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Remedy log in not working for me - shelley

Posted: Apr 16, 2012

Remedy log in not working for me.  They said to try logging in before go live with employee id, central password, w/out an authentication code.  Anyone able to do this?

Remedy login - pj

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You have to use your Ultipro ID number.

what is Remedy? - in the dark

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My e-mail was blank.

If you click on reply with history... - it should show up in that window (nm)

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oops.. deleted it cause it was blank - will I get another one?

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If you check your trash folder... - it should be in there.
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Otherwise, I would ask your CCM and they could forward it to you. HTH!

Corporate E-mails - Scroll Way Down

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With corporate e-mails, you have to scroll way down before you see the text.

Must be stupid - Shelley

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I just can't figure it out. I use my Ultipro login (with ---@mt.us.mm---- name and my QCentral password, but it just says can't authenticate. I can't even get onto the training module.

No, you are not stupid! - What you need to use is...

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Your ID number, not the one for DQS but your payroll ID number. You can find this on your pay stub to the right of your name and address. All you need to enter is only that number and the next line your password and you should be good to go! :0)

It Worked - Shelley

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Thank you! I was using my login number from Ultipro...not my ID number. Thanks for your time.
You're welcome! - :0)
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Doesn't work for me either. Did everything - Just Sayin

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exactly as instructed, and it doesn't work. I'm sure something is screwed up on their end, as they never get anything right the first time (we are the only ones that have to do that). I'll just write it off as wasted time.

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