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M*Modal, I hate you - anon

Posted: Oct 18, 2012

I don't work for you, but I hate what you have done to the MT profession and how many MTs are suffering because of you.  Am I understanding correctly that you are never going to increase your MTs' cpl, ever?  And you set the industry standard?  I HATE YOU WITH EVERY FIBER IN MY BEING.  


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Like, Like, Like! - 100%

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Hate is like a Cancer. It eats at you until you're a hard shell - and it will not affect MModal whatsoever

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It only hurts you. You have to Choose to forgive and move on. You will be better off, mentally, physically and spiritually.

maybe so.... but my voo-doo doll likes the attention - wallowing in misery

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Uh-oh, sounds like we're scaring Management. - Who cares? I, too, have never - sm

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worked at MModal, but the 'example' they've been setting has ruined my company (which used to be a good one to work for) and every other MTSO out there. An entire nation of medical transcriptionists is in dire financial straits these days, and a large part of the blame falls squarely on MModal.

I hate your slimy, putrid guts, MModal!!!!

Hate's a strong word - MQR

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If you did work for us you would know that's not true.

Agree that hate is a strong word, but what do you expect - from someone with a voo-doo doll??..creepy.

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Yes hate IS a strong word. And in the case of M*M, - its 100% appropriate & justifiable.

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Every MT in the U.S. HATES you guys!!!!

Who owns M*Modal, anyway? Does this person (and - I use the term loosely) have an address?

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I can think of lots of interesting things that could be delivered to his doorstep.

Amen to that! - MT Gone

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I know what you mean. I was an MT for 10 years, taught MT classes, was so proud of what I did, though "speech wreck was already rearing it's ugly, useless head....then the "Q" came calling, and things slid downhill faster than ever. I planned on being an MT as long as I could prop myself up to a keyboard. I hate what the profession is becoming, and I hate M*Modal for being responsible for a large part to ruining it and turning it into a very sick joke, at the expense of patients everywhere.

worked there. Worst job in 30 years - harriet

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Never, in my life, have I hated a job so bad. Good riddance, KD, MM, ST, all of you slavedrivers.

Current job has 2 people QAing me, my supervisor and her supervisor if my supervisor is tied up. Loving it!

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I am to the point of "Ugh do I really have to work tonight".  They fail you on audits for the stupist of things, nothing below 97 for me, but there are so many CPs with different rules.  You are on one for 2-3 reports then all of a sudden a different one, they someone reserves some to you that you have never heard of, not even in our region, and you have to stop, read the CP and lose lines because you have to make sure once it is done, it is correct.   Then this sorry ASR mes ...

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Don't you just hate it when you're typing along fluently, not missing a thing, feeling so very competent, then you start to think about what you're doing, and suddenly your fingers don't want to do anything you say?  Kind of the centipede who has no trouble walking until someone asks him how he does it - haha! ...

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