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Sending records offshore - Inquiring minds want to know

Posted: Apr 17, 2012


Offshore - Inquiring minds

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My original message was something that I had copied from the AMA website in regard to Q & A about whether sending medical info offshore was a HIPAA violation or illegal, apparently I wasn't supposed to post that.

Why not? - sm

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It's our First Amendment Right. Free Speech is protected by our Constitution, whether the mod likes it or not.

get your panties out of a bunch - me

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Read the TOS.

Post a link and that should be fine unless the mod views it as a competing website.
One more time - Inquiring minds
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Here is the web site: About a third of the way down the page there's a question about offshoring transcription. Lately there's been discussion on this board about it being against HIPAA rules, illegal, blah, blah, blah. I was researching something else and found this, so wanted to share. You'll obviously need to copy and paste the link if you choose to look it up.


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There is one thing that people should know when it comes to sending work offshore, be it India or Pakistan or any other country.  The patient’s information is strictly protected.  It is true that the SSN number and the MRN number is being given away by the doctors while dictating the demographics, but at the same time a person transcribing those reports does a minimum of 20-25 reports a day, do you think he or she will even remember at the end of the day what number belonged to w ...

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I’ve heard that SS is now sending work offshore. The web site still says 100% USA based. What a lie!!! No wonder clients complain about errors and US MTs sit there waiting work.  ...

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Hey guys, maybe there is hope for US MTs too!!!!!  This needs to stop! sending all our pt's infor overseas--clearly UK thinks it is a violation. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-industry/jobs/UK-petition-to-stop-sending-NHS-work-to-India/articleshow/6155068.cms ...

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A legal contact was inquiring about the connection of medical mistakes related to off-shored transcription mistakes.  I have told him to review these boards and hopefully he will benefit from the information here.  While he did not discuss the exact case, I think that he will be able to use the off-shore transcription issue to his client's benefit or at least highlight that the provider in question does not have as rigorous control on processing records as other pr ...

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I have a doc on the line dictating today and giving me an offshore # on an op report. Has anyone ever heard of this?  Are we supposed to include this in the report? ...

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Someone is spreading LIES. QC and QA are both done onshore. I know because I work in QA. We audit both offshore and onshore MTs, not the other way around and our managers are onshore too. When Nuance bought Focus, they changed all that. This info is not a secret. Just ask HR. It seems the TLs need to be educated on this as well. ...

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Does anyone know for sure that Nuance sends work offshore??  It makes a difference in some states where employees get laid off when places like Nuance comes in and "buys" their department.  Workers can be eligible for federal help if the work is sent offshore. ...

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my funny find today... the patient ate brief turkey s/b the patient ate beef jerky really, not funny anymore...sigh ...

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I've never posted and this is only the second visit.  I'm someone who was seriously considering MTec but has switched to planning for Andrews School.  I broke my arm - it is closer to healing though, and I am back on track to enroll.  I laid to rest thoughts of worry I had about Speech Recognition and now need to do the same with offshoring.  Are there any trends which point in a positive direction for us mt's - any reason for them to think they would be p ...

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Following is an older article but I feel it is worth circulating now. Most people have no idea who has access to their medical records. Though this article was written 6 years ago, it is an even more common practice today in 2009 for hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities to outsource their dictation/patient records to other countries  - thereby not only making it impossible for transcriptionists in the United States to continue to make a living working in the US as a transcri ...

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Just curious:  Any MDI MTs not feeling like jumping through the hoops, printing out the paperwork for Transcend on THEIR deadline even though we don't become official employees until Feb 1?  Anybody going to just quit and save yourself the hassle?  Doesn't seem quite fair to want MDI MTs to just say "how high"  when they say "jump" does it?  I'm just put out at how we've been treated.  Yeah, it's business, and that usually means it is okay t ...

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I work for a company that swears that they do not offshore, and never will.  I actually trusted them on this.  I guess I'm a true fool. Anyway, I just found out that the account that I work on is shared by more than just the one MTSO, and at least one of those DOES offshore to India.  Therefore, it doesn't really matter what my MTSO is doing, I am working on an account that is shared with India.  How did I discover this?  Because I work on EditScript, and the ...

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Does Encompass offshore? ...

