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Help please! (Formatting) - JJ

Posted: Apr 24, 2012

I am having trouble trying to figure out when, and when no to make a list, or heading.  

First, I know the headings, in the beginning, are ALL CAPS, like FAMILY HISTORY, MOTOR, REFLEXES, but then, the Neurologist begins listing (on the independent medical evaluation, under "Record Summary/Provider") tons and tons of dates like:

9/17/2010 PT.  Dr. So and So.  Same template.  

Chiropractic Assessment:  Palpation L2, L3, L5, L5 and S1, taut and tender MS fibers and fixation.  x-rays:  AP and lateral cervical and lumbar spine, decreased cervical lordosis and right list, lumbar list left with pelvic unleveling.  


Diagnoses:  Lumbago, lumbosacral subluxation, cervical subluxation, cervicalgia. 

Checks:  Neck pain, low back pain, ache, pinching, pulling, Associated with Checks:  Balance problems. 

Many of these Diagnoses, examination, assessment etc lists will be repeated for dozens and dozens of more dates.  Should chiropractic assessment be bolded every time, or just the first letter capitalized?  How do I know when to make a list, or just put a colon and use commas to separate them? etc.  I don'the have an ADHI reference book, and want to do it the correct way.  Can someone help me please?


You will need to ask your employer - Stella

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for guidance. We have no way of knowing what the account specifics are for your job. Every client's preferences are specific to that client. What you learned in school may not be what your client wants. You will need to consult with your employer to determine what the client wants done with the formatting issues you have presented.

If this is school work, you will need to ask your instructors.

There is no universal formatting rule and no National Formatting Police to enforce a universal formatting rule.

lists in reports - JJ

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Oh, ok. Thank you for your response. I just want to know what would be the "good" way to format it. I know attorneys look over these Dr. Reports that we type up, after they have paid $1500 for it, and the formatting can make it either easy to read, or hard to read.

A lot of this information is repeated over and over, so I am not thinking it needs a list every time. Does anyone have any opinions/advice on when to make lists in IME's?

Well... - Old MT

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You really do need to ask your instructors if you are in school. If there are no instructors, well...that would be a problem.

If you are on the job, you need to refer to the guidelines set by the client. If client has no specific preference, then you would use what your company's baseline guidelines are. If they aren't clear, you need to ask your supervisor or QA person.

If you are taking a test for a company, use their guidelines. If they have none, then use what you wish, but keep it consistent throughout.

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