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Remedy sign in - ce

Posted: Apr 17, 2012

With Remedy, to sign in we use our email address?  and then for password it is the same password as we use for MQCentral?  Thank you.

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For the Remedy site: You use your employee ID (on your paycheck). Your P-word is what you use to get into mmodal site (mail, departments, community, etc). Authorization field, you leave blank.

For the training: Supposedly your employee ID as above. Then, supposedly the p-word they gave you in the e-mail, but mine doesn't work.

I can't get into the training, but I can get into the site.

What is "Remedy?" - so lost

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I used the Ultipro e-mail address and have tried - every password --

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Can't get logged in to even begin to find out what in the *&^% this is. HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!

your ultipro employee ID number that is on your checkstub - agmt

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hope that helps

I tried that ID number or whatever it is called, 6 digits long? - Kept getting the

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failure to authenticate message. Just another way to make me feel like a loser I guess.
send them an email - agmt
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I had a problem to start when I was putting in the wrong info and there is an email address in the email about Remedy to send problems to and they answered me within a couple of days. Good luck.

GAH! This whole thing is stupid. - sm

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Took me about 10 tries but I finally got in. Turns out my ID# on my paycheck is different than the one I use for everything else. So, it's my weird ID# and my mqcentral password. Turns out it's hardly worth all the trouble. It's just like QCare. I thought it was going to be something more. I should have known better.

What do you need a QCare ticket for? I just - pick up phone & call when I have a problem..sm

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no time for all that extra. They will send you a copy of a follow-up ticket any way via email.

so that is the difference between doing that way versus calling them?

Guess I dont run into a lot of technical issues.

you never run out of work? - need ticket for that

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I only call if the computer crashes.

No, never run out of work. Hope I never do. - but guess I better learn this remedy

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just in case. I dont even know the protocol for running out of work and did not realize this was related to that.

OK I get to use the Ultipro e-mail address, but - what is the password?

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Tried the Ultipro password, the Ultipro employee number, Mmmmmodal password, Mmmmmodal employee number. I don't get it. Very frustrating.

hope this helps - agmt

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ultipro ID number that is on your check, then the password is the one you use for old MQcentral.

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