. I don't have an Ap for Dr. John Doe's particulars, I don't have an Ap for which hospital A in a multi-facility account want their reports set up this particular way, hospitals B and C want it done another way.

Do you get my drift?  Standardization across all accounts would be great, but (my opinion only) it will never come to fruition because the physicians and dictator input from PAs, NPs, students will not comply.

So thank you for the *rotation*, but I'll pass. My base pay has been cut already, my bonus incentive is gone (I'm waiting for that next quarter 'cause my last review was over 99%), and I can produce with the best if on familiar territory.

Thanks, I'm feeling much better now.

Rotating seamlessly and effortlessly between accts - Jean9

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Yes, I nearly fell off my chair when I read that! (Have you all read your recent Nuance newsletter....??) The only way that's possible for us to do that is to make all the clients adopt the same set of specs...like THAT's gonna happen!! I really didn't think speech recognition was going to be the end of us, as predicted, but now I'm beginning to think differently. It has just taken longer than I thought. However, how many accounts have gone offshore to get work done at a lesser cost, and then come back because they got what they paid for? Thusly, how many will adopt the new EMRs, and then abandon them for the same reason--errors. Where will we be then...."ya want fries with that?" I think I'm going to start asking to proof what personnel enter into my EMR at my doc's office, just to make sure it's correct. I can't draw blood, can they correctly enter that they did and why?
And quarterly bonus--when I questioned about that I was told we are being compensated on each pay check now, the quarterly bonus is gone.
And I don't know about you, but I loved working for my company that let itself be swallowed by Nuance for the almighty dollar!
Happy job-hunting everyone!

I gotta do that on 16 accounts at MModal - formerly known as MQ

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Not a prob at M Modal just F5 and format is right there. - MModalMT

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Does Nuance give you the ability to look up acct specs on each report with F5? I think it's great. The only thing you really need to do. Then F5 again for reference reports/and samples. Takes a second. I do it for every report. No sweat.

there is something similar within the eScription program - sm

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Also, if you are not already doing this, utulize the search feature in Adobe for the account specs. It will help you become familiar and check weekly for updates in Fiesa. Also, make a note of only the differences in the site specs between the different accounts, as there are a lot of similarities between the accounts.
SM, would you please explain, in detail? Keystrokes - for both. I assume Adobe is on my
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work computer, but I had no idea it had a search feature or how to use it.

BTW, I totally second that specs for almost all accounts are much more alike than different. Learn the Nuance standard specs totally, which of course also overlap the clients' tremendously, then make a cheat sheet for those usually few differences you need to remember for each account.

BTW, LET'S ALL CALL FOR clarification of specifications. None of those for my accounts explain things fully, with a lot of potential for mistakes that can come back to bite--and pull down performance scores.

I also recommend doing all accounts to the highest, or fussiest, standard. If one insists on no colon on a heading before a numbered list, but none of the others bother with any instruction at all on this (a situation with my accounts), then drop the colon for all of them so you don't have to remember. Make shorts in your expander to do this with minimal keystrokes.

Simplify to a higher standard and everyone's pleased. Or at least as often has one can expect in an imperfect world. :)
keeping the account specs up to date is something that is being worked on across the... - sm
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So I agree about keeping on your TL to make them better. The more accurate they are for you, the more accurate they are for the QA which benefits ALL of us. Also, learn not only the account specs but also BOS, as QA follows that also. For Abobe, alt + F will open the find feature. Utilize it and it will save you a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of accounts. Also anytime you see a letter underlined in any program, use the ALT function to keep your hands on the keyboard. Using an expanded and filling it with EVERYTHING will also boost your productivity.
In escription, there are MT instructions that pop in at the top in every report... - nm
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