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obtaining own accounts - bearskins

Posted: Dec 09, 2013

Okay:  Regarding getting own accounts, how would I propose to do the transcription, if a doctor's office does not have anything set up for on-line transcription?  Or through a phone system?  Are there companies that offer an on-line platform to use for an individual transcriptionist and the office she serves?  What is the cost?  Can the doctor's office just send me voice files and if so would they be secure?

Obtaining own accounts - Crystal

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First of all, DON'T CHARGE THEM BY THE LINE! (Or any other piece-meal rate!) It is time this industry learned that the only way to get a decent (and honest) hourly rate is to CHARGE an hourly rate (duh!). And, yes, there are several companies that offer an on-line platform that are secure. Transcription Gear's IDigital is a good place to start. If you are truly looking to find your own clients and want help, you can email me. I have been doing this successfully for more than 20 years and would be glad to help you out.

By the Line - Better for me

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I think it depends on the accounts. I come out better charging by the line for clinics. I have my own accounts and I get over 400 lph. I wouldn't make nearly as much charging per hour. I would prefer hourly pay, though, for the accounts I enter directly into the EHR because there's a lot of time wasted searching, copying, and then pasting into the charts. Just my experience - not trying to pick a fight. lol. Hate to see anyone sell themselves short in this business.

have to agree with you there - it all depends on the account as to which is better - and thats duh truth. nm

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Question for Crystal (sm) - Rose

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Would you recommend having the client pay for the online platform, and adjust your rates accordingly. I checked out Idigital and they charge by the minute. When you have dictators who don't use a pause and keep the recording going while they sit and chew, research, etc. that can really add up.

Thanks for your input. I'm sure many are interested in this subject in the hopes to gain freedom from the MTSOs.

Two GI docs since 1986 - The Typing Dead

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I use Olympuss DSS software to manage voice files; they dictate with Olympus DSS software. I paid $500 for software.

I use ShortCut, appr $90, as my expander.

I use logmein.com ($70 per year) to connect to their EHR system and transfer completed Word 2003 files into their EHR system.

I negotiated a flat monthly rate based on previous years of service. Since they have not used any other service since 1986, they have no idea how rates have fallen, which has been lucky for me.

I also work full time for Mmodal and am actually doing quite well financially, but I plan to retire soon (that is, get fired from Mmodal).

Hope for the best, expect the worst.

Love your Moniker! LOL! - nm

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Check out these 3 TASP* companies - mwmt

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As a "service" you should offer the program/platform to your clients, though some practices do have the program/platform for MTs to use. But rarely do most practices have anyone who knows how to set up something like this.

You should establish yourself as a full-service small business, offer the programs, and have the costs absorbed in your per line rate (in my opinion per line always works out the best). Search the archives here on MTStars too. Your questions have been discussed here many times in the past.


*TASP: transcription application service provider

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