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M*Modal, I hate you - anon

Posted: Oct 18, 2012

I don't work for you, but I hate what you have done to the MT profession and how many MTs are suffering because of you.  Am I understanding correctly that you are never going to increase your MTs' cpl, ever?  And you set the industry standard?  I HATE YOU WITH EVERY FIBER IN MY BEING.  


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Like, Like, Like! - 100%

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Hate is like a Cancer. It eats at you until you're a hard shell - and it will not affect MModal whatsoever

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It only hurts you. You have to Choose to forgive and move on. You will be better off, mentally, physically and spiritually.

maybe so.... but my voo-doo doll likes the attention - wallowing in misery

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Uh-oh, sounds like we're scaring Management. - Who cares? I, too, have never - sm

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worked at MModal, but the 'example' they've been setting has ruined my company (which used to be a good one to work for) and every other MTSO out there. An entire nation of medical transcriptionists is in dire financial straits these days, and a large part of the blame falls squarely on MModal.

I hate your slimy, putrid guts, MModal!!!!

Hate's a strong word - MQR

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If you did work for us you would know that's not true.

Agree that hate is a strong word, but what do you expect - from someone with a voo-doo doll??..creepy.

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Yes hate IS a strong word. And in the case of M*M, - its 100% appropriate & justifiable.

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Every MT in the U.S. HATES you guys!!!!

Who owns M*Modal, anyway? Does this person (and - I use the term loosely) have an address?

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I can think of lots of interesting things that could be delivered to his doorstep.

Amen to that! - MT Gone

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I know what you mean. I was an MT for 10 years, taught MT classes, was so proud of what I did, though "speech wreck was already rearing it's ugly, useless head....then the "Q" came calling, and things slid downhill faster than ever. I planned on being an MT as long as I could prop myself up to a keyboard. I hate what the profession is becoming, and I hate M*Modal for being responsible for a large part to ruining it and turning it into a very sick joke, at the expense of patients everywhere.

worked there. Worst job in 30 years - harriet

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Never, in my life, have I hated a job so bad. Good riddance, KD, MM, ST, all of you slavedrivers.

Current job has 2 people QAing me, my supervisor and her supervisor if my supervisor is tied up. Loving it!

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