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How Ya'll Doin'? (Pay, Insurance, etc.) - antigeekess

Posted: Apr 10, 2012

Just wondering if anybody's really kicking butt doing MT online.  I'm currently employed as an MT making $16 an hour with good health insurance, but the workload has become pretty intense as of late (plus, it's only about 75% of what I used to make at my old job).  It would be great to get out of that office, if I thought I could do as well online. 

Opinions?  Anybody willing to post what they're really making?  Also, are you able to cut & paste, use a lot of normals, expanders, etc. to boost your line count, or are you all just doing straight typing?

Thanks for any input.

Stay where you are... - Boosted

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...at least you know what you're making from one paycheck to the next, w/benefits. Most companies are 80 to 90% voice recognition, so if you're not proficient with editing you might make less than you are now. Not to mention the way these big companies are run.

These work-at-home MT companies are cutting - our pay more and more - s/m

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all the time. They're cheating us on lines. Many no longer pay for spaces. Those that even offer health insurance, it's expensive and practically useless. Their QA people will pick your work apart mercilessly, all in the name of justifying how little they pay you.

To those of us making only about $7/hour, $16/hour seems like a fortune. I would stay put. An increasing workload is a GOOD thing. Most of us sit twiddling our thumbs all day, waiting for reports to dribble in. That's when there's any work at all. Most of it is going offshore.

I would love $16/hr. - MiMT

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I work from home. Have been with the same company for over 10 years. I make 0.075 a line and am lucky to get 800 lines a day. No benefits. Trying desperately to find something better, but so far no such luck (and I have a bachelor's in health care administration and still can't find good, full time work!!)...How about we trade jobs?? lol!

DON'T DO IT - soxmom

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Don't do it!!!! You will be extremely sorry. You cannot make $16 at home anymore. It has become difficult to make even $10 an hour at home. There is no boosting line counts! Stay where you are.

these MTs are telling the truth. - Mel

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I have worked both. I have been a full time employee at a local hospital and I also worked part-time for an online company. They are cheating the online transcriptionists so bad. It is a shame. I am so blessed that I work for a local hospital. I work from home as an an employee. I get paid around $16 an hour after incentive is put in. This is better than working for 4 cents a line and not knowing what your pay will be at the end of the day.

God Bless you all.

agreed - sm

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and if you go with a company that still has straight transcription vs voice recognition, it won't be long before you get bought out, laid off, or have to convert over and have your pay cut 50%. Many of us have been trying to get back into a hospital job.

Thanks to all... - antigeekess

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Based on what I've read here in the past, that's about what I thought I'd hear. If anyone is doing any better, I'd love to know about it. Will continue to monitor for additional replies.

Also thinking of doing a coding course this fall. Have done a CPT course in the past, but never could fit the ICD-9 (now ICD-10, I guess) into my schedule. If anyone has any insights into the coding profession, I'd love to hear those as well.


pretty much everything out here is voice recognition - with pay being anywhere from - sm

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4 to 6 cpl. I have even heard that there are companies out there offering 3cpl for VR, which is an insult.

They will tell you that you will get a mix of straight typing which pays anywhere from 8 to 10cpl, but fact of the matter is 99.9% of your work will be voice recognition.

Of course you can use templates, normals etc. and there are a ton of shortcuts with VR, But regardless of what you use, if you dont have a decent line rate, its not gonna help much.

I am shocked you are still in an office setting, as most hospitals send their MTs home to work these days. The one I worked for before getting outsourced did.

I would inquire about working from home with them before I try company work.

Keep your office job if you have health insurance - justme

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Yes, I have normals, templates, etc., and not much typing unless it is my office accounts; however, I pay through the nose for health insurance and treatment as well as business overhead, so despite what I can make (up to $100 per hour on certain dictators but lower on others), the above-mentioned costs bring it down significantly. I have my own accounts, which after EMR was implemented, took a long time to build back up. I would stay put with that pay and benefits. Just my opinion. I cannot work outside the home or would.

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