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I'm just sayin....as a radiology MT in this company for 14 years...we have always sent radiology reports straight through to the docs to review and sign (because of turnaround time)....never knew they did QA until I got new accounts 2 years ago....and have had some pretty bad foreigners.  I believe it is docs job to go over his reports anyway...he is legally responsible.. ...

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Mar 06, 2010

Just wondering about the sending of blanks.  I had a few blanks due to inaudible dictation.  I know QA wouldn't be able to get it either, but when I uploaded the job the QA box was checked and I tried to uncheck it and it wouldn't let me.  So, how do you just send it straight to the client and not to QA? ...

Who In Their Right Mind Will Be Sending Anything To QA?
Mar 19, 2010

Are they kidding?  Who is going to be sending ANYTHING to QA and take a chance of having their pay cut? Especially if it's the beginning of the work week! Yes, the clients will be getting blanks and I know they will be complaining.  The Q keeps sending us e-mails telling us to cut down on QA submissions. Are they kidding? No amount of "tips" will help if the dictator mumbles, sneezes, is ESL, etc. Don't they think we know all the "tricks" already? Besides that, we can't ...

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I feel that I flag a lot and send to QA a lot.  I've been at this for about a year, do acute care, lots of ESL etc so I think it's a reasonably difficult account; but I ask myself do really experienced MTs, e.g. those at this for 5 years or 10 years or more, send so many jobs over to QA?  I mean, do you get to the point where you can pretty much understand everything these guys are saying, even when they're chewing, slurring, belching etc.?  I would love to make it ...

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My husband is in the stock market and has been checking up and reading things about MedQuist.   MedQuist is now in a transition of sending more to India than ever before.  According to the CEO and COO, they are looking to increase their volume of 15% of MQ total work to 45% in the next 6 months.  The purchase of Spheris was a smokescreen.  The contract with Spheris was that they could come in and set up shop with their own people and move the MQ folks out.  Which is ...

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Does anyone know the actual percentage of Medquist work that is offshored and also the percentage of transcription work offshored in this country? ...

Offshore Rant
Jan 21, 2011

With workloads running low, wouldn't you think the companies would end offshore transcription and give the work to American MTs?  The only thing that keeps me from bringing this up to HR is that I genuinely like the company I work for and I like both my accounts.  There is just this one thorn in the side ...    ...

Companies That Do Not Offshore
Feb 05, 2011

This may have been asked and answered here before, but I am searching for transcription companies that absolutely, positively do not offshore any transcription work.  Does anyone know of such a transcription company?  I'm tired of helping MTSOs send my work overseas after a few months of working on an account.  They first start asking for MT input on identifying which speakers need help to be better VR speakers, and then the next thing you know, they're sending ...

Offshore Coding
Mar 11, 2011

Interesting info I think.  I found out recently that the coding team being built in India has pretty stringent requirements.  First of all, they will need to have a bachelor's degree in a life science field and then must have a CCS AHIMA certification.  Most of our US based coders don't have bachelor's degrees!  Sounds like they are quite serious about being successful at invading into the US coding market.  ...

Offshore Transcription
Oct 06, 2011

Does anyone know of companies that don't cheat us Americans and send work offshore? Tired of all this crap, as much as we need work. So much for loyalty. ...

Offshore Vent
Dec 10, 2011

I'm an MT here in the U.S. I once received an email from someone from India (how they got my email, I don't know) inquiring about working for me. I told them in no uncertain terms that even if I did own my own MT business, that I would never, EVER, hire any offshore people. All business I had would stay here in this country. This offshoring to unqualified (IMO) "transcriptionists" has got to stop. I heard on the news the other night where some industries are starting to bring the jobs ...

Looking For A Company That Does Not Offshore
Sep 16, 2012

Would anyone be willing to share their knowledge of companies that do not offshore work?  I cannot deal with being with a company that does anymore. Thanks in advance! ...

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I tried posting before but not sure if it went through.  I have been considering coding, having been an MT for nearly 20 years, but do you think coding jobs are likely to be sent offshore like many MT jobs have been?  I would hate to study very hard and invest more money and time in a career that could go down the tubes like MT has, but would like more opportunity for growth and advancement.  ...

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Has anyone out there gotten a 1099 from TTD?  I assume not, but I only saw one post below with 1 response.  Has anyone reported her to the IRS criminal division yet?  This is just plain sickening. ...