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Leaving Mmodal for TransTech - Kathy

Posted: Jun 22, 2012

I just accepted a job today with Transtech. I went through all info I could find at Mmodal and Ultipro to find what I earn per line but can't find it anywhere. Even emailed my CCM a few days ago to find out where that info is, never heard back. I know I should know it but I just don't. I wanted to compared the two companies with what I'll earn. Also, I'd appreciate all the pros and cons about TransTech and what you all think about leaving Mmodal for Transtech. Thanks. Feel free to email me if you wish.

paid per line - Say what

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Who works and doesn't know what they are paid. OK, 16 year olds but I'm guessing you're older than 16.

How do you track your pays if you have no clue WHAT you are paid?

This is mind blowing to me, absolutely unreal.

never mind, just forget it, it happens - nm

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WOW, can you BE any more harsh? - anon

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Working for this company, you should know by now *nothing* is "unreal". I was hired many, many years ago and do know what I am earning but only because I REMEMBER - if that information ever leaves my memory for any reason, I'll be up crap creek because our wages aren't printed on ANYTHING or documented ANYWHERE. We are purely on the "honor system" with this company so the fact that one of our own doesn't know what she's earning doesn't come near as a surprise to me as it obviously does to you.

You should try a little diplomacy with your responses - we are all in the same boat.

And to the original poster: Congratulations on your move - I don't personally have any experience with the company you've been hired at but in my eyes any move away from MModal is a good one. Good luck.

paid per line - say what

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I've done this job for 30+ years and I've never, EVER not known what I was paid. It is absolutely unfathomable to me that now not only ONE person has said she doesn't know but someone else supports the not knowing. Unbelievable.

Sorry if you think that's harsh but it's no wonder so many women are in financial straights if this is how more than 2 of you think/work.
do you work for mmodal? - n/m
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yes - say what
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well why not help out the OP and tell her how to find her rate. - No help in your 2 prior posts. n/m
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weren't you being MT working last week? - busted
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Troll alert. MT Working is back.
that would be no - say what
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Although I *was* a working MT but I don't troll here. My point is a valid one. It's utterly ridiculous to not know how/what you are being paid. It's just not common sense.

A good MT is going to know exactly how they are paid, track that paid, and insure they are getting every penny.
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They do state, in writing, what we are making when we are hired; right now the pay is 4 cpl for VR work and 8 cpl for straight typing.
MModal's pay is different for everyone - anon
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As of right now, 4 cpl and 8 cpl for everyone across the board isn't true.
It's harder to know exactly what you are being paid anymore because - dnr
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they have taketh away so much and, once in a blue moon reinstated a few measly fractions of a penny.
- At one point, took away weekend differential
- at one point, took away shift differential, although I think they reinstated that because of the furor over losing that.
- As I recall, they made cuts in wages to most of us with the decree that everybody will get 4 cents a line for ASR (which is pile of bunk because, with my group's terrible ASR, my line count is not much higher and definitely doesn't add up to my straight typing rate.
- And the biggest one of all - THEY TOOK AWAY INCENTIVE PAY! - and there went at least $4 per hour.

I have never gotten a proper explanation about how they itemize and express the rates they put on the second pay stub we get every pay day. Payroll has little to no understanding of what we do. Heck, they can't even figure it out enough to itemize it on 1 pay stub.

I was supposed to be getting 10 cpl and 6 cpk for - speech wreck, but who in the

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world could possibly figure out if it was correct?

you could - see message

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just use your calculator and divide your MT lines by your MT rate and your SR lines by your SR rate. Or divide the dollar amount by the number of lines.

lines - nm

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CCM cared enough to look into it and just now let me know where the information is on Ultipro.

sm - should say sm

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Contact Human Resources. They will provide you rate. - luluwu

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It is *ridiculous* that we have to contact Human Resources to confirm our pay - MME2

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In NO OTHER INDUSTRY and NO OTHER COMPANY on earth does an employee need to do so much leg work to find out their wages. Even if you are a migrant worker standing on a corner willing to pick apples from a tree there is NEVER any question about what you will make. Hell even McDonald's workers have their pay right there in black and white on every single pay stub with their rate of pay in plain sight.

We must be FOOLS. This is the only company on EARTH that gets away with keeping its employees so in the dark - or requires them to do so much work to figure out their pay. Now THAT is what is UNREAL.

It's not rate of pay that's confusing, it's what they consider a - line. lulu

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Why? - Not confused
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I'm not sure why that is confusing.

go to Ultipro - see message

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Hover mouse over Myself and straight down see where it says Compensation? Rate 1 is your SR rate, rate 2 is your MT rate, Rate 3 is your vacation time rate.

Exactly. I'm not sure why its so hard to find - Afraid to explore

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The first thing I do when I get a new program or tool is click on everything. I'm not sure why some people have so much trouble finding the rate. It actually has it again under Pay Detail for every job you've typed.

I was wondering the same too. - buddymt

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We also got an email when it changed to Ultipro about how your pay calculates to what the piece rate is in Ultipro. Payroll will explain it to you if you don't understand it. They are rather nice people in payroll.

Line Rate - Shelly

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I went in and checked under compensation and what is listed under rate 2 is quite a bit more than I make per line. Why do you think that is?

Because it's not a reliable way to check your wages - just like I said

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So many here gave such "snippy" answers about it being UNREAL not to be able to EASILY put our hands on our wages but yet the very way they all recommended doesn't even come CLOSE to what I make.

My whole entire point earlier was that we shouldn't need an accountant, a doctor, lawyer and Indian Chief to confirm our wages, it should be right there on our stubs in black and white.
You don't need them. Read the first page - this is what it says
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on ultipro when you log in:

"Viewing Line rates on Paychecks

Please be advised that the pay rates on the Pay History section do not show accurately.

Please view your pay in the Pay Earnings Detail section where you can see all earnings with actual rates used for pay. Thanks!

My rates match exactly where it says they are located. Also, under Compensation tab, my rates are correct. Under Other Rates, it shows my ASR rate (first) and my benefit rate (third). My base rate is located above the Other Rates section and its called Piece.

It really isn't as difficult as everybody makes it.

Because rate 2 is not your base rate. - Look in the section above that

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Its called "Piece"

